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Quick Rey Meta

i just want people to not ignore the fact that Rey is not perfect and also doesn’t have it all together. this doesn’t make her weaker, this makes her stronger. i myself am mentally ill and its fucking hard. its fucking hard being mentally ill. its fucking has having a traumatizing background. we have to deal with so much shit compared to people who aren’t mentally ill or had happy childhoods or backgrounds. which is why i don’t want people erasing the trauma that Rey has been through and has actually left her pretty messed up.

for one, she’s incredibly scared of abandonment. this is seen in the movie when Finn leaving triggered the memory of her getting left on Jakku and is also referenced in the novelization here. i have BPD and with BPD comes terrible fear of abandonment. and death of someone who i love sooo much terrifies me. because to me thats being abandoned again.

two, she obviously suppresses her emotions. this probably came from just having to live and deal on Jakku. lonely? sad? well too fucking bad you need to get up and just live and survive. i feel this is also just a character trait she has. she is definitely the “male” side of Ren’s very emotive “female” side. 

example of her hiding and suppressing her emotions is here as well. i have this problem and know it alll too fucking well. and its not healthy guys. too much of one thing is not healthy. so its obvious that Rey has her own issues. just like Ren. i just don’t like people erasing that because she’s an important character to me who i can deeply relate to due to my troubled and lonely background and because you’d be taking a big chunk of her characterization out of her. and thats not how we treat a super cool, complex, and strong female character like Rey.