male style


◤━━ ☛ Eddie Redmayne- in Green━━◢

“How To Dress Like Eddie Redmayne”
by The Idle man

“Aside from all that Eddie Redmayne’s style is consistently clean and sharp, although he can’t take all the credit because he’s colour blind and has to rely on his wife to dress him most of the time which could explain his apparent affinity for the colour blue. Although maybe Hannah likes it and anyway sometimes we’re thankful for a bit of colour now and then to break up the sea of white shirts and black ties that seem to flood the red carpet.”

◤━━ ☛ Eddie Redmayne- interview ━━◢

“Wearing tweed?” he repeats in his very British accent, following it with a huge burst of laughter.

“Eddie is possibly the best human in the world,” I continue, as he shrinks further. “Oh GOD!” “Eddie is so charming, and I am legit attracted to him.”

“Legit?” he guffaws. “LEGIT?”

Bookish Weaknesses
  • Innocent Cinnamon roll characters 
  •  Sassy villains 
  •  Faery books (A Court of Thorns and Roses, The Cruel Prince, An Enchantment of Ravens) 
  •  Bad guy love interest 
  •  Badass female characters in dresses
  • Nerdy female characters
  • Adorable, awkward but still manly male characters
  • Witty humor
  • Humorous writing style (ex. Demons at Deadnight and Obsidian)
  • Kickass monsters 
  • Characters I have stuff in common with
  • Male character knows he’s end game for female character but said female character is fighting it and this just amuses male character 
  • Tomboy female character who still likes girly things
  • Mates
  • Beautiful covers
  • Characters with compassion
  • Main female characters with brown, curly hair
  • Books with maps
  • Magical worlds
  • An intense, passionate, earth shattering romantic love that the world has never seen