male saints

Johnny Gat vs. Gay feelings for the Male Bosses

(Obviously only applies if your boss is male/identifies as male)

-Johnny checking him out and not realize he’s staring at Playa/Boss’s ass but just appreciating it

-Johnny not getting why he’s not okay with Boss getting some because c'mon, running a city can’t be the easiest thing no matter how many buildings you blow up

-Johnny not sure why Boss shows up in the fantasy when he’s making use of his right hand

-Johnny “accidently” shooting the bottles next to anyone who acts to flirty around the boss (flirty being as loose as someone handing him a paper)

“Oh the glass went in your arm? Suck it up pussy.”

-Johnny wanting to spend more and more time with him, even to the boring parts of being a gang leader (boring parts being anything that doesn’t involve killing)

-Johnny confused with the emotions developing for his best friend, thinking to how much he loved Aisha and how he had never seen boss as this way

-Johnny being confused as to why now in his life is his sex drive suddenly looking at men (one man) and wondering if it’s just a fluke or something

-Johnny wondering if he’s subconsciously trying to replace Aisha in the physical sense and feeling so guilty over it because he’s an asshole but not that kind

-Johnny avoiding boss to figure out what’s going on (who in turn only comes over with freckle bitches)

“You can have the toy.” And the stupid idiot grins

-Johnny casually tries to bring up how Boss came to terms that they liked both sexes.

“I dunno.” (Real helpful)

-Johnny trying to sort out all these emotions and feeling both guilty and a little bit relived because it proves that maybe he’s not totally destroyed

-Johnny kind of wanting to ask boss for a date but kind of not because what if he’s wrong

-Johnny suffering in silence and jealousy

-Johnny giving up one day and just shots a bullet in the dark by asking the boss for a date. But had to be specific cause romance is not in the boss skills department.

“Wanna go to Apollos?”

“Weren’t we anyways?”

“Yeah but this time it’s us.”

“We usually go on our own.”

“For fucks sake I’m asking you on a date.”

“Wait, have we been dating? What’s our anniversary?”

((That’s what I like to think would happen anyways))

-Johnny nervous as hell and talking to Aisha about it through the walls.

-Johnny finding his missing glasses case that’s been gone for like ever and taking it as a sign Eesh supports this

-Johnny not as nervous but actually is because what the fuck is he doing, why is he taking his boss on a date, his male boss with a dick, isn’t this against some code or something

-Johnny being nervous until they actually sit down and Boss is boss and Johnny is Johnny and it goes great

-Johnny and Boss officially dating

-Johnny and Boss never have to DEAL WOTH ZINYAK BECAUSE WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT GAME COME ON but yeah. Happy ending.