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I am So Done with these criticisms I keep seeing like “It was good and all but Diego Luna didn’t work for me casting-wise, he was too wiry and soft-spoken, not action-movie enough” and I’m like??? SPY???? That’s the point???? Honestly people need to stop forcing the Hypermasculine Jason Statham Aesthetic bullshit irrelevantly onto characters that bear literally no comparison.

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Things I'd like to see BC do in his upcoming projects...

The Current War; Edison’s dark side. Whilst he wasn’t necessarily a monster, he went for the jugular on Tesla. The underhand dealings, the electrocutions, and eventually the loss to his rivals. And how it really damaged his ego…

Rogue Male: escape after being horribly beaten at the closely-guarded dictator’s house in France, flees into the country, bloodied, broken and near unconscious but still in control of the hunt… and the paranoiac cat and mouse game in the UK countryside. i really hope they make this a contemporary adaptaton. 

The Child In Time; losing Kate in the supermarket (of course). The whole scene from the idyllic early morning near-sex with Julie, tickling Kate’s tummy to the shattering realisation at the check-out and his screaming her name and ending up in a daze. and then waking Julie up to tell her…

Melrose; if Benedict plays the 20-something Patrick (and he should! he easily got away with Hamlet and as the even younger Richard), then the “Bad News” drug days. The circle of abuse is epic. But if not, then the more mature Patrick who slowly and acerbically comes to face how deep his wounds are. Oh and his friendship with Johnny; his best mate. Who needs to be played by James MacAvoy or Dan Stevens please,

How to Stop Time; I don’t know yet. But a time traveller who constantly has to reinvent himself;  has grieved over and over again for all those he has ostensibly lost even his wife, who encounters some of the most famous people in history and who may or may not be running from something and someone. and who realise time can be stopped with “a kiss” - by whom? plus… he’s a history teacher. \o/ and this is a magic realism film so it could be visually really interesting too…

The Man in the Rockefeller Suit; BC as a multi-lingual, suave con man? Who is morally bankrupt and lies and cheats (and charms) his way through decades? Who commands a party and exclusive clubs, speaks several languages, and loves his little daughter Snookie fiercely to the point it ends his ruse. Yes. all of that. 

(and The War Magician; I am more than slightly biased against this movie; it’s BC in another wartime biopic with a RP accent and moreover as magician(!) so tbh I think it’s the last thing his career or his talent needs. So I am not going to comment ;-)


anyway; some random thoughts. because I should be doing a report or budgets or something. 

u know whenever male writers write the gotham city sirens saying things like ‘we’re on the naughty list ;)’ or draped all over each other and there’s always the background innuendo that they’ve had a threesome at some point… like i want that innuendo only applied to the gotham rogues as whole. like give me male rogues leaning on each other when they talk and riddler and two-face saying shit like ‘sorry batman three’s already a crowd ;)’ it’s only fair
Man Hunt (1941)
The Fritz Lang remake of Rogue Male

people on twitter are discussing the Sunny March upcoming project “Rogue Male” starring Benedict; the original survivalist thriller written by geoffrey household in 1939… and i thought i’d post here the amazing fritz lang adaptation in 1941 of this story.

(it will be interesting in these volatile times to see how they portray the dictator that thorndike [benedict] chooses to hunt. there are rather a lot of dictators to currently choose from…). plus we might also get to see BC looking like this again;

The Uniting Power of Love Triangles! Midlife Dance Crisis!

(So in this party, the male human rogue, the female fetchling mage, and the elf princess are slowly dancing the romantic “will they/won’t they?”. All three are charming, high charisma characters. the mage has been trying to fight years of repression to figure out what her orientation is, the rogue likes the mage but is willing to bow out and play wingman if she decides she’s not into him, the princess is a friendly lass whose natural stoicism makes her hard to read, and both the rogue and mage are wondering if they have a chance with her. This has actually solved more problems than its caused.

Example: The party decided to attend a village dance. The rogue had his dance with the mage, where they both admitted they didn’t know how to dance. Then the princess grabs the mage and hits the dance floor. While the rogue’s taking a break, an incredibly handsome man walks up to him…)

Stranger: Are those two lovely ladies free?

Rogue: …I think they’re taken with each other, if you get my meaning.

Stranger: Well, I’ve been looking for a wife, and the desire for prosperity will change that, I think.

Rogue (Squicked out): …Oh really?

Stranger (Too proud for his own good): I’m the Marquis. I can provide a dowry of 10,000 gold.

Rogue: …Who do you think I am, their dad?

(After he has his fun playing Prince Charming (and getting an admittedly impressive diplomacy check) He eventually backs off.)

Marquis: It would be a blessing to see you again. (leaves)

Mage: Well, I’m going to get a drink.

Princess: [Rogue], would you care to dance?

Rogue: I’d love to. Did you get a look at that mozzarella cheeseball?

Princess: He seemed nice.

Rogue: Yeah, less nice considering he came to me offering a dowry of 10,000 gold.

Princess: Oh you’re joking, I’m not worth that much.

Rogue: Clearly you have a poor estimate of your worth, but seriously, do I look old enough to be your dad?

Princess: Ha! You’re barely old enough to be my baby brother.

Rogue: Heh. Well, (overdramatic bow) “T'was a blessing to share this dance with thee, milady.” (kisses her hand)

Princess: You know he’s gone, right?

Rogue: Eh. *shrug*

(The mage said he looked more like a roguish gentleman than her dad. Jury’s still out on what ship will sail, if any. But all agree that the standoffish paladin dancing with the lustful halfling thief by swinging her around like nunchucks was the best 300 gold ever spent.)

no more on the side of the angels

one thing i am really looking forward to in Benedict’s upcoming projects is the moral ambiguity of some of his characters.

we’re used to see BC - with a few exceptions - play essentially good people. awkward, spiky, single-minded and selfish, yes. but at their core, people who are trying to express themselves and build relationships with others around them. 

but christian karl gerhartsreiter (charles rockefeller), and arguably thomas alva edison, patrick melrose and the protagonist from rogue male are all of much murkier constitutions.

gerhartsreiter beats up a government worker, kidnaps his daughter and lies and cheats his way through decades. edison whilst beloved by many, was single-minded to the point of neglecting his wife, contentiously cheated tesla of $50,000 and took part in a brutal smear campaign. patrick melrose - due to horrific childhood trauma - betrays people he loves, becomes a drug addict and is supremely self-obsessed. even the rogue male lead character shows a degree of sociopathy and a marked absence of morality in his initial stalk of the despot. even if historically it will be justified.

i’m glad for these tricky roles not just because we’ll see BC unleash his acting arsenal, but just as importantly he’ll be seen in a different light by the wider public.

The Dragon is a very precise creature.

CONTEXT: The game was a homebrew of 5e, and the party had encountered a dragon, it was a DragonBorn Wizard, Tiefling Rogue male, Tiefling Rogue female, cleric (who by the way I killed off for being a backstabber to the ooc), and a halfling wizard.

DM (Me): Alright so Yume, you are down to 22 hp.

Tiefling Rogue Female(ooc): Shoot, okay, can I sneak attack? 


DM(Me): Nat 1.

*Dragon’s Turn

DM(Me): And dragon is going to bite Yume since she is closest.

*Nat fucking 20.

Tiefling Rogue Female (ooc): OH GOD.

Dm(Me): Damage time.

*I kid you the fuck not, the dice equaled 22 exactly.

*Whole table is just dying to the point where we had to take a 3 minute break*


endless list of favourite male characters:  Cassian Andor (Rogue One)
We don’t all have the luxury of deciding when and where we want to care about something. Suddenly the Rebellion is real for you, some of us live it. I’ve been in this fight since I was 6 years old, you’re not the only one who lost everything some of us just decided to do something about it.