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WriterofthePrompts Ultimate Ask Masterlist

I’ve decided to make a masterlist of asks I’ve done to make them easier to find for you guys (and for myself). I split them into categories as best as I could by genre and topic. Also, some asks have some helpful tips in the notes as well to check out (some are marked but not all) and if you have anything to add that you think would help, feel free to reply or reblog with your addition. I’ll try to keep it updated with future asks.

Now without further ado, the strangest and most wonderful list I’ve ever made.

World Building

Character Development

Writing Different Types of Characters

Character Family


Sci Fi





Magic and Witches

Angels and Demons



Battle Scenes

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hey i love this game a lot and see lotsa ppl sad they cannot play it so have a quick giveaway

info bout game:
u play as a rad dad and will date some other rad dad likely. options in it include being able to make ur player dad trans, and choosing options as having previous had a husband or wife or if you adopted or got your kid through birth. its very open to whatever you are and very casual fun time. nothing nsfw but some implied things so be careful 


  •  rebagle = entry. idc if you do it a million times or what. 
  •  ill close it and pick a random person at likeeee 11pm EST today (20th)
  •  u gotta be my friend on steam for at least 5 whole minutes so i can send u it
  • please be any sorta lgbtq+ to enter. im not gonna quiz you its based on trust  that this is a cool game of dating dudes as a male protag and id rather someone queer who cant afford it get it
  • u aint lgbtq but u wanna share it for all ur cool queer pals?? totes okay just mention it in ur tags somehow
  • any other q hollah at me

okay that all please enjoy

honestly I want to put Joss Whedon on trial and read his rejected Wonder Woman script back to him like “you had men call Diana a bitch and a whore, you made a wonder woman movie centred around a man, you dropped your one pg-13 f-bomb to have Steve degrade Diana some more…” and then at the end I give him a serious psycho-analyzation read like “you hate women for not fucking you and only you. All your male protags are men you wish you could be which sucks because they’re all terrible and the fact that you don’t see that will plague your life with misery and loneliness until you die” and honestly I haven’t planned a punishment bc I’m hoping he’ll just burst into flames

Kylo Ren:

- Confirmed to have destroyed the new Jedi Order, which would involve killing hundreds of people, some of them children.

- Idolizes his grandfather pre-redemption, when he was basically a magic space Nazi, and wants to help bring the space facists back

-Mind raped and tortured Rey for information

- Killed his father, one of the best characters on the entire Star Wars cannon, on screen, in an extremely brutal fashion

- Is a generally unlikable person, an edgelord full of impotent rage and daddy issues

- Is white

Yet y'all will keep shipping his shitty ass with Rey, a person he literally tortured, who’s tried to kill him, and who looked up to his father like he was her own right up until he MURDERED HIM.

Meanwhile Finn:

- Followed his conscious and left a fascist organization at continued risk to his own life

- Helped ferry a Droid with vital information to the Resistance

- Continued to follow his conscious and join the Resistance even after a moment of doubt

- Actually has a positive relationship with Rey based on mutual trust and forgiveness

- Is generally an adorable, kind, and friendly person while still being a badass (something rare in male protags)

- Is black

We see what your doing here, folks, it’s pretty fucking obvious whether you realize you're​ doing it or not.

in defense of matsuno choromatsu - s2ep3A edition

Three episodes into S2, and already we have discourse… And it’s Choro discourse too, oh boy…

So I’ve seen a post or two on the main tag condemning Choro for what he said in the ‘Choromatsu and Ichimatsu’ skit, pretty much accusing him of being a gross potential sexual abuser who wants to prey on young girls with his dream idol manager position. These posts I have to admit rubbed me the wrong way, and I wanted to step in to his defense; but up until this point, I haven’t really had the guts to, nor did I know how to properly articulate it.

Then someone wrote a post defending him on the tag that really articulated my thoughts and feelings on the matter very well. I wrote out a reply to it to agree with it, as well as elaborate on my thoughts; unfortunately the post was deleted before I could post my reply. So I’ll be using some of their ideas in their original post in this defense post. I hope they don’t mind ^^;

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