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New Life // chapter eleven

This is the last chapter I had written so from now you will have to wait a little bit longer ;) plus i remember i got stuck at this chapter cause my brain couldn’t come up with an idea what could happen next. For sure Val’s explanation but I had a problem with a reasoning why someone what be doing what they are doing hehe so be patient with me please <3


Zendaya’s pov:

I was there standing way too amused to say anything. I looked at Nicole and she had an apologetic look in her eyes.

“Don’t be so surprised young girl here in place like this it’s normal.” Valerie said sending little smile to me.

You could think she would come as cold and arogant but she was nothing like that. There was certain warmth coming from her, I was sure she was like mother for some of this girls.

“You are eighteen right?” She added.

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