male pros

  • Itachi: *massacres his clan, tortures his brother, joins terrorist organization and assists with their murders of jinchuuriki, continues to mindfuck his brother until his dying moment even though it's completely beyond obvious that this is having less than desired consequences on Sasuke*
  • Fandom: He had good intentions! He thought he had no other choice! He was just a teenager!
  • Sakura: *lies to Naruto about having feelings for him, a lie which is immediately seen through and has no real consequences at all*
  • Me: ...she had good intentions? ...she thought she had no other choice? ...she was just a teenager? Here are some citations--
  • Fandom: *blocks me*

I can’t believe this needs saying but: (cis) men, you have GOT to understand that, if someone you’ve had sex with gets pregnant, it is not up to you what happens to that pregnancy. You cannot compel someone to remain pregnant in the same way you cannot compel someone to end a pregnancy. Only the pregnant person gets to make that choice. You can discuss your preferences with them and hope they take that into account, sure, but, in the end, it is ENTIRELY their choice whether or not to get an abortion.

You are not entitled to that decision. You are not entitled to controlling a partner’s body. You are not entitled to anything regarding their reproduction.