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Dance With Me (Kurt X Reader)

Characters: Kurt X Reader

Universe: Marvel, Xmen

Warnings: Near Boner


Request: Hi! I saw you were doing requests and I was wondering if you could do a Kurt Wagner x reader where the reader is listening to music and dancing around and kurt gets all flustered? Thanks!

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You had a routine thing going week that you had started not long after moving into Xavier’s school. You would spend an hour on homework every night, then read one chapter of a book, then do another half an hour of homework before going to talk with friends, and your cute boyfriend, Kurt Wagner. Sometimes Kurt would join you in this time to spend more time with you and to help each other with homework.

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whats your opinion on that /other/ attractive male pokemon professor? yknow, the one that speaks baguette? oui oui omelette du fromage ect ect

Look, is there some secret club for these professor guys?? How do they all know each other?!

Anyways, Sycamore’s pretty cool. I guess.

Took me to buy a few new shirts out in the city the first night I got to Lumiose. (And have you BEEN to Lumiose?! One’a those stupid shirts was more than I made in two months back in Alola! The guy must be loaded!) I got like a whole new wardrobe now. It’s crazy.

Never mind that I could barely understand a word he was sayin’. And the cologne on him was so strong I almost suffocated.

This isn't a gender studies course

A few years ago, I was taking an English course at the local community college. Apparently a previous student had called [the teacher] out for being a sexist douchebag, so he did a lot of research about gender (mostly along pop psych/evo psych lines) and decided to theme the whole class around it. Clearly a brilliant move.

As mentioned, it’s been a while, so I’ve blocked a lot of the obnoxious things he said out of my mind. These are the incidents I do remember, however.

  • Explaining that men and women can never be friends because the men will always inevitably want to have sex with the women.
  • Explaining that women don’t play video games because they fulfill a man’s hunting instincts.
  • I don’t remember the context for this one, and I guess it doesn’t really apply as mansplaining, but it’s remarkable in its own way. For some reason, he was going around to all of the men in the room, putting them on the spot and asking what they were looking for in a girlfriend/wife. He was totally shocked when one of the guys said he was gay, like the possibility had never occurred to him, and he floundered for a bit trying to figure out how to rephrase the question to prove his point before moving on.
30 Years Later (Charles X Reader)

Characters: Charles Xavier X Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: None


Request: Young Charles Xavier being seduced by a fellow mutant teacher and years later still being happy together? Pretty please - you’re awesome!

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You had been a mutant since you were a child, and when you heard of a telepath was going around searching for mutants to join his school, you decided to go check it out to get a spot as a teacher. Charles was surprised to find someone so willing but let you join.

Charles had an odd feeling about you the second you walked through those doors, so he watched you closely. He watched how kind you were with the children, and how they respected you. He saw how you carried yourself with confidence and dignity, something a lot of mutants struggled with. He saw how your clothes complimented your body and how you treated each person uniquely to make them feel special and worthy.

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Meta-Mansplain with a Twist!

This is not really a true account of mansplaining but I thought it was something that people would definitely appreciate. 

I am a junior in college and a Women and Gender Studies major. I was in my Feminist Theory class and we were talking about different ways of discourse. My male professor brought up the idea of mansplaining and asked if anyone could explain it. I rose my hand being an avid follower of this blog. I got no more than three words out before he started talking over me and saying I wasn’t explaining it right. I started to get mad and he laughed before apologizing but he said he couldn’t help but give every one a good example of it.

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Dorian and the Inquisitor are both lecturers at the local college. Dorian teaches something smart and complicated that always leaves the Inquisitor a little in awe. It doesn't help that he has a huge crush on Dorian. Of course, everyone seems to know except Dorian, who flirts outrageously with everyone but can't seem to see what's right in front of him.

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I just marathoned Sherlock with 2 literature professors. Both male and straight! They'd never seen it before and were absolutely delighted, picking out metaphors and subtext as they were watching it. Both agreed it's probably a gay love story. They pretty much came up with their own tjlc-theory on the spot. So there's more out there in the straight world than just antis. Thought this story would amuse you tjlc-ers. But then literature profs are used to Andre Gide, Oscar Wilde et al. No surprise.

Hi Nonny! What a lovely story! It’s nice to know that TJLCer’s and the general audience and media weren’t the only ones who picked up on the subtext of the series. I really REALLY still don’t think we are wrong, Nonny. I REALLY DON’T. The fact that everything took such a drastic turn in TFP is a large part of why I don’t think we’re done with S4 yet.

Mansplaining Psychology Research to the Psychologist

I was introduced to “Professor Engineer” because he was in charge of diversity training for his program, and I was doing a study on how to do diversity training “right.” Done wrong, it can backfire, and make the atmosphere even worse for women.

Prof. Engineer talked enthusiastically for an hour before I was able to complete a sentence. I am highly assertive, so I tried to save the meeting by interjecting, “Well, actually, that’s my research area, and studies find…,” and “I know because we spend graduate school learning how to do that,” and “Yes, I teach a course on that,” and “My dissertation was about that.” But he waved his hand dismissively and proceeded to lecture me about:

- stereotypes (my research area)

- how to measure attitude change (what my field does)

- when it’s appropriate to complete IRB ethics paperwork (I have done hundreds of times)

- research designs that let you assess if change has occurred (I teach this)

- journals to choose (I publish in them)

At one point he digressed, and then seeing me raise my eyebrows, he said, “I know I’m going off on a tangent, but I can tell we have a connection and we’re going to work together. There’s no question."  I’m not sure that by that point I’d said more than two words!

So why am I still going to work with him? He’s a decent guy who genuinely cares about student diversity. My gut says that his patronizing manner comes from ignorance and lack of social skills, not disrespect. And not only will he help me get my research done, he will provide lots of great entries for this tumblr.

My male professor just said that female only bathrooms are the same as racially segregated water fountains and I want to shoot myself in his office

Day 92 of #100DaysofERIS is … number 91, Driving.

Name: Hemming Doctor
Age: 37
Nationality: Danish
Gender: Male (he/him)
MAD: Bruno’s Hypothesis (the ability to see and change parallel dimensions)

He might be a teacher out of time, but at least he’s in the right dimension.

When I was giving my thesis defense...

(Which concerned Elizabeth Woodville and her mother Jacquetta) I explained to my committee how these women have been portrayed in recent popular fiction and media, as well as their male contemporaries. My professors were surprised that there was a “fandom” for these historical figures, and that people discussed (and fought over) their depictions. 

With the recent release of The White Princess, I feel like they had no idea just how intense it could get. Maybe I should send my advisor an update.

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