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In my younger and more vulnerable years my father gave me some advice that I’ve been turning over in my mind ever since.
“Whenever you feel like criticizing any one,” he told me, “just remember that all the people in this world haven’t had the advantages that you’ve had.
—  The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald, 1925

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It is wrong for anyone to deliberately make anyone feel ugly. Many girls proclaim that 'men' should be tall and athletic, leaving many men feeling insecure. Maybe we should have some 'Real Men' campaigns to make fat, skinny and short men 'feel handsome' and get girls to shut up with their preferences.

So now you’re talking about silencing women because you feel insecure? 

Men have control over the media. Looks affect women’s lives more significantly. It’s been shown that women who are considered “less attractive” by their bosses have a harder time moving up in the ranks of a business.


I’m not saying that it’s not a bad thing that Men become insecure about their looks because of women’s opinions, but that’s not oppression.

Asteroid Astraea

“Astraea is named for the goddess of justice, symbolized by the balanced scales.  She was last of the Immortals to withdraw from Earth and was turned into the constellation of Virgo.  The asteroid seems to be a symbol of integration and wholeness, whether in ideal state or the fragmentation that requires a restoration to the ideal.  There is something sublime about Astraea’s idealism, which seems to relate to Divine Order.  Unsurprisingly, it does not always sit comfortably in the ‘real’ world - just as true balance is hard to achieve and maintain.  Astraea brings things together, and also breaks them apart.  It gives intellectual acumen (like Pallas) and practical problem-solving skills.  There is a great intensity to Astraea, and it can manifest in a deeply concentrated way, both in personal terms and more mundanely, such as the concentration of energy involved in splitting atoms apart.  Astraea’s intensity sometimes means that it shows up as an obsessive streak, and a tendency to wait around too long for something to finish, or a willingness to put up with other people past a point of reasonable tolerance.  Another important point is that Astraea seems to relate to the realm of the very small – in material terms, to the cellular, atomic and sub-atomic planes, and to all the quanta of information that the mind processes in order to understand the wholeness of concepts and ideas, and various kinds of relationships.” –Source: Solar Fire Software

So symbolically, Astraea represents a synthesis between Libra and Virgo. We interpret her by saying, “what is holding you back in life?” as she acts out the downfalls of whatever sign she’s in.  What sign is Astraea in for your natal chart? This tells you which sign you are portraying with too much idealism, to the point of not viewing life realistically. The rationale of Virgo likes to categorize people and concepts, whereas the social nature of Libra realizes that division can cause disharmony. Let’s learn from Goddess Astraea, find the balance between necessary criticism and appreciation of others. If we are able to discern why two separate issues should not be compared, then we can move forward with more clearly thought out actions. Use the Libra spirit of fighting for justice, combined with Virgo’s ability to fully comprehend an issue! We could apply this dynamic to social justice issues, like when someone says, “If I can do it you can too” (which applies to environmental habits, being able to juggle a job and school, eating a certain way, skills at a job, and many other abilities) they are often unaware of ableism, white privilige, demographics, male/female privilege, and any other circumstance that may make it more difficult to excel at a given task. The virtue of Libra considers everyone’s special needs to make sure no one feels left in the dust, and Virgo is able to take into account all the little things that have such a huge bearing on an issue. If you don’t mind me getting controversial, I’ve heard others say they’re against universal healthcare, because they feel they shouldn’t have to pay for someone else’s medicine or appointments –they don’t consider that people who have conditions by matter of circumstance can barely hold down a job due to said conditions, let alone pay for the medicine and appointments they absolutely need! Libra would tell them to consider what others are going thru and that if we all cooperate with one another, we would live in a less harsh world! Ah Libra, such a sweet idealist!

I wrote this in September, when Astraea was in Libra, opposite to Uranus at in Aries. The chaos caused by standing up for justice!

As of Valentines Day, 2017, Astraea is now at 0 degrees Capricorn.

“5 Ways Male Heroin Addicts are PRIVILIGED Compared to Women”

As a recovering heroin addict and a Feminist, I can tell you that the long tendrils of oppression do not leave the drug world out of their reach. Drug addiction is tough, but men are privileged in these avenues as well. From personal experience, here are 5 WAYS that heroin addicted women are disadvantaged compared to men:

1.  Women make $0.77 for every $1 that men make so they can’t afford their habit as well as men.

2.  Women are more likely than men to turn to the sex trade to pay for their drug and avoid withdrawal.

3.  Heroin addicted women are extra susceptible to the rape culture because they are around bad men (there all bad).

4.  Heroin addicted women who choose to be sex workers to pay for their addiction are called “dope hoes” because of slut shaming.

5.  Heroin addicted trans-women are extra disadvantaged because even if they’re willing to turn to sex-work, they often can’t find “tricks” who are interested and have to suffer excruciating withdrawals.


Trans Men Open Up About Their Experiences With Male Privilege

The Huffington Post writes:

In this new video from MTV, a group of trans men open up about their experiences with male privilige and the unique perspective they have on the topic, having experienced the world and in a multitude of different ways throughout the course of their lives.

“A man can just walk down the street and no one is going to bother him,” Tiq Milansays in the video. “No one is going to ask him to smile, no one is going to ask him where he’s going, no one’s going to ask him if he’s married, no one’s going to ask him if they can walk with him. But this is something that I know women experience every day.”

When Sciles fans are so up their own ass, they don’t realize that Stiles has been the most consistently written character b/c he’s never had any major character growth and so, blaming the writing for Stiles shitty actions doesn’t make sense, when it’s very much in character for Stiles to be a piece of shit.

What is a writing problem is the narrative honing in on Stiles emotional battle, but nobody else’s, the narrative presenting Stiles choices as right and justfied and not anyone elses, and I really could go on.

Don’t act like people are just willy nilly “attacking” Stiles, that we just somehow are not taking writing into consideration, what you fail to realize, is that for fans of characters of color, writing is always an issue, so believe me when I say, more than half of Scott fans can tell you what is shitty writing and what is in character.

Don’t act like Stiles is now experiencing the hate Scott fans go through b/c fandoms, they just love to follow a trend and hate characters… No the embodiment of white male privilige has been coddled since the start of the show, and is still being coddled .

You can still be a Stiles fan and call Stiles out, you can still be a Sciles fan and know that in canon the relationship is problematic, but let’s not pretend that defending Stiles just b/c he’s getting a fraction of the hate Scott has and is still getting makes it believable that you actually give a shit about Scott.

There is no playing both sides in this situation, you either agree with the criticisms about Stiles or you don’t, there isn’t a middle ground, so don’t pretend there is, and don’t prentend that people actually prioritizing the feelings of a brown boy is worse than prioritizing the feelings of a white boy.

I was on a train this morning and observed two late teens/early 20’s African American males. They were talking very loudly, using “street” language. I was seated across from a mid 50’s/early 60’s African American woman, who cringed when she first heard their loudness. She turned around and looked at them. They were dressed in “gansta” gear, which made her cringe more. She gave them the “evil eye” thinking they would lower their voices, but, instead, became belligerent, talking to one another about “the fat lady glaring at them.” I was very surprised when she arose from her seat, turned to them and said, “Trayvon Martin died for nothing. His death did not empower you, it should have been a wake-up call.” She then returned to her seat, looked straight at me and said, “You have white trash. We have black trash.”
—  Washington Post commenter  Chaquita1