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Anyone else go through that phase when you just discover a song of an artist you’ve never given a try before. Then you listen to that song. You get obsessed with it. You check their latest album. You’re obsessed with the album. And then comes the moment when you just have their entire discography on your phone and you’re truly madly deeply in love with the artist and his/her fucking voice. Hmm ? Is it just me or does everyone goes through this ? 

you stress me out, you kill me
you drag me down, you fuck me up
we’re on the ground, we’re screaming
i dont know how to make it stop …

Back to You - Louis Tomlinson ft. Bebe Rhexa



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Perciò i tuoi amici mi hanno detto che stai dormendo con il mio maglione e che non riesci a smetterla di sentire la mia mancanza. Scommetto che i miei amici ti hanno detto che non me la sto passando molto meglio perchè mi manca metà di me stesso
—  1D