male one direction

Perciò i tuoi amici mi hanno detto che stai dormendo con il mio maglione e che non riesci a smetterla di sentire la mia mancanza. Scommetto che i miei amici ti hanno detto che non me la sto passando molto meglio perchè mi manca metà di me stesso
—  1D

Last night I was my friend’s guest at a very fancy fundraiser gala, and somehow we ended up divulging about this blog to my dinner partner Tom who was probably in his late 50s.

He was so interested in what it all is and how we’ve created real friendships with people all over the world and was just genuinely wonderful. I was so tickled just that he was interested and not so quick to judge the content or millennials. Then when he came to say goodbye he asked the name of the blog, so he could follow us and bring us one step closer to a huge milestone number. Round of applause for Tom everyone.