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full offence anyone saying that the possibility of cutting li shang out the live-action remake of mulan is okay because “mulan” is about her saving china and being a model female protagonist not about her and shang can come and fight me because asian men are just as important as asian women being represented in the media??? there are children who grew up with li shang as their oNLY representation!! li shang was the son of a captain who wanted to make his father proud, wanted to protect his country and lead a good army for the emperor, and in the end, went against the law to save mulan’s life for his and helped her when she came to the capital to defeat the huns like you’re sitting here and saying that it’s 100% okay to cut that narrative away??? “mulan” wasn’t just about mulan saving china, it was about her rising to the ranks in her army through preservance and struggles, it was about mulan changing the minds around her to shape people that ended up respecting her through and through, as both a man and a woman, and if you take away li shang you’re taking away an integral part of mulan so fuck you, disney, if you go through with this, fuck you.

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“I’ve been in love with you my entire life.” + genderbend mulan (or male mulan)

“I’ve been in love with you my entire life.”

All you had been trying to do was convince him not to go to war…it was selfish of you to not want him to go, knowing that his father wouldn’t last a day during training, much less the actual battle… afraid that he wouldn’t be coming back once he left those doors.

Yet here he was now, admitting his feelings for you just minutes before he left for war. 

Funny how the fear of death makes you take risks you wouldn’t normally take.

You stared at him with wide eyes, mouth agape as you scanned for any signs that he was lying…and he wasn’t…as he stood before you with uncertainty, yet a sense of honesty and determination, awaiting your answer.

It took a moment longer for you to process his words…and when you did, you pressed your head into his chest—Mulan momentarily jolted in surprise— gripping a fistful of his gear as you murmured on the crook of his shoulder:

“Guess that makes two of us.”


Gender Non-Bias

Given the ancient prejudice against women presented by certain male characters in Mulan, we might be inclined to think that Shan-Yu, leader of the Huns, holds the same ideals. Our prime example is when Mulan reveals her identity to him during the final battle. After Chien-Po, Ling, and Yao rescue the Emperor, Shan-Yu accuses Shang of taking his victory away. This is noteworthy not because Shang is a man, but because Shang is a captain in the Chinese army. Shan-Yu recognized Shang as the leader of the regiment that defeated the Huns in the mountains; therefore, he accused him first.

This accusation, however, goes nowhere. Mulan chucks her slipper at his head (reflecting the earlier motion done with Khan) and boldly says, “No! I did!” She then pulls her hair up into the military style, revealing her identity. Shan-Yu’s eyes widen and his face slackens in complete shock, and he says, almost quietly, “The soldier from the mountains.”

Let’s pause here for a moment. Based on the fact that Shan-Yu goes after Mulan the instant he recognizes her, it’s natural for us to think that it’s because Shan-Yu is furious that he has been outsmarted by a woman. Despite first glances, this is not the case. Think about what Shan-Yu said: “The soldier from the mountains.” He has recognized Mulan from the mountains, but nowhere does he mention her gender or that he is shocked that she is a woman. He is surprised purely by the fact that she is the soldier that outsmarted him. Her gender has absolutely nothing to do with it.

Why? Compared to most Asian people of the time, the Huns actually did not have quite as low a view of women. Among the Huns, women held positions of great esteem and men held them in high regard, especially if the women in question were warriors. From an early age, Hun girls were taught to ride, fight, and hunt along with the boys, and history has documented tales of Hun leaders who just happened to be female. Had Mulan been on the side of the Huns, her status as a warrior would have impressed Shan-Yu, and he might actually have been in awe that a woman could pull off a feat like an avalanche. But because she was on the Chinese side, he is greatly angered. He is furious because he has been outsmarted by a Chinese warrior, not because he has been outsmarted by a woman.

In conclusion, in a movie all about prejudice, Shan-Yu is actually one of the least prejudiced characters. It’s a rare instance where Mulan’s gender did not make one bit of difference - for a brief moment, it was all about her prowess as a warrior, not her identity as a woman.

Johnny Cage’s List of Established and Imagined Nicknames

Cassie Cage: Johnny, Jnr.; Poor little rich girl; Pumpkin; Sassy Cassie; Soldier of Misfortune; Sonya Clone; Sweetheart.

D’Vorah: Bug Jar; Creepy Lady; Honey; Queen Bee; Wannabee; Winnie the Pooh’s Worst Nightmare.

Ermac: Apple Mac; Lord Sidious; Mac; Macadamia Nut; The Mummy; Soul Brother.

Erron Black: Bandit Raccoon; Billy the Kid; Black Jack; Magic Mike.

Ferra/Torr: Master Blaster; Monkey See, Monkey Do; Pocket Psycho.

Goro: Four Arms; The ************** Who Owes Me a Pair of Sun-Glasses.

Jacqui Briggs: Bye Felicia; Fierce Spice; Jax, Jnr.

Jax Briggs: Metal Man; Six Million Dollar Man; Tin Man; Tin Soldier.

Kano: Chubby; Kangeroo Jack-ass; Scumbag; Terminator-reject.

Kenshi: Daredevil; Samurai Jack; Zatoichi.

Kitana: NSFW Disney Princess; Nurse.

Kotal Kahn: Ass-tec; Big Blue; Kotalicious; Montezuma; Nostradamus.

Kung Jin: Hawkeye; Legolas; Male Mulan; The Asian Daryl Dixon.

Kung Lao: Mad-Hatter; Oddjob; The Lesser Half of the Kung-Fu Twins.

Liu Kang: Jackie Chan; Liu-liu.

Mileena: Butter Face; Chopperface; Coyote Ugly; Jaws; Vamp.

Quan Chi: Chuckles; Colin Mochrie; Uncle Fester; Walter White.

Raiden: Raididdy; Raidonculous; Thor; Zeus-daddy.

Reptile: Kermit the Frog; Randall Boggs; Rango.

Scorpion: Hanzome (as in “handsome”); Scorpy.

Shinnok: Grandpa; Elderly God; Maleficent.

Sonya Blade: Baby; Baby Mama; Honey; My Alimony Payment.

Sub-Zero: Coldilocks; Elsa; Jack Frost; Vanilla Ice (”Ice Ice Shady” when S-Z is being snarky).

Takeda: Tack; Techno Fancy; Walking S&M Model; Whippersnapper.


________ HUA PING || MULAN || 29 || ALIAS UP TO PLAYER || HERO || OPEN

He’s from a well known gadgeteer family, made up of geniuses and strategists who’re more suppliers and aids to heroes than heroes themselves. They provide a helping hand, and maybe hedge their bets a little on the side. Their clan is known distinctly for this, he’s sort of acting outside of a whole separate class of people that’s been made for them. He was born into more physical gifts, he’s always been more into head on confrontations than waiting for other people to bring solutions to him. That’s not to say he’s not smart, he’s just differently smart. More proactive. He lives in the moment. And that’s why he chose to take a different path, one that he hopes his family will still respect. That doesn’t stop him from being called a thug though, behind closed doors. He just shuts it out and hopes that in New Waltham, people will take him for what he is instead of what he isn’t.

POWERS: Power mimicry, enhanced reflexes.
FACE CLAIM: Steven Yeun