male merlin

Here’s a peek at what I’ve been sketching out for @coinelot‘s set of “Merthur Art Calendars” which I’m really happy to be contributing to! DETAILS HERE! There will be so much new artwork to look forward to from a bunch of fantastic artists in the fandom! :D

You can probably guess what month I got, lol… Still a chance I might change my concept, but I like this direction atm!  (My Art Tag) *Please do not repost(?) or use elsewhere without my permission, thank you.

Benjamin Brunken, Robby Guillemin, David Prat, Francois Durel, Jeremy Biscarro, Kevin Stranart, Merlin Barthelemy, Robin Massonneau, Simon Adde, Thibault Gildas & Xavier Buestel Photographed by Julien Faucher 

Can we talk about Cassandra tho...

Cassandra clearly wants Jacob to trust her again more than anything

Cassandra is Prince Charming…a male fairytale character

Cassandra liked having all the girls buying her drinks

Cassandra is then Merlin…a male fairytale character

“You can’t kill Merlin”

Cassandra has magic at the end of the episode…

Cassandra is now Merlin…

Cassandra is now a male fairytale character in a woman’s body who likes having girls buy her drinks…

This is the best show ever!

Another Misc Masterpost

Doctor Who



Maze Runner

Breeding group/Future breeding group

Male - Merlin[top left corner][Super Nova]


Celossia [top right][high contrast raptor]

Pheonix [middle right][sunglow raptor]

Unnamed [bottom middle][blood raptor]

Banana [middle left][MSE het tremper albino]

Due to Merlin being a super nova I don’t plan on breeding him often or possibly not at all so the females may be placed with another male. I’m hoping to at least possibly pair him with Celossia once for some striking colored snow raptors and dreamsickles.