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Lipstick Prince S2 [ENG SUB]

Hi guys! So today I started watching Lipstick Prince Season 2 (where our precious leader Shownu participates) and I’m loving it so far (it’s a plus that some of my not-mx bias are participating as well lmao yeah I’m looking at you N, Rowoon and Johnny) so in case you are interested, I’m sharing the links where you can watch the episodes that have aired until now! 

“Lipstick Prince is a South Korean beauty show distributed by OnStyle every Thursday at 9:00 pm. The show features a group of seven idols who will learn about makeup techniques before applying their new skills on celebrity guests. The show hopes to break the stereotype that makeup is only for females and for male idols to talk about male cosmetics, makeovers and beauty”

Links under the cut!

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Boy to Girl Transformation - Erik Handoko


Boy to Girl Transformation - Nanis Alejandre


Another tutorial on turning a boy into a beautiful bride…this one is wearing a short wedding dress that shows her gorgeous legs.


30 Day CAS Challenge - Townie Makeover (Male)

I don’t know about you guys, but I hated seeing Marcus Flex around town because he had such potential, but that hair, his outfits… complete mess. He looks so much better now so maybe I won’t feel such intense rage whenever he shows up at the gym with my sims. His eyes are still pretty beady, but I’m not a miracle worker!

anonymous asked:

do you seriously think trans women have male privilege? you do realize that (esp black) trans women are murdered like, weekly, for being trans? or are at higher rates of suicide and homelessness? or often resort to sex work to make ends meet? women are important and should be supported, INCLUDING trans and intersex women. they are not your enemies until you force them out of what should be their place of safety.

Gay men are murdered for being gay, they still have male privilege.

Black men are murdered for being black, they still have male privilege.

Male privilege is Laverne Cox getting in to that argument with Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and the liberal world sided with Laverne when he said he didn’t have male privilege and he asked his brother and his brother confirmed it.

And he said this to Chimamanda, who grew up in Nigeria in a place where women can’t inherit property. But he is a male with a makeover show and she’s just an academic who studied at Yale and is a famous novelist. 

Can you imagine a woman who ran a makeover show being taken more seriously in regards to politics than a male academic and prize winning author?

Male privilege is Cherno Biko speaking at a Women’s March and the trans community’s silence on him being a rapist who tried to forcibly impregnate a trans man, because male privilege means your reputation matters more than justice.

Male privilege is Jazz Jennings saying that he can just use his sister as his incubator since he doesn’t have his own womb.

Go through my /tagged/trans-activism/ and my /tagged/trans-women/ and you’ll see for yourself.

Male privilege is not being raised with the expectation that someday you will have to give birth or else you won’t be complete.

Male privilege is never being told that your period, something that you are physically experiencing, makes you biologically unfit for any type of leadership role and is proof of your inferior place.

Male privilege is acting like you know something about the lived experience of existing in the female body, and actually being taken seriously when it should be obvious that it’s impossible for a man to know what that’s like.


Another set of my GW2 characters. One more to come!

Here’s the previous set.


Collages | Lucy-CD Male to Female Transformation Makeover <3

Heya all, made some more before and after collages. Really love these ones, some great comparisons! hope you all do as well, the transformation is incredible! <3

20,000 Followers! <3

Heya all, wow! 20K Followers… that’s unbelievable, and the numbers still growing. I’m hoping to dress up again sometime soon, I never know when I’m next going to dress up so I apologise for all the times this blog goes quiet. I love dressing up as Lucy just as much as I always have so don’t worry I’m not going to stop, I’m just currently not dressing up much.

I will be posting the rest of the pictures I took last time I dressed up soon. I hope to dress up once or twice more this year and I’m greatly looking forward to the New Year. I think my blog truly has traveled to new heights during this year, I have no idea how but I hope I can continue to improve over the next year. Getting pictures dressed up outside was the highlight of the year for me and I hope to get many more pictures outside in 2016!

I still find it unbelievable that my blog has come this far! I know I’ve said this before but I still remember when I didn’t think I could ever look like a girl, I didn’t even think I’d ever have a blog. The first time I noticed how girly I look when dressed up was when I thought I should start a blog to inspire others as many had inspired me, and I’m very happy I did. It still amazes me to this day how well I actually do pass when dressed as a girl. Seeing my feminine image continuously improve almost every time I dress up is amazing! on top of that I’m still finding new outfits etc. girls fashion is just incredible to say the least and I love experimenting with new outfits when I dress up even though the clothes can sometimes be a bit costly.

So I’m sorry there was no Halloween outfit, or special 20K outfit. I was really looking forward to these outfits but when the time came I just didn’t have the money for it. So I’m looking forward to, and planning my 25K special. Let’s hope I can afford it this time. As I couldn’t do the 20K special I’m going to try my best to make the 25K as amazing as I can, for me and for all of you. Thank You for following <3

horikashi is one of the only “””””straight ships”””””” I ship with any real intensity because it is!! impossible!! for me to read as an actual straight ship

like I’m sorry but kashima yuu

  • is referred to as the “prince of the school”
  • is appreciated/crushed on by many presumably straight girls, unless the entire female population of the school is queer
  • is constantly cast in male roles, and is the FIRST CHOICE for those roles
  • is constantly remarked upon to be hot as hell while presenting masc and mistaken for incredibly hot dudes all the time, so this isn’t a matter of “looks male until beautiful feminine makeover”
  • dresses completely masculine when not in her uniform
  • goes by the more masculine/gender neutral “kun” rather than “san”
  • wears boxers
  • wears a tanktop & male bathing suit over her bikini (which she only bought bc her female friend told her it would look good)
  • got really excited when she had a cold bc it made her voice deep and gravelly and wore pants even to school to celebrate
  • constantly and hilariously rebuts anyone who is like “maybe kashima is secretly a girl after all???”
  • compares her legs to MIKORIN AND NOZAKI, not to sakura
  • goes to a mixer in a male role bc mikorin’s too scared (and wins)

and masayuki hori:

  • approached kashima while reading her as male and told her she was really attractive
  • always refers to kashima as “handsome”, not beautiful
  • thinks of kashima whenever any handsome guy is mentioned and is very defensive of her handsomeness
  • is really into “girls with nice legs” but doesn’t think about kashima’s legs when they’re presented to him because he still doesn’t read her as female but also is really into her legs, dude, notice what great legs she has
  • has had some canon gender feels himself, even if they were misinterpreted/blown out of proportion by kashima

so like, this is not a straight ship, this is a ship that is, depending on how you wanna read kashima, either m/nb or m/m (or nb/nb, depending on how you want to read hori), and that’s!! so good!! it’s so fucking good!! it’s just!! good!!