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If I read one more whining post about why all the female characters are so ugly in ME:Andromeda I’m going to go on a comments rampage. Quite aside from the fact that the characters are NOT ugly (and it shouldn’t matter even if by your shit subjective pov if they are), suck it up dumbass. Women are not put on earth solely for your dubious pleasures. We had to live with a decidedly off-putting male gaze throughout ME and I sincerely hope they’ve abandoned that this time round.

The Tsushima Family

I am sooo lazy to polish this sketch, I’ll post the clean and polish one maybe next week.

Tsushima Yohamaru (Yeah, that’s a prefect name for YoshiMaru’s child XD) is such a gem! He got his mom’s hair and dialect (He uses ‘Ora’ and ‘Zura’ a lot), and he has his dad’s eyes. He’s a genius, like super genius. Graduated from TODAI (The University of Tokyo) in Demonology (Wonder where did that come from? LOL) despite his mom protest, so he took double major, another one is in literature. 

Married to Kurosawa Shinju (Ruby’s daughter) and had 2 cute little kids. Tsushima Maru the eldest son and Tsushima Hana the youngest daughter.

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Don't follow the show exactly, but what happened to make you disinterested in, if you don't mind me asking that is?

If you mean RWBY….

Gosh there’s too much to explain properly right now but basically:

  • bad writing
  • one of the main writers voices a character in the show and he began making the show cater to his own character (who isn’t even a main character)
  • said male character is proven to have been given more lines and screentime than most of the main girls
  • said male character likes to harass one of the main girls and never take no for an answer but it’s displayed as “humorous” rather than the problem it actually is
  • one female character was solely existing for the sake of said male, and then she was killed off
  • the way they write some of the girls is just plain awful, the main team is severely underdeveloped even after 4 fucking volumes’ worth of content
  • they promised us at least one LGBT character and there is still no sign of that character even after 4 fucking volumes’ worth of content
  • tons of minor loopholes and inconsistencies 
  • basically it feels like they are just making the series for money now, not for the sake of letting Monty’s (the late, original creator’s) dream live on

There’s a lot more (plenty of people had made much more detailed posts about this). But I’ve also just found more interest in other, better shows.

It’s a shame because RWBY was my life for about 3 whole years, the longest I’ve ever stayed in one fandom religiously, and I kept saying “I’ll stick with it!” But by this point I’ve pretty much quit the canon show. I don’t care for canon any longer. I really stopped even as far back as volume 3.

But I’m still writing my own ideas and interpretations for it because I love the characters as they were originally presented to us. So I’m still creating content for RWBY, just most of it isn’t based off canon events any longer.

not to be the guy thats salty about Literally Everyhting but i just wanted to say like

its rich seeing most antishippers be like “youre shipping x with their friend thats disgusting theyre REAL PEOPLE stop SEXUALIZING AND OBJECTIFYING THEM FOR SHIPS” 


like, as if thousands of posts about teenage girls wanting you to sit on their faces and murder them or choke them or gag them with their dick is somehow WAY LESS CREEPY than being shipped with a male friend. like having a person talk about how much they PERSONALLY WANT TO FUCK YOU AND WHAT THEYD DO TO YOU IF THEY GOT THE CHANCE TO FUCK YOU (ALL POSTS BEING MADE WITHOUT ANY PRIOR CONCENT FROM THE PERSON YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT) is somehow WWWAAAAY less creepy and puts you on a moral pedestal 

thats still sexualizing and objecting that person, thats still creepy behavior, shut the fuck up, you fucking hypocrites. 

Like most male friendships, everything is assumed, and nothing is spoken of. Oh, except for once. Just once, and that’s your lot. If you’re going to read in order, like I did, you’ve got a long time to wait for The Adventure of the Three Garridebs, but patience, and keep reading in order-you’ll be blinking back the tears when the moment comes.
—  Steven Moffat

it turns out if you say “geography” or “cultural geography” or “feminist geography” or “marxist geography” or something like “postcolonial theory” instead of “spatial theory” then your pool of “non-white male” scholarship expands like a thousandfold

How can we say “the man” as in “eldar man”
Like Eldar male but narratively it is not nice at all “the eldar male”.

I’ve been struggling to find ways not to use the man / the woman but I had to do it a few times. Ugh

Any leads @kaijuslayer, @talrin? I’ve read all Tolkien but for the life of me I can’t remember what JRRT did with the issue and my books are not here.

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What's the difference between female, male and neutral? Like when you say Íslenska and Íslensku?

aaaa íslenska and íslensku are a different grammar rule but
uhh well basically most words have a gender so like dog is male (hundurinn minn), cat is female (kisan mín) and lamb is neutral or ‘it’ (lambið mitt) so basically the gender changes the ending of the word and stuff

I’m so sick of this whole ‘you’re not a feminist so you hate women’

Just because I don’t put myself in the same group as the middle class women that make themselves victims, spread hate and brain wash younger women into fearing men doesn’t mean I hate women. 

I have great respect for the feminists that fought for us to get votes, and for us to be seen as the same as men.  

But the third wave feminists that act like a male sitting in a different form to them is the worse thing on the world. They’re privileged to have that be their only worry, instead of possibly being stoned for looking in the direction of another man, or being forced to cover up every inch of you body, or being seen as nothing but a thing to pro create with. 

I don’t hate women. Women are amazing. These snobby prats that sit behind a screen and complain are the women I hate. 

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I've calmed down now since realizing Zayn is technically part of those 1D and LM wins lol. He will doubtless have many more chances in the future. It was also heartening that so many in the general public were wondering why Zayn wasn't nommed for male artist like happened with Craig David. Another greater tragedy at the Brits is that Radiohead remains shut out completely over the years. If that doesn't say it all about how the voting works, that is more WTF than anything.

very true :)

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shocks me how they can be so callous. I still get moments when my heart breaks for the guy. I see a pic of him & I think how proud Jay would be of him and all he is achieving in her honor.I see his siblings who are just as strong as he is because they were raised by his wonderful warrior of a mum and it can almost bring me to tears that they'll never get the time with her that they deserved so it makes me angry enough to cry that larries are quick to sweep jay under the rug! She deserves better

I honestly am like awed that he gets up every morning and DOES SO MUCH and they’re like “but what if larry were cuddling with puppies rn and what if the reason harry’s album isn’t out yet is bc he can’t sing songs with male pronouns” like 

i can’t.

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I am really sorry to ask this stupid of a question, but I really need to know. What on earth is Male Privilege? A friend of mine identifies as a man and labels himself gay. He told me last saturday when we were hanging out that we won't date men with Male Privilege. I didn't want to ask out of fear since he is an SJW in a sense. He is one I can stand, but I digress. What's your stance on the term?

My understanding is that “male privilege” is the idea that men are generally favored in society over women and are therefore treated better.  Or, at least according to Tumblr.  But, also according to Tumblr, all men have male privilege.

Looks like your friend is going to be single for quite a while.

ohkay sih down y'all ma'fuckers coss i in da bathroom and i got a lot o shit to talk bout

no not actual shit not even bad shit just stuff that I’ve been meaning to say
so uh i’m dragon-kin. and like? i’m female but dragons don’t have pronouns or gendered biases like we do (lucky) so i’m okay on pronouns. she, they, xy, drae, whatever. personally drae/draer pronouns might be fun but IDK. just no he/him/his okay? not male at aaaaaall. and, like, dragons, physically, are pretty much intersex, so one’s identity often allign with with what role they prefer to take in intercourse, but it’s not uncommon for that to not be so. so like? I don’t really care about all dat. I pretty much just hate all of my body right now, I can’t tell what parts I do like and what I don’t. And all the female bits are way different in a flamosaur obviously. So like.
So my dragon name is Sapphire, (which is ironic, because it was A Thing before I knew what sapphic meant), I usually just use Flamy. I hate my real name. I like it way better when someone calls me by something else.

What is so wrong with being bisexual that so many women call themselves lesbians even when they’re attracted to males? Like it annoys me on behalf of lesbians but also there’s nothing dirty or wrong about being bi?! Be bi and proud? Bi = okay!!‘

Masculinity can be soft. Masculinity can be gentle. Masculinity can be whispers and shyness and pastel colours and flowers and all those things can be masculine if someone wants them to call them that. Masculinity and femininity are constructs - you don’t have to describe yourself or anything you like as either if you don’t want to.