male liberation

anyways in the aftermath of louis CK, can liberal male comedians officially retire their bits where they try to do a ‘woke’ rant about how much other men suck to make themselves look good

Actual female power:

RESOURCES - having everything you need for survival and socializing without ever having to depend on men, having a secure place to live, source of nourishment and heat without ever having to consider marriage, sex work, or any kind of catering to men in order to establish mere survival on this planet. 

AUTONOMY - full control over your own body. Not ever having to be touched against your will, or have another person control any part of your body, especially your reproductive abilities, deciding on your own and for your own benefit what happens with your body, knowing what’s good for your body and exact risks you take if you’re willing to subject it to pregnancy, sex, or any other condition, not ever taking a bigger risk than you feel safe taking.

COMMUNITY - Bonding, sharing, belonging, participating, being protected by a community of women with the same interests, same experiences, and same goals as you have, knowing that all or most of your experiences are common and normal in society you live in, receiving support, validation and help in all of your issues, knowing that no matter what happens, women will have your back, as you have theirs, standing united against threats that hit us as a whole.

KNOWLEDGE - receiving the formidable knowledge women of history have created and achieved on this planet, knowing that women created everything and everyone, knowing the role your sex has played on this planet was vital and immeasurable, knowing your history, knowing what we had to fight for and what we still have to fight for, having a conscious mind about the endless achievements and labour women preformed, as well as the endless violence and crimes committed against our sex, and the danger we’re put in from day to day.

PHYSICAL STRENGTH - our bodies are created strong, and the stronger we get, the more chance we achieve for physical safety, having the ability to beat the crap out of anyone who tries to assault you is a real power, looking too physically intimidating to even be attacked is a real, big asset, not being threatened physically by men is a luxury most women don’t have due to social pressure to keep our bodies small and fragile, so aiming for body as strong as possible is a real power, and it’s a power men don’t want us to have.

AGENCY - acting in favour of your own interests, knowing what those interests are and knowing how to take action that will bring you to your goals, never wasting time on representing the interests of a group that works against you, never wasting your energy, labour or time on those who see you as less than a human, fighting for all that you know you deserve, and know you can get, never letting someone else speak for you or decide for you, never putting your human rights on hold for the sake of other’s goals.

SAFETY - this is a power we have to fight for the most. Safety from psychological and emotional terror society enforces onto us in order to change our bodies, to give up on our strength, looks, bodily autonomy, confidence, freedom. Safety from falling into traps men have created in order to exploit us, safety from our bodies being sold, safety from abusive marriage, safety from physical violence, sexual violence, safety from having our autonomy taken away from us, from the credit of our intelligence and our labour and our creations taken from us, safety from having to spend our entire lives catering to predators in mere hope they will spare us the pain they’re inflicting on any woman who isn’t doing what she’s being told. We deserve to be protected from all of it. We deserve to have full lives without the epidemic of psychological, physical and sexual violence ever touching our lives, much less dictating them.

Note that men already have all of these, it’s given to them by default, resources are available for them in much greater quantity, autonomy of their body is achieved, they receive plenty of validation and community from their male peers, male authority, and male directed media, their stories and achievements are over-represented in every single history course, their physical strength is celebrated and they’re encouraged to get as strong as possible, they wouldn’t dream of representing anyone’s interests but their own, and they’re safe from a big chunk of emotional, psychological and sexual terror women are going thru every single moment of their life, even if other men still from a physical threat to some of them.

When did liberal men start thinking it was acceptable to tell feminists that they aren't feminist enough?
Ten years ago The Onion published the piece “Man Finally Put In Charge Of Struggling Feminist Movement”. At the time it was intended as satire but, as with much that seemed a joke in the early noughties, one could be forgiven for thinking it has come true today.

Just in case you thought liberal feminism was anything other than debasing feminist beliefs for men. Men know that liberal feminism is a repackaging of what they have always wanted. Men want us naked, hairless, unquestioning, and catering to their wants. If they have to pat us on the head and call it “empowering", they will. 

From Maxim, 2003.
Why you should never say “All men are...”

When third wave/radical feminists say “all men are assholes/rapists/etc.), let’s take a look at the facts.  There are 3.41 billion males in the world. While majority of women fall victims to the hands of males, there are just as many females guilty of being abusers. Here are a couple of statistics before you start attacking me.

  • - 40% of domestic violence victims were men (2004-2005, 2008,2009)
  • 43.4% of men were abused by their partners in 2006-2007. This rose to 45.5% in the following year, but dropped to 37.7% in 2008.
  • In 2006-07, 48.6% of men were subject to severe force during conflict with a partner.

Men are less likely to report abuse or rape because 90% of the time, they are not taken seriously. Second of all, do you know how much pressure they go through because men are EXPECTED to be strong and “manly”, so they’re expected to deal with rape or abuse?

Out of 3.41 billion males in the world, you think ALL of them are rapists and abusive? You think every single man in the world is capable of violence and danger? What about that husband who influences his wife to work so they can both be successful? What about that father who works long hours so his daughters have the privilege of being educated in the top universities in the country? What about that brother who is willing to protect his mother and sister from danger?

You all say “All men are this…”, do you have little brothers? Little male relatives? Do you categorize them in the same stereotype too? Do you look at him and go, “you’re gonna grow up to be a rapist”?

When you were born, did you realize that you’re 50% your father and 50% your mother? Had it not been for your father’s sperm, you would not have been here. Don’t give me BS that you’d be conceived in other ways, no you wouldn’t. If it wasn’t for your mother AND father, you wouldn’t be here. You wouldn’t have been here.

I am aware, not everyone of us had the privilege of having good men in our lives, and I’m sorry that I cannot relate to abuse or rape victims. Majority of the men in my life made sure the women in their lives were independent, strong, stable, and not reliant on the men of the family. My father raised me by saying, “you don’t need a man in your life. You don’t have to please any men in your life.” That’s the motto I follow to this day. I don’t need men.

You all have tor realize that not all men are the same. You all saying all men are the same is EQUIVALENT to this:

“20/100 women raped or abused their partners, SO ALL WOMEN ARE EVIL AND BAD!!”

Lastly, If men can’t have a say in women’s rights, than women shouldn’t have a say in men’s rights.

I’m ready for y’all to fight me.

I want men to know I’m coming for them.

Every man who has hit a woman weaker than him, frightened her and caused her pain, I’m coming for you.

Every man who sexually assaulted, harassed, humiliated and harmed a woman, I’m coming for you.

Every man who abused his wife, girlfriend, daughter, mother, I’m coming for you.

Every man who has exploited women’s labour, I’m coming for you.

Every man who has held woman captive by withholding resources she was entitled to, I’m coming for you.

Every man who lied to women in order to crush their confidence and make them feel like they have no value, I’m coming for you.

Every man who spent years exploiting, using and emotionally destroying women, I’m coming for you.

Every man who took all from a woman, then abandoned her to make sure she feels worthless, I’m coming for you.

Every man who targeted vulnerable, young, insecure, frigtened, inexperienced and powerless women for fun, exploitation and his personal sexual satisfaction, I’m coming for you.

Every man who denied a woman right over her own body, I’m coming for you.

Every trafficker, kidnapper, rapist, abuser, murderer, abusive husband, abusive boss, violent assaulter and pedophile, I’m coming for you.

Every pimp, pornographer and sexual sadist on this world, I’m coming for you.

Every man who has used porn as a source of pleasure and enjoyed himself consuming women being raped, beaten, forced into susbmission and denied their own sexuality, I’m coming for you.

Every man who has screamed at a woman while she was crying in pain, I’m coming for you.

Every man who attacked and shut down a woman who was speaking out his crimes, pointing out the injustice and pain they’ve caused, I’m coming for you.

Every man who thinks he can get away with all of this, I’m coming for you.

Do not think you are safe. Do not think your crimes can be excused or tolerated. I see what you’re doing. I’m coming for you. You’ve done harm to a human being, and you’ll regret what you’ve done.

if the “male brain” and “female brain” theory is true (it isn’t) and socialization isn’t real (it is) then that means that males are innately more violent, more likely to rape, more likely to murder, more likely to abuse, etc just by their mere existence and not by any outside forces.

what do you suppose we do to combat that, then? it seems to me like the only way to irradiate male violence, if that theory is true, is to throw all males into a black hole and live in a female-only utopia. afterall, men are innately evil, right? 🙄

the scientifically proven fact that there is no gendered brain, only socialization, is a lot less of an extremist stance. we don’t have to kill all men to change the world, we just have to change how society views women and therefore how males are socialized. idk, that seems a lot more moderate to me. so why do misogynists so loudly reject a scientific fact that actually partially works in their favor?

Radical Feminism is NOT Feminism (Tumblr Feminism version since all of you are so butthurt).

I’ve been on Tumblr long enough to see heinous posts about men-haters and misandry. So let me clear this up for you hella quick.

I came from a third-world country, now having the privilege to live in a developed one for more than half my life. So let me tell you “Rad fems” a little something and I will be anything BUT nice about it.

Shaving leg hair and wearing makeup is NOT oppression. Being betrothed from the second you’re born is oppression. 

Having a guy call you “hot” or “cute” isn’t berating women. Having acid thrown on your face is. 

Having your gender mistaken because they don’t know what you identify as is not offensive. Being belittled for your gender (whether it be he OR she) is offensive.

Did you ever think that men AND women can enjoy rough sex? If it is consented, that is THEIR business and something THEY enjoy, and it’s not your place to judge how they like their sex to be. There are plenty of women who ENJOY rough sex. Shocker, I know.

Someone can be a housewife without a job, married to a MAN and still be a feminist. You are in no place to tell them otherwise.

Women can shave their legs and wear makeup and be a feminist, it’s THEIR choice. LET THEM BE. THEY LIKE SHAVING THEIR HAIR AND CAKING THEIR FACE. KEYWORD: LIKE.

Did it ever occur to you that girls ENJOY wearing makeup? I think makeup is art and my face is the canvas. I have days where I don’t want to wear makeup and days I do. 

And last but not least, man-hating. That’s misandry. In case you “feminists” forgot, feminism is EQUAL RIGHTS. Not superiority for women, inferiority for men. There are PLENTY of MEN who I know are feminists. My father, my brother, my friends. 

Did you forget about Barack Obama? Joseph Gordon Levitt? Matt McGorry? Men who ADVOCATE for women’s rights? Probably, if you’re that dumb to think all men are evil. 

Beyonce, Michelle Obama, Emma Watson, Malala Yousafzai, Benazir Bhutto are epitomes of ideal feminists TO ME.

I am a feminist. I advocate for equal wage, education rights, I advocate for pro-choice, I advocate for LGBT communities and minority groups. I run a community that fights domestic abuse and helps women in need, whether it be from abuse, poverty, anything. And guess what? Shaving their legs or wearing makeup is the LAST thing in their minds? I am a feminist who love men, love going to Sephora and buying a bunch of makeup and wearing it, and I LOVE shaving my legs to make them smooth af. 


Before you start thinking that all those petty issues are feminism causes, think about all those girls who have much bigger issues. Get out of your close-minded heads and stop giving real feminists a bad name. 

I’m starting to catch on how every single insult, slur, criticism and hatred towards women is only used to justify violence towards them, it’s never “ah women are so harmful and damaging i wish they would get away from me and leave me alone”, it’s always “she deserves to be raped and killed, stupid *slur*”

If there was really anything bad or harmful in women, nobody would want to be around them. But instead, everyone is demanding to be around them, to have access to them as if they’re a commodity, to be nurtured and pleasured and catered to, to control their reproductive powers and labour, and in the end, to get the chance to abuse and utterly destroy women who’ve done all that for them. Women are used and exploited as source of everything good in life, and then on top of that have their social image damaged for the sake of justifying destruction and violence towards them. We’re now at a point where a woman refusing to be used as a resource by men is viewed as selfish and harmful, merely for refusing to be a slave! Women haven’t deserved even one single bit of violence from men, and not a single slur or social stigma that burdens their life.

~ male positivity post ~

Cis Men deserve respect, love, and the ability to be who they are without judgement.

Transmen deserve respect, love, and the ability to be who they are without judgement. 

White men deserve respect, love, and the ability to be who they are without judgement. 

Black men deserve respect, love, and the ability to be who they are without judgement.

Asian men deserve respect, love, and the ability to be who they are without judgement. 

Arabic men deserve respect, love, and the ability to be who they are without judgement. 

Straight men deserve respect, love, and the ability to be who they are without judgement. 

Bisexual men deserve respect, love, and the ability to be who they are without judgement. 

Gay men deserve respect, love, and the ability to be who they are without judgement. 

Religious men deserve respect, love, and the ability to be who they are without judgement. 

Athiest men deserve respect, love, and the ability to be who they are without judgement. 

All men deserve respect, love, and the ability to be who they are without judgement. 

If you don’t believe that, you’re sexist.

To be “feminist” in any authentic sense of the term is to want for all people, female and male, liberation from sexist role patterns, domination, and oppression.
—  bell hooks, American author, feminist, and social activist, in Ain’t I a Woman: Black Women and Feminism   

I cannot relate or converse with non radfem women anymore because no matter what kind of issue and problem I want to discuss, the second I point out it’s all caused, perpetuated, and done by men and for benefit of men, suddenly they look uncomfortable, they look away, they mumble “no” and then shake their heads and start their talk about “not all men”, they start lining up excuses, explanations, justifications, trying to cut blame into small pieces and disperse it all over society, it’s not just the men, it’s not all of them, women do something unrelated that is somehow equally bad and worth bringing into discussion, men were taught to act this way, eventually it all turns into one big chant “we must not blame men. we must not blame men” and I can talk about globe-wide issues, witch burnings, foot binding, female genital mutilation, slavery, taking human rights from women, marital abuse, pedophilia, rape, necrophilia, destruction of environment, murders, forced impregnation and forced birth, taking women’s last names and their identities, forcing their name onto women’s children, societal brainwashing and Stockholm syndrome, I always get the same feedback “We must not blame men.”

And I get it, I know what’s happening under their conscious thoughts, I know what’s going on in their heads when they look away. “ It would be really painful to believe men are like this after I’ve given them so much love and trust. I don’t want to believe that my male friends, partners, father, brothers, are all like this. They aren’t. This has to have another explanation. If men are truly like this I won’t be able to feel safe anymore. I want to feel safe. If I start believing this then how will I get to work tomorrow, how will I get to class, how will I go home? I can’t survive without men. Calling them out is dangerous. If I were to say something like this to them, they wouldn’t take it well, they would attack me and deny it. I know exact words they would use, I’ll say them all now. I really want this to not be true. If I can explain it away, it might go away. I want to believe they’re good. I want to keep hoping. I can still survive like this. It’s survivable. I want to live in a world where they’re not like that, and maybe if I believe it strongly enough, it will happen. I can remember men doing some good things too, I’ll hang onto those memories. Maybe they’ll change if we give them enough kindness and love.”

And we were all there. We all started from this. And it was a hard step to let go of it. It was a hard step to acknowledge that there’s so many women who won’t survive under tyranny of men. There’s such a large number of women who are tortured every day. Every single woman is taking damage under the male controlled system, and even if some can survive it, for most it’s only matter of time before they’re assaulted, tortured, raped, denied resources, backed into corner, forced to give up their integrity, their resources, their justice, their safety, their life. We already are forced to look at atrocities they do to our sisters, mothers, to our children, and then we have to look away, we have to let it keep happening. I wouldn’t ask women to face harsh realities if I had not believed it’s truly and honestly in their best interests. You can defend men all your life, and still your life might end with man’s hands around your neck, as he tells you that you asked for it. Believing in their good nature won’t save you from men. They already kill women who believe in them, and they kill them slowly, punish them for their trust and empathy, use their compassion against them, use women’s survival instincts to get more and more and more from them.

Getting away from men, or disabling them from harming any woman on this planet is the only thing that has any chance of protecting you. You are worthy of more than men have convinced you. You are life itself and they’re trying to hide it from you. You are a source of life and it’s in their nature to destroy you. You deserve a better life than what men have given you. 

Men literally don’t understand the concept of everything not being about them and that’s probs why so many MRAs have sprouted up. You’re not oppressed. You’re just not the only demographic that matters anymore. More people deserve attention than just you.