male lady gaga

Donatella walking out to ‘Donatella’ by Lady Gaga with two shirtless male models at the end of her Versace show.

You do realise feminism fights for these things for men too? 

And feminism isn’t about women being oppressed because they can’t wear just underwear or go around topless. 

We are saying we shouldn’t be asked “Well what were you wearing?” or told we were asking for it.

We want to fight for male rape victims.

We want to fight so that men can cry and not be seen as a pussy.

We want to fight so men aren’t abused. 

We want to have the right to fight for our country like males in the army.

This is the shit feminism is fighting for. 

We want equality for everyone.

So shut your gorram mouth until you actually understand what the fuck feminism is fighting.

OKAY SO BEFORE YOU ASK WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS, me and @shydespair were talking and this happened

since Fredbear’s voice is probably the male version of Lady Gaga i was like bUT WHAT IF FRED WORE ONE OF GAGA’S CLOTHES????? And now im ded

but then @shydespair said that he would even beat Mettaton’s fab legs– and i just had to draw them in dresses omfg im sorry please forgive me

anonymous asked:

Do you ever just stare out the window and wonder why Harry Styles is so lovable? He literally can make anyone love him by just blinking at them. Male, female, children, animals, Lady Gaga. He's... un-unlovable. I never stood a chance either, to be honest.

Thanks louis