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Black transgender subway rider stabbed after offering a woman his seat

  • Ijan Jarrett, 44, was taking the NYC subway home Sunday when he was stabbed by a woman who didn’t want to sit next to him because he was black, the New York Post reported.
  • Jarrett, who identifies as transgender, told the Post the woman stormed over to him, punched him and stabbed him under his left eye, on the back of his hand and on his left arm. 
  • The woman, identified as Stephanie Pazmino, was charged with assault as a hate crime, the New York Daily News reported. Read more

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“Identity politics” aims [to] convince us that the only real political issues are those of straight white folks. - Cameron Esposito

When ppl in power don’t reflect ur demo, they can deem basic needs as “special interest” needs. - Cameron Esposito


shoutout to trans kids who fit into their assigned gender roles at a young age because they didn’t know they had another option.

Why do these assholes think they’re being edgy and “politically incorrect”? This is literally just a list of the most popular things to say. Nearly every holiday song says “Merry Christmas”. Kids are taught from a very young age to salute the flag and to treat troops, police officers, and firefighters as heroes. How is it edgy to simply quote exactly what the government has been indoctrinating a captive audience of children to believe?

The main purpose of free speech is the right to say unpopular, controversial things. If you really want to be edgy and politically incorrect, you should try saying some of these things:

  • Black Lives Matter.
  • Stop police brutality.
  • The military is not above criticism.
  • The flag is just an inanimate piece of fabric, and is not more valuable than oppressed people’s lives.
  • America was never great.
  • Transgender people are allowed to use the restroom that matches their gender identity.
  • Male, white, abled, cisgender, heterosexual privilege is real.
  • There is not a war on Christianity just because other religions are allowed to exist.
  • Spanking children is child abuse.
  • If a law prohibits a victimless action, it’s okay to break it.

Imagine that a business displayed this on a sign. Would conservatives be applauding them for exercising their free speech and not caring who they offend? 

As a gay man I’m really happy with the non-male identities who watch and support and love Vikturi and all that, but please also know that you can’t just end it with that, watching and liking Yuri On Ice for ‘the gay shit’, shipping because it’s canon gay, and fantasizing about ‘all the gay happy times they have’ (and even sometimes fetishizing it).

Please also support LGBTQ and LGBTQ relationships in real life. I know a some girls who like it in anime only when it’s all dressed up with hot attractive guys and sweet, sap stories and drama and all that. But love like this also happens in normal, real life. It isn’t always roses and flowers, and it isn’t always pretty or dolled up. Please support that, too. In your school, in your workplace, in your neighborhood. You don’t have to be an extreme activist about it, but vocalizing it now and then helps. It’s the decent thing to do.

And I don’t want the world to see me, cause I don’t think that they’d understand. When everything’s made to be broken, I just want you to know who I am.
—  Iris, Goo Goo Dolls.
Testosterone Gel vs. Injections

edit: With the permission of the original author of this, the information comes from Tumblr user stealth-mountain.

Found this comment on a subreddit thread, thought it was very useful. Unedited, so there are swear words.

I’ve done both. I started T on a gel, and I’m currently on injections.

The gel is nice because:

  • It’s simple and it’s easy to apply.
  • It gives you steady levels.
  • It doesn’t take long to do so, around 2 minutes, including drying time and washing your hands thoroughly.
  • No needles.
  • Bloodwork doesn’t require as much coordination.

The injections are nice because:

  • You only do it once a week, once every two weeks, or once every twelve weeks.
  • It’s cheaper.
  • No need for weird calculations.
  • The generic dose is easy to work with if you do have to recalculate something.
  • It’s cheaper!
  • You can go swimming, shower, exercise, touch your pets, touch your partner, touch your family, etc., whenever you want.
  • No long hand washing.

Cons of gel:

  • It’s fucking expensive. Injections aren’t cheap, but they’re much, much cheaper than gel, especially if you have a weird dosage of testosterone. By “weird”, I mean “anything other than one pump per day at the dosage and concentration given by generic testosterone gel”. If you do one pump per day of generic, it might be cheaper to go with gel, since it’ll last you 120 days on ~200-300 dollars, with a good discount/coupon.
  • Generic dosage doesn’t change (or maybe this is the experience I’ve had with my pharmacy). The generic dosage is 90 g of 12.5 mg per pump actuation. If your doctor prescribes you something different, say a higher amount with a higher concentration, the pharmacy will still give you 90 g of 12.5 mg per pump, and you have to calculate how many pumps it will be to get you the dosage your doctor wanted. My first few months on gel, to get the dosage my doctor wanted, I had to give myself 1.6 pumps every day. And you can’t really get 1.6 pumps consistently.
  • Combining the two above, if you have a different dosage than one pump of generic (which is a low fucking dose), you run out much faster. It’s the generic bottle that costs ~200-300 dollars (actually they come in sets of two, so those two will cost you 200-300 dollars), so if you’re doing some dosage, say 3 pumps, that’s going to last you 40 days. Do you really want to spend 200-300 every 40 days?
  • Yet another con of gel is that you have to take it after a shower (open your pores!) and can’t get the area wet for a few hours (check with your pharmacist), so no swimming, showering, or sweating, or the gel might wash off.
  • Other people can’t touch the area until it dries, either, because they’ll take the gel off of you and get a dose of T themselves, and that can be bad if you have pets, a girlfriend/wife, a daughter…It’s not as bad if a man does it, but you’re still not getting your full dosage. Along with this, you have to thoroughly wash your hands every morning to get the gel off.

Cons of injections:

  • You have to inject yourself with a needle. The process is more complicated. You pretty much have to learn how to do it or drive somewhere once every week or whatever to have someone do it for you. I drive to the other side of town to get mine done.
  • You have to keep track of it. You have to remember, “Oh, it’s Friday. Time for my T shot.” You can easily handle this with an alarm on your phone or a calendar event, but it gets even more complicated if you don’t do it every week, but rather every other week.
  • Yet another con is your T levels aren’t really stable. This hasn’t been a problem for me, since I have it once a week, but it can cause mood swings towards the end of your shot cycle. This problem is exacerbated if you do once every two weeks.
  • A fourth problem with shots is coordinating shot cycles with your bloodwork. You have to come in at a certain time to get your T levels tested, and you can’t really work around it flexibly. If your clinic is only open on certain days, you have to coordinate the day your shot is with what days your clinic is open.

All in all, I’d recommend shots.  Why?

  • I like having money.
  • I like not having to do weird percentage calculations.
  • I like having 2 extra minutes of sleep every morning. I do my shots in the evening on Fridays, so no time is really lost there.
  • I like being able to shower or swim or sweat afterwards without having to coordinate each of these things with my dosage.
  • I like being able to walk around with maybe just a tank top on and hold my cats on my shoulders without fear of dosing them with testosterone.
  • I’m totally fine with needles, I’ve gotten shots every week for the last 5 years of my life (not testosterone), and my mood is pretty stable.

My friend is scared because they think that they will never be in a relationship because they are genderqueer.

Heart and reblog if you would date a genderqueer person.

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Female teacher: I’ve been teaching government class for 20 years and never has there been an election that has incited so much fear in my students. They fear persecution based on their identities.

Male relative of teacher: *posts fake inspirational message about how fear isn’t real and is just a product of our imagination*