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Looking for RP (Please)

Hello friends!
I’ve been having trouble finding constant rp and I wanted to make a masterpost of all my characters. I really hope this post gets boosted so I can find some RP contacts!

Chrys Lionwright

An Ul’dahn noble woman who’s father was a lieutenant in the Immortal Flames. She was always eager to watch him train and fight, she wanted to be like him. As soon as she was able, she picked up the sword and board and began training to be a paladin while working under the Flames herself.. at the age of 18, her father was murdered in cold blood by an underground mercenary group known as the Ivory Reapers. Now 22 years of age, Chrys is determined to undermine the man that hired the men to kill her father and get revenge.

How could I know Chrys? You could know her or her father from working in the Flames, The ul’dahn underground would know of her well-paid bounty (Feel free to hunt but ask first!). Other Ul’dahn Nobles. Paladins/ Free Paladins might’ve heard of her last name “Lionwright”.

Nhal’ja Garanjy

A Keeper born under gambling parents, as he grew older, his parents had another son, Thyl’sae, who Nhal’ja grew possessive of, not trusting his own parents to raise him properly. Nhal’ja grew up taking care of himself, working hard for every penny, anything to help his brother be raised in a normal, supportive household. Nhal’ja had found that the adult entertainment industry paid well, having taken up dancing and seducing others as a courtesan. As he took up this job, he grew a mask, a fake emotion to cover his cold, distant exterior. His persona is an outgoing, flirtatious, elegant man, wearing only the finest silks and robes.

How could I know Nhal’ja? A fellow courtesan, a customer of his, neighbors to his home.

Fraeswys Merlthota

Fraeswys is a seawolf Roegadyn who was pratically born by the sea. Her father was a pirate captain of the Bastard Queen, which was known for the red wood that looked like flames on the sea waves. When her father passed away, young Fraeswys took the helm, continuing to pillage and plunder as her father had. However, a small lalafell orphan caught her attention, which caused her to throw her pirate life away. She retired to raise the child, opening up a bakery in Limsa Lominsa. However the child is grown now, and the woman still works runs her bakery with a smile, a sweet smell always luring her customers.

How could I know Fraeswys? A pirate from Limsa, fellow bar-dwellers, Limsan citizens know of her bakery.

Khrys Relanah

Khrys Relanah was born and raised in the Shroud, sheltered by her mother, who kept her home and taught her schooling. Once she became of age, her family sent her and her 4 other siblings away, hoping them to earn a living for their family. However while they all went their separate ways, bandits raided the tribe’s home, killing her mother and father. However, Khrys was unaware. Khrys picked up conjury when she learned of it’s healing properties. She met a man in her travels, who she fell in love and married. However, he had an affair, and left the woman for another. This cause Khrys to be heart-broken, fleeing to the shroud and having been in self-exile for 2 years.

How could I know Khrys? A Fellow conjurer, Adventurers hearing rumors of a crying ghost maiden past Camp Trainquil.

If anyone is interested, hit me up on Tumblr or Discord (Chelsea#3069) I look forward to meeting you and having lots of fun rp!

“You have done well kiddo”

Yla as a little girl and her mentor.

I tried some new stuff during painting this, i’m really happy how it turned out. I am.. actually.. happy and satisfied with something i’ve done. I really wanted to draw something for years that shows how he was a fatherly figure for my character, how he was gentle even if he was strict, or maybe some would call cruel during training, he always cared.

The other reason this art makes me happy.. I have been struggling with art block for long long years.. (Like 5?) Whenever i started something it never worked out, made me lose confidence more and more in the things i was doing… And recently i have only picked up my pencil if i got commissions, cause i have a lot of trouble with money, and at least art gave me some income… But lately i’m actually drawing for myself, inspired and actually happy with how things turn out… I am actually feeling inspired to draw, to practice, to improve.. To show people what lies in the depths of my imagination.. To… Try to step up and put it out there… Sorry for all the ramblings that come with this picture… I just.. Hope you enjoy the piece~


Thank you @lunareth For these beautiful pictures of 4 of my favorite characters I have been in FFXIV. You did an amazing job and I can’t thank you enough. <3

I actually switched back to my elf as well because I missed her so much.

Detailed information: Dantro

NAME: Dantro de Ziman
AGE: 20
HEIGHT: 160 cm
SPECIES: Midlander Hyur
NAMEDAY: 7th Sun of the 2nd Astral Moon

ALIGNMENT: Neutral Good
DRINK: Ishgardian Tea
FOOD: Crumpets
SNACKS: Anything sweet

PET: None
FLOWER: Linnea
SEXUALITY: Pansexual
BODY TYPE: Small, slender

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With a blade of steel and spirit unbreakable…
He came. 
           Casting down foul believers and wicked men…
           He came.
                      An unbeliever of Gods and Protector of the people…
                      He came. 

“Be with mercy!” Beseeched them as they grasped at the statues of their /Gods/. He would have none of it, for what God would allow their followers to spill the blood of innocents and to let Knights prey on the weak? Gods of Falsehood. God’s whom welcome to fervent prayer of cowards and traitors. 

                      With Righteous fire and sight unhindered…
                      He returned.
           Freeing the people and breaking their shackles…
           He returned.
A Knight earnest and Guardian of man…
He returned.


Head shot commissions done!

The Midlander lady is for @onestepkyloser
The two handsome Elezen gents are for @aethericseafarer

I had so much fun drawing those! Thank you so much for commissionig me!! /)//w//(\ ♥♥♥

(Might be re-opening commisions soon again!)

Name: Vandialis Skybreaker

Alias: Bjorn

Race: Highlander, Hyur

Sex: Male

Occupation: Evil mastermind.

Personality: Van is one who always keep his cool. Rarely will you find him frustrated or angry. Endlessly composed his laid back nature often invites those around him to relax and be themselves. Which only aids his true intentions when getting to know someone. Charming, charismatic, and witty he enjoys the art of conversation along with pushing buttons and bumping people outside their comfort zone. This way he gets to read their reaction and gain a better idea of who they are.

Favorite hobbies: Manipulating others, enjoying life to the fullest.

Motto: Get busy living or get busy dying.

Relationship status: Single. None have gotten close. Few have tried.

What he looks for in friends: Talent, potential. To Van a friend is someone he can use to help his own personal agenda. If someone possesses a skill-set he can make use of, he will gladly befriend them. Despises hesitation.

Vandialis is the product of endless loss, empty promises, and a violent world. He views the world as his playground and everything in it another piece on the chess board. Chaos amuses him, simply because it creates a situation that he can learn from. Giving a fake name comes as second nature to him. Most will know him as Bjorn. He sees life through the scope of mortality and enjoying what time he has left is most important. Meaning he will lie, cheat, or kill to reach that end. He is endlessly patient and will always keep his motives hidden. Thinking many steps in advance, he prefers to employ strategy and manipulation as his battle tactics instead of donning his armor and fighting head-first. Using peoples ego against themselves is something he wields as a weapon.Though some might view it as weak or scared when he turns down a fight - he does not mind. It will only make them suspect him less when he sinks his claws into their loved ones. As his size and strength imply, should the highlander decide to fight, the outcome is usually bloody.

While he strives to keep a guarded shell, he is not without weakness. He is often open to being bribed, as he will always take what is best for him. His constant need to lie, play games, and his sarcastic nature can often get in the way of him making the right moves. In his pursuit to enjoy life to its fullest, he has a soft spot for most things that are female and pretty. When frustrated he will often be brash, cruel, and go for immediate satisfaction as opposed to his normal patient long term planning. Vandialis also has a rather vague understanding of spells and magic and is constantly trying to get better at defending against such things. As with most lone wolves, his largest weakness is the fact that he is truly alone. In a time of need, there are none that would help.

Bjorn acts always as the good guy. A true lion in sheeps clothing.

NAME: Sylastair ‘Bennedict’ Wolfhart
AGE: Twenty Five
SPECIES: Midlander Hyur
NAMEDAY: 30th Sun, Fifth Umbral Moon
RESIDENCE: Limsa Lominsa

ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Neutral
DRINK: Whiskey

FOOD:  Parsnip Salad
DAY OR NIGHT: Day (Morning)
SNACKS: Baked Apple

PET: None
SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
BODY TYPE: Lean / Tall
HAIR COLOUR: Brown/Chestnut 

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NAME: Selanarien “Fang” Milo Dawnfang
AGE: 25
HEIGHT: 5′8″
SPECIES: Half Midlander, Half Highlander Hyur
NAMEDAY: 6th Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon
RESIDENCE: Limsa Lomensa

ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Neutral
DRINK: Whiskey

FOOD:  Spaghetti Carbonara
SNACKS: Pistachios, Chili Cheese Fries
PET: His Airship, The ‘Lucky Seven’
SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
BODY TYPE: Toned and Fit
EYE COLOUR: Sky blue
HAIR COLOUR: Dirty Blonde

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