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Supernatural Imagine

Imagine Dean and Sam meeting the Impala as a human, and it being a guy

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Sam:“Who the hell are you?”

Dean:“Where the hell is the Impala?!”

Impala:“I liked it better when you called me ‘Baby’.”


Sam:*Laughing his ass off* “Dude, your car is a guy!”

Dean:*Angry* “Shut the hell up Sam, AND YOU! Get in th-…never mind, you are the impala.”

Impala:”Please don’t refrain from calling me ‘Baby” for my sake.” *Winks*

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Author: Emily

A/N: i came up with this idea. everyone thinks if the impala got turned into human, she’d be a hot girl in leather and whatnot because that’s what dean refers to her as. so, imagine the shock when it happens and it’s actually a guy. 

this takes place in a sorta-au where Misha portrays the impala and cas doesn’t exist (sadly)

I didn’t know where to end it so this is where it ended up :)

edit: this has been in my drafts for monthsssssssss

Pairings: Dean x Human!Male!Impala

Warnings: crack lol

Summary: the impala gets turned into a human, and dean does not expect it to be a dude.

Dean was going out to work on Baby some more when his eyes widened, and he bit back a scream. Baby was not, repeat: NOT in her usual spot in the bunker’s garage, sparkling under the fluorescent lights and putting all the other cars to shame. Her spot was incredibly, terrifyingly, empty. 

“SAM!” Dean screams, beer falling from his fingers and bursting at his feet as he runs and searches around all the other cars, as if she just decided to park herself somewhere else for once. Dean opened his mouth to yell again when he saw the dude.

A dude. Peering into an old orange car, frowning, with wildly chaotic jet-black hair, just slightly pink skin, in a black tuxedo. He was a bit shorter than Dean, and seemed to have no idea that Dean was even in the same room with him.

“No one has driven you in ages…” Dean hears the guy mutter, and his voice is gravelly and deep…

…and it hits Dean – but he doesn’t believe it…but he also had enough beers to maybe believe it – this….this dude, is the Impala. Is BABY. With his jet black hair and black clothes and that voice that sounds exactly like the way the Impala rumbles beneath Dean’s ass while he drives her – or…him?

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Transformer reject

Title: Transformer reject
Prompt: Rowena turns Dean’s precious 67’ Chevy Impala human. Dean’s surprised that Baby is a male, but soon gets over it and starts to realize his love for him.
Pairing: Human!Male!Impala x Dean
Word count: 2767
Warnings: cursing, a little angsty, it’s fluffy too though, Dean practically realizing he’s Bi (?).
A/N: i didn’t know how much i needed Ian Somerhalder to play the human impala until now.

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Not My Baby

Could you do a male human!Impala story where he insists on being called Baby and just shamelessly flirts with TFW and the reader? The reader kind of enjoys it and laughs at TFW being uncomfortable

“Dean where did you park?!” You panted as you sprinted towards the clearing.

“I told you just ahead!” Dean yelled back. 

“Seriously dude where is it?!” Sam yelled skidding to a stop grabbing his shotgun and firing at the werewolf that was on our heels. 

“Son of a bitch!” Dean yelled turning to fire a few rounds before the creature fell over dead. 

“What the hell?!” You sighed turning around facing the now dead creature. 

“Well let’s burn this.” Dean sighed wiping the sweat from his brow. 

“Burn it with what, we lost the Impala and it has all of our supplies.” Sam asked glancing around. 

“We obviously in the wrong area okay. We’re in the middle of the woods it’s not like baby got towed.” Dean replied walking over and grabbing some branches off the ground. 

“We better find it soon.” You grumbled running your fingers along your face. 

“Look we’ll find baby.” Dean stated again though it sounded as though he was trying to reassure himself more than anything. 

“Dean I know this is where we parked.” Sam stated. 

“You rang.” “ A deep voice called standing next to Dean. 

"Son of a bitch!” Dean yelled. 

“Who the hell are you?” You asked holding your gun up at the man who’d appeared out of nowhere. 

“Don’t you recognize me…. I’m baby your precious Impala.” The man smirked. 

“You are not baby.” Dean scoffed. 

“Yeah and I can prove it.” He insisted you watched as he rolled up his sleeve exposing his form arm in his arms were Sam and Dean’s initials scarred into his forearm. You also noticed a set of dog tags around his neck with Baby’s license plate numbers on them.

“I guess he’s telling the truth.” You shrugged. 

“There is noway baby can be him, I mean if baby was human baby would be a hot chick.” Dean insisted. 

“Dude your car is a boy.” Sam chuckled. 

“Where’s our stuff?” You asked. “Oh over there.” Baby pointed across a clearing next to a tree there sat all of your bags. 

“Well looks like we better get walking.” Sam stated walking towards your bags. 

“Ugh this is nuts.” You grumbled the four of began your long walk towards your motel. 

“Hey Sam remember when you got turned into me, that was crazy.” He chuckled. A soft giggle escaped your lips, as a snort came from Sam. 

“Yeah and you look amazing in a bikini, just thinking about that wash you gave me was definitely one for the books." 

"Oh remember that day too, it was pretty great.” Dean smirked “Okay both of you shutup.” You hissed as you picked up your pace. 

After what seemed like forever you’d finally reached your hotel.

“I guess I’ll be bunking with y/n.” Baby stated as he flopped down on your bed. 

“Uh no, you’re bunking with Sammy.” Dean interjected. 

“I’m not sharing a bed with your car, you love it you bunk with him.” Sam protested setting his bag on the floor. 

“Who cares who bunks with who I’m tired my feet hurt and I want to sleep plus we need a new mode of transportation.” You stated kicking your shoes off. 

“Y/N is right let’s just get some sleep and figure this out in the morning.” Dean replied running his hands along his tired face. 

The next morning you awoke to the faint smell of coffee, you sat up rubbing the sleep from your eyes. You glanced around the room you could hear the shower running. 

“Morning beautiful.” Baby smiled handing you a cup of coffee. 

“Thanks…uh baby?” You replied it felt odd speaking to the Impala like this, Dean definitely needed a new name.

“Sam’s out getting us a new ride, and Dean’s in the shower.” He continued. You nodded taking a sip from the coffee before handing it back to him. 

“This is black, I don’t drink black coffee.” You informed him. 

“You know you are so beautiful, smart, and funny.” Baby started. 

“Alright Romeo, I think you’re done here.” Dean grunted entering the room as he pulled on his t-shirt. You cleared your throat and quickly made your way to the bathroom. 

“Don’t tell me you’re falling for those cheesy pick up lines.” Dean asked glancing at you, as you attempted to hide your blush. 

“No.” you blurted before shutting the bathroom door. Soon you finished dressing Sam had returned with a new car you’d all decided to head back to the bunker to figure how and why did Dean’s car suddenly come to life. The ride was long and amusing. You’d finally arrived at the bunker the three of you hit the library. 

“I’m not finding anything.” Sam sighed as baby entered the room frowning sightly before resting his hands on his shoulders attempting to massage his shoulders.

“Dude what are you doing?” Sam asked sitting up slightly. “Nothing just helping you relax Baby replied. 

"Knock it off and take a seat.” Dean ordered. “Oh so grumpy you don’t have to be jealous.” Baby grinned grabbing a bag of chips off of the table, ever since Baby had become human he’d began inhaling every piece of food that came his way. 

“I think we should call Cas.” Sam stated giving up on his research. 

“I think we should go to bar, and get some drinks.” You suggested. “I second that.” Dean agreed walking into the kitchen. 

“You know getting drunk sounds pretty good.” Sam nodded pushing himself from the table. 

“Let’s get wasted!” Baby announced following the three of you to the garage. 

“You know Dean I"m surprised you didn’t freak out more, when baby you know turned.” You grinned setting your drink on the table. 

“Yeah well it was tough.” Dean half chuckled sipping his own drink, as Sam remained at the bar preoccupied with a cute brunette. As you continued drinking with Dean, and Baby, who spent most of the night flirting between you and Dean. Soon Cas arrived at the bar he took a seat next to you. Baby spent most of the shamlessly flirting with you, Dean and Cas. 

“You are so funny.” You chuckled resting your head on Baby’s shoulder.

“Well aren’t you cute when you’re drunk.” Baby smiled gently pushing hair out of the way. 

“You done Casanova?” Dean asked. “I’m sensing some jealously Dean, are you jealous?” Cas asked setting down his drink. 

“What? No? I mean come on he’s a car.” Dean replied. “I am your baby you fixed me up rebuilt me, though you could’ve taken better care of me when you were going through that whole demon phase, but its okay I still love you too.” Baby smiled at Dean. 

“Aww, Dean you love baby.” You cooed as you took another drink of your beverage. 

“I never told him, I loved him.” Dean insisted. 

“What you used to tell me all the time, and you’d rub my dash.” Baby smiled reminiscing on the time Dean had put so much effort on his care. 

“Shut up.” Dean mumbled. “I think this is a great romance story don’t you agree y/n.” Cas smiled. 

“I like human Baby he’s so sweet, and look at those eyes.” You replied pinching his cheeks. 

“You only like hims because he hits on you, and compliments you.” Dean retorted. 

“So? You spend all your time tuning up Baby.” You replied snuggling against the car. 

“Okay let’s get you home, I think you’ve had enough.” Dean stated taking your drink away from you. 

“Fine let’s go home.” You sighed as Baby and Cas brought you back to the bunker as Sam opted to spend the night with the cute brunette he’d met at the bar. 

“I love you human Impala.” You mumbled snuggling into your blankets.