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Rapper iLoveMakonnen Comes Out As Gay
The rapper told fans, "Thank you for letting me be myself."

Rapper iLoveMakonnen came out of the closet as gay early Friday morning, adding his name to a growing roster of male hip hop artists who are breaking the mold in a historically homophobic musical genre.

The 27-year-old Atlanta-native shared the news on Twitter and Instagram:

iLoveMakonnen is best known for the massively successful “Tuesday,” as well as “I Don’t Sell Molly No More” and the recent waves he’s made in the fashion world.

Earlier this week, Chance the Rapper’s younger brother Taylor Bennett also took to Twitter to share the news that he identifies as bisexual.

Other rappers are pushing boundaries when it comes to gender presentation, like rapper Young Thug who in 2016 wore a dress on the cover of his new album, and later told the world that he wants people to “stop believing in gender.”

Thank you for having the courage to live authentically, iLoveMakonnen, and welcome to the family!

Everyone seems convinced the Galra that Keith rescued in the Weblum was Prince Lotor.

I’m totally down with that, but a few reasons I’m not so sure that was him:

1. That looks like a very female physique. I mean, Galra males can have wide hips, we’ve discovered that when we found out who the “dagger girl” in the trailer actually was.

But I must say, the Galra in the Weblum has quite an hourglass.  And that’s either breasts or a very exaggerated breastplate.

2.  If you’ve seen 80′s Voltron, you know it’s not Lotor’s style to go anywhere without at least a few lackeys. Unless his personality is dramatically different in VLD, Lotor is more the type to send his lackeys in to do his dirty work while he gets massaged by ladies in chainmail bikinis and daydreams about Allura.

Unless either Keith or his ego is involved, then it’s time for desperate shenanigans.

3. Lotor is a swordsman.

His use of a sword is super iconic.  Why would he be using guns all of a sudden unless it was an attempt to throw us off? I don’t see him attempting something dangerous like venturing into a giant space worm without carrying around his weapon of choice.

4. If anyone had any idea he was stuck in the stomach of a Weblum, half the empire would be moving to rescue him.  Look, this guy may be a loser of a villain and a complete disappointment to his father, but he’s still the crown prince of the Galra empireEven if Zarkon personally might say leave him, Haggar would most certainly have someone rescue him. (She sort of understood his value even back in dotu when Zarkon was flippant with him and VLD Haggar has in S2 shown herself to be far more calculating and level-headed than Zarkon. There’s no way she’d leave him to die.) Also, see his aforementioned love of lackeys for why I don’t think he’d have been off by himself and no one knew where he was or something like that.

Again, I’d be 100% fine if I’m wrong, but…if that is indeed Lotor,  he’s quite different than he was in the past.

malchinftw  asked:

Hi Neko! I need some help. I've tried drawing a body for both a male and female for hours now, but I can't seem to be able to do it. Do you have any tips that could help me?

I’m no expert, but I’ll try my best~

Male and Female bodies traditionally hold weight and mass in different areas, which is the main way to make something look commonly masculine and feminine. 

Spooky Scary Skeletons:

The male skeleton holds more mass in the upper torso. Their chest has broader shoulders, having a head length on both shoulders. The female has about ½ - ¾ head with on the shoulders.

Another noticeable area of difference is the hips. Male skeletons have a heart shaped pelvis, where females have a rounded pelvis. This helps females give birth.

Also, the angle of the femur on both skeletons are different. Males have a pretty straight femur, where female femurs tend to curve inward.

So, how does this help me draw?

If you stick these two skeletons together, you’ll get something like this:

Looks simple enough right? Let’s add some mass to that:

Notice how in the male body, the shoulders are noticeably wider than the hips. 

Contrary, the female body is noticeably wider in the hips than the chest.

Also, if you pay attention to my style, I use a lot more sharp lines and angles for the male body, whereas the female body uses curves and soft lines. This is because straight lines give a more active or strong appearance to a character, whereas round and soft give a childlike or supportive appearance.

To emphasize my point, let’s turn them 90°

Notice how the male is bulkier and straight lined and the female curves a lot more? If you truly want your character to look predominantly male or female, use the angles/curves present in typical male/female structures. 

Like I said, I’m no expert, but these are things I’ve picked up while studying anatomy on my own. I hope it helps yu a little. \(QuQ)/