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Unfortunately black women (including myself) continue to support and/or listen to rap/hip hop music which refers to them as bitches and hoes, yet whenever a rapper exhibits misogynoir outside of his music, we take to social media to drag him. We get outraged, while other men defend him (because that’s what men in our community do, they defend each other’s misogynoir so they can continue to profit off of our oppression) but in the end we still actively consume content that objectifies, sexualizes, and degrades black women. The normalization of misogynoir in our culture and community is unacceptable. I’m tired of hearing “That’s just how rap is” or the deflections and think pieces about how rock is just as damaging as rap/hip hop. When are we going to address the elephant in the room, that rap/hip hop has encouraged and propagated some of the most damaging images and caricatures of black women? When are we going to hold rappers accountable for their rampant colorism?(Consistently portraying lighter skin women as the end all be all, the ultimate standard of beauty, while dark skin women are merely props for hyper-sexualization.) As black women when do we have these conversations and decide that enough is enough? Instead of accepting hypocritical and inconsistent misrepresentations of ourselves, when do we decide to take control of our own image and leave toxic black media behind?

Aoi: tonight at 2 a.m. InterFM897 RAJIGAZE! the second part of last week’s UruhaXAoi combo! tonight it’s finally Aoi-San’s turn to do the MC ?! you can’t sleep on friday nights. we’re creating RAJIGAZE with YOU ALL and it’s on tonight at 2 a.m. !!😎🌞
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*Tweeted when they played a song by Chisato Moritaka
**Tweeted when they played LM.C’s THE BUDDHA (opening lyrics).
***Tweeted when they played “Hayari no bando no bōkaru no otoko minna koe takai” by Yabai T-shirts Yasan. It basically means “Male vocalists of hip bands all have high voices”. I guess, Aoi is saying that he wants to change the lyrics cause the singer of the band actually has a really high voice himself. When they played that song, they also talked about Ruki: 

Aoi: our vocalist… actually has both, a low and a high voice, doesn’t he?

Uruha: back in the day it was completely high, though. lately it’s deep, right?

Aoi: so, he’s not hip then, I guess

Uruha: lol

doctorrichardstrand  asked:

similar to your analysis of the pug crisis: is there anything that can be done to more ethically breed english bulldogs? obviously crossbreeding is the best option, but is there a risk for those puppies to have some of the same major health issues as well?

There has been quite a lot of different attempts to make a healthier version of English Bulldogs, aka British bulldogs. They vary in how successful they have been, and are likely to be in the future, at eliminating the major concerns in this breed. Bulldogs have had more external pressure applied to the breed than pugs have, at least since Pedigree Dogs Exposed.

The white British Bulldog above is a fairly typical example, not the most extreme. A few things to take note of:

  • Stenotic nares visible from outside. Most likely has other components of brachycephalic airway syndrome
  • Broad front and broad base stance
  • Skin folds on face of this individual are not too extreme as far as the breed goes
  • You can’t see what condition its skin is in
  • You can’t assess it’s gait, heart or metabolism from a picture.
  • This example is a fairly moderate one. Compare to the dog of the same breed below.

Please, please don’t think the structure of this brown and white dog is desirable in any way.

Now, multiple groups have made an attempt to ‘fix’ the breed or make a new, healthier version, with varying degrees of success.

Aussie Bulldogs are in my view the least successful. I have quite a lot of experience with this breed, and know about some of the dodgy practices that went into breeding them, like claiming the hip scores of the female don’t matter so long as the male has good hips, for example. The breed club also wants vets to fill out a certificate saying the dog is in good health at the time of breeding, but the certificate is so wishy washy and non-standardised that it stands for nothing. It asks for a subjective opinion and so far I haven’t met one that I would have considered ‘healthy’ for breeding. Not to mention the certificate gives dogs a pass for major issues that should be addressed, like stenotic nares and allergies. They are often nice dogs, but I couldn’t call them a significant improvement.

American Bulldogs are an old breed that trace their heritage back to bulldog types. It is larger and generally fitter, but not completely free of the problems of the British Bulldog. They are generally speaking more functional and athletic, and are often mistaken for a pit bull rather than a bulldog.

The Olde English Bulldogge is a promising breed, but still has a long way to go. They are more in line with historical bulldog types, and generally have a less extreme body. They still visibly suffer from stenotic nares, but their form is generally less extreme. This will be an interesting breed to watch in the future, and as far as I can tell breed clubs seem pro-active and pro-science when it comes to the health of the dogs. They’re not very common down here though.

We don’t see British Bulldog crosses very often, because this breed typically needs to procreate via artificial insemination and caesarian section. Crossbred puppies are absolutely at risk of the same conditions as the parent breeds, but because many of the bulldog’s concerns are directly linked to the extremeness of anatomy, if pups are more moderate in form the severity of those conditions would be expected, on average, to be less.

Birth and Bloodletting: A Feysand Pregnancy: Part Two


Rhysand’s power filled the cavernous space, letting his home know just who he was. His onyx tunic swallowing the light in the room, his head adorned with the crown of stars meant for the rightful High Lord, not a half breed Illyrian with a whore for a mate, for a High Lady.

Keir trained his eyes to the floor as the High Lord strolled past him, the only sound was Rhysand’s footsteps ascending to the throne.

“Well,” Rhysand said, his voice a tendril of darkness “It looks like we’re all here. Let’s get started.”

The Bastard born and his own…grandson, if he called him such a sentiment, knelt before Rhysand, each bearing seven siphons. But where the Bastard’s were red, his grandsons were blue, just like his father’s. Keir reigned in his disgust.

He was not expecting his halfbred grandson in the court. It didn’t matter, perhaps his death would help purify his bloodline.  Then the only thing standing between his bloodline and purity would be his traitorous daughter and her pregancy and his other grandsons, Nathaniel and Adrien. Adrien too weak to make his own way out of the Blood Rite and Nathaniel…gay and a half-bred Illyrian at that, they both needed to be eliminated.

They each lifted their heads, their mouths slid into a brutal grins, ready to slaughter on Rhysand’s mere wims. His own face was an aloof disinterested mask.

“Keir,” Rhysand said, his voice a cool blade.

He bowed again, his eyes snagging on Azriel’s blade at Blake’s hip. The male must have leant it to his son while he babysat Rhysand. He kept himself from flinching under the cool promise of death in Blake’s eyes, his daughter’s eyes. A child was what he was, but it would be a mistake to not think he could kill him. Not after what he had done to his own daughter, to Nathaniel.



She forced herself to stay calm. It was just a routine visit to the Court of Nightmares, that was what she kept telling herself. The words sounded false in her head. She kept her focus on the bond.

Feyre positioned herself on the floor. Crossing her legs, she tilted her head as Aysel’s small hands gripped her stomach, pulling herself up to stand. Her golden brown hair feathered around her head in soft curls, those eyes, her own eyes, were bright.

Aysel’s lips flattened against Feyre’s stomach in attempt to kiss her cousins. Her niece looked up at her, raising her hands, wanting to be picked up.

“Careful,” Bay said, his head in Nate’s lap, an arm over his eyes. “Once you pick her up, it isn’t so easy to put her down. She won’t let you, not without a wave of psychic pain rattling through your head.’

Nate’s fingers laced through Bay’s hair, his eyes assessing Aysel with an amused efficiency. “Baylor gets grumpy when he gets woken up at three in the morning. The Princess likes waking him to play with her.”

Amren took a sip of her wine, “Cunning little thing, isn’t she?”

Feyre lifted Aysel to her lap, “Cassian said she’s already showing signs of Nesta’s fire magic.”

Bay lifted his arm, displaying the faint burn mark on his skin. “This is what happens when she decides to fight sleep. The Princess is going to end up burning down Hybern.”

Mor smiled faintly, “Nesta would be proud of her.”

Bay’s shoulders tightened, his voice soft, “Yes she would be.”

Ayse’s hands got lost in Feyre’s hair, a soft squeal came out of her mouth, then her lips started to quiver. The Princess tugged on her hair, the temperature in the room started to rise.

“Here we go,” Bay groaned, his hands to his ears.


Cassian smiled viciously at Keir before turning his eyes to Blake. The kid was grinning at a female. Her face a beautifully carved nightmare, her hair shifted from a deep red to an ebony black. But her eyes…

Kier gave the report. Cassian’s eyes went to Blake’s. His eyes were filled with a burning hatred for Kier despite the brutal grin on his face. After what happened with Nate, Blake winnowed to the Court of Nightmares and shattered Keir’s arm. It was the first and last warning Blake gave the male. If he so much as breathed wrong at his brothers, Blake would kill him.

The female smiled at him, whispering in his ear. His face blanked for half a second before he took her hand and she led him to dance.

Cassian narrowed his eyes, his hand on his sword. Blake wouldn’t be dancing with the female if he was in love with Aurora. The Dawn Court Heir would not be thrilled with this.

Blake’s hands slid around the female waist, pulling her close to him.  her arms snaked around his neck, her lips to his ear.

Something wasn’t right.


The temperature in the room was ridiculously warm. Aysel was crying, Azriel’s shadows picked up grief from the Princess. Despite not knowing her mother, Aysel still grieved her. Being an infant, not able to control her magic she grieved in the way most infants do. They cried and lashed out.

Amren waved her hand, the temperature starting to settle. Azriel helped Mor stand, her hand resting on her stomach. His mate was only a month behind Feyre. She took Aysel from Feyre, resting the princess on her hip. “It’s okay, Baby.”

Mor smoothed down the Princess’s hair and kissed her forehead. “You still got us, no need to cry.”  Mor squeezed Feyre’s hand, giving the High lady a sympathetic smile. “It’ll be okay, Feyre. Rhys will be back before you know it. Blake and Cassian will be there. And if they fail, Rhys will kill every last person in that mountain to get to you.”

Objectively, Blake and Cassian should be okay. They were both highly trained, Cassian had five hundred years of training, Blake was ranked top in his generation. But he still worried for Blake’s safety in that place. If something happened to his son, he would slaughter every last one of those monsters in that mountain. As he should have done when he found Mor bleeding in the woods.

Feyre sighed, “I know that. I know but…this feeling.”


His grandson was distracted by his benefactor, a female with a voice of velvet and cultivated persuasion abilities of more than one kind. The female had her own reasons for wanting Rhysand and his whore dead.

With a bow of his head, Keir retreated to his rooms. He needed to nullify Rhysand’s magic, needed to lure the High Lady to them, needed to terminate the…children in her womb.


The bond went quiet. Feyre tried to reach down it, nothing but shadow was at the end of it. She swallowed her panic and stood. Azriel’s eyes met hers.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

Her heart was pounding through every inch of her.  “I can’t feel him. I can’t feel Rhys. I need you to take me to him.”

Azriel narrowed his eyes. His voice was a lethal calm. “Absolutely not.”

“Fuck no you aren’t going!” Nate shouted. She ignored her nephew, her eyes still on Azriel.

“If you don’t I’ll find my way there myself.” She knew it was terribly unfair of her to give this ultimatum, but still she did it. To get to her mate, she would do anything.

“Feyre, you are pregnant,” Mor exclaimed.

“Not to mention this is most likely a trap meant for you,” Amren added.

“I am well aware that I am pregnant. But I am High Lady, these monsters are my responsibility, Rhys is my mate.” She was Feyre Cursebreaker, High Lady of the most terrifying Court in all of Prthyian. Spells couldn’t stop her, nothing could.  “I’ll bring Azriel and Nate and Bay with me.” She didn’t want to seperate Az and Mor but Mor was also pregnant. If something happened in Velaris, Amren could hold the line until reinforcements came. “The babies and I will be safe.”

“I don’t suppose we could change your mind?” Azriel asked.


With a sigh, Azriel nodded.

Wrapping Darkness around herself, Feyre winnowed to the Court of Nightmares, ready to burn them all down.


Here is part two, please, leave a comment :)

malchinftw  asked:

Hi Neko! I need some help. I've tried drawing a body for both a male and female for hours now, but I can't seem to be able to do it. Do you have any tips that could help me?

I’m no expert, but I’ll try my best~

Male and Female bodies traditionally hold weight and mass in different areas, which is the main way to make something look commonly masculine and feminine. 

Spooky Scary Skeletons:

The male skeleton holds more mass in the upper torso. Their chest has broader shoulders, having a head length on both shoulders. The female has about ½ - ¾ head with on the shoulders.

Another noticeable area of difference is the hips. Male skeletons have a heart shaped pelvis, where females have a rounded pelvis. This helps females give birth.

Also, the angle of the femur on both skeletons are different. Males have a pretty straight femur, where female femurs tend to curve inward.

So, how does this help me draw?

If you stick these two skeletons together, you’ll get something like this:

Looks simple enough right? Let’s add some mass to that:

Notice how in the male body, the shoulders are noticeably wider than the hips. 

Contrary, the female body is noticeably wider in the hips than the chest.

Also, if you pay attention to my style, I use a lot more sharp lines and angles for the male body, whereas the female body uses curves and soft lines. This is because straight lines give a more active or strong appearance to a character, whereas round and soft give a childlike or supportive appearance.

To emphasize my point, let’s turn them 90°

Notice how the male is bulkier and straight lined and the female curves a lot more? If you truly want your character to look predominantly male or female, use the angles/curves present in typical male/female structures. 

Like I said, I’m no expert, but these are things I’ve picked up while studying anatomy on my own. I hope it helps yu a little. \(QuQ)/