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Do you know any kdramas with cute male leads? Like cute to their s/o, like Ahn Min Hyuk from Do Bong Soon and the goblin from Goblin and Healer. They're literally so cute when they're in love!!!

This is the ask I’ve been preparing for all my life!  Because I love sweet enthusiastic puppy male leads in love. I had started a Top 10 Kindest Kdrama Male Leads list a long time ago, but I don’t really do top 10 lists and I never got around to finishing it. Anyway, here, in no particular order, are the male leads who would probably have made it onto such a list:

1. Enrique Geum (Yoon Shi Yoon) in Flower Boy Next Door

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2. Kim Young Ho (So Ji Sub) in Oh My Venus

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3. Kim Boong Do (Ji Hyun Woo) in Queen In Hyun’s Man

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4. Lee Min Suk (Seo In Guk) in King of High School Savvy

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5. Soo Jung Hoo/Park Bong Soo (Ji Chang Wook) in Healer

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6. Crown Prince Yeong (Park Bo Gum) in Moonlight Drawn by Clouds

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7. Su Ho (Ryu Jun Yeol) in Luck Romance

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8. Choi Taek (Park Bo Gum) in Reply 1988

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9. Louis (Seo In Guk) in Shopping King Louis

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10. Jung Joo Hyung (Nam Joo Hyuk) in Weighlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

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I have to included an addendum to say that even though I really enjoy the male leads I wouldn’t necessarily recommend all the dramas equally. Some of them I enjoyed a lot, some of them I was lukewarm on. I dropped Shopping King Louis because there wasn’t enough conflict and it was too fluffy to keep me interested, I dropped Moonlight Drawn by Clouds because the pacing bottomed out in the last few episodes. And I’ve never actually started Weightlifting Fairy, the male lead has a really positive reputation in fandom though and I plan to watch it soon.

Hope this helps!


Remember that one post I made hinting about my first Stricklake AU? Well, here you are…!

Stricklake Medieval Fantasy AU featuring Lord Chancellor Strickler (or Hand of the King, whichever you fancy) and Healer Barbara, Lady of Lake. 

Though his primary concern is given to controlling chaos and keeping a watchful eye of the Court of Arcadia, Strickler’s attention cannot help but be drawn by Lady Lake as she does the duties of both Principal Healer in Court (and battling the sexism of other male Healers) and mother to one young Knight, James of Lake, who just so happens to be the latest Trollhunter and target of dark designs from Strickler’s master…

Gosh, but going through the first AU with a brand new OTP is always a delightful thing! Barbara doesn’t have her glasses for obvious reasons, so she has to deal with headaches from nearsightedness along with everything else, poor woman. Not gonna lie, I am SO pleased with how Strickler’s shadow turned out – I love the Shadow Reveal The True Form  trope so so so much <3 

Our subservience is reinforced by our ignorance, and our ignorance is enforced. Nurses are taught not to question, not to challenge. ‘The doctor knows best.’ He is the shaman, in touch with the forbidden, mystically complex world of Science which we have been taught is beyond our grasp. Women health workers are alienated from the scientific substance of their work, restricted to the 'womanly’ business of nurturing and housekeeping—a passive, silent majority.

We are told that our subservience is biologically ordained: women are inherently nurse-like and not doctor-like. Sometimes we even try to console ourselves with the theory that we were defeated by anatomy before we were defeated by men, that women have been so trapped by the cycles of menstruation and reproduction that they have never been free and creative agents outside their homes. Another myth, fostered by conventional medical histories, is that male professionals won out on the strength of their superior technology. According to these accounts, (male) science more or less automatically replaced (female) superstition—which from then on was called 'old wives’ tales.’

But history belies these theories. Women have been autonomous healers, often the only healers for women and the poor. And we found, in the periods we have studied, that, if anything, it was the male professionals who clung to untested doctrines and ritualistic practices—and it was the women healers who represented a more human, empirical approach to healing.

Our position in the health system today is not 'natural.’ It is a condition which has to be explained. In this pamphlet we have asked: How did we arrive at our present position of subservience from our former position of leadership?

We learned this much: the suppression of women health workers and the rise to dominance of male professionals was not a 'natural’ process, resulting automatically from changes in medical science, nor was it the result of women’s failure to take on healing work. It was an active takeover by male professionals. And it was not science that enabled men to win out: the critical battles took place long before the development of modern scientific technology.

—  Barbara Ehrenreich & Deirdre English, Witches, Midwives & Nurses: A History of Women Healers

“I want more useless male eye candy!”

No, shut the fuck up. You’re not combating gender roles or being subversive or clever, you’re being a misandrist dolt and indirectly implying supporting female characters are useless eye candy too.

Notice how they never want gender non-conforming male eye candy. They want rippling muscles and rugged good looks, but with the added bonus that he’s incompetent (which, if you’re going to claim being incompetent is somehow gender-subversive, you’re kind of saying incompetence is a feminine thing, which is pretty sexist if you ask me).

Why not a male character as the Team Mom? Why not a male character as mission control? Why not a male character who’s more ranged fighting along side a mostly female cast who are close-range melee combatants? How about a male character who provides emotional support to his female compatriots? How about a male healer?

Noticing a pattern? These are all really clever, inventive ways to be subversive by putting a male character in a role traditionally associated with female characters. And hey, guess what…they’re all still useful, even if they’re not as focused on as the main characters! Imagine that!

So yeah, I don’t want “useless eye candy” men because they insult me as a viewer and tell me you lack imagination as a writer. I want well-written supporting male characters who are there for awesome main female characters.


Open Starter || Mutuals only || Jedi/Maul preferred

It had been precisely three days since he’d been rescued from the tiny box in which he’d been buried alive, and Qui-Gon Jinn was beyond ready to move on. At least he thought he was. He’d been fighting with the healers for the better part of the morning, all but ordering them to let him go to his own quarters, he was fine, he just couldn’t sleep because he was stuck in a not-entirely-familiar place in an entirely uncomfortable bed.

Of course the truth, even though he wouldn’t admit it to himself– much less anyone else, was that he felt utterly trapped again every time he closed his eyes. He didn’t expect that remaining with the healers would help that.

“All right, but if you start to present any of the symptoms we’ve outlined, you come right back down here, Master Jinn,” a young male healer said. Qui-Gon nodded impatiently, wanting nothing more than to get the hell out of the medcenter.

honestly i need someone to listen to me gush about how much i love medic cos i love medic so fucking much lads. i love how hes a male healer, i love his personality (how goofy and stern he can b), i love his design (hes so handsome omfg he is so fucking handsome), i love! how strong he is! he doesnt need anyone to be strong! he looks like he has a soft tummy too, oh m’lord, medic is literally too cute. i rly need someone to just listen to me ramble about him cos i fucking love him with all my heart.


Kagome to His Inuyasha

When someone asks what kdrama is ML most similar with, Faith usually comes up first - the time-travel, the setting in the Goryeo Era, the warrior male lead, healer-like female lead. However, the story that came to my mind first was INUYASHA BECAUSE WANG SO REMINDS ME OF INUYASHA IN SO MANY WAYS AND HAE SOO IS HIS KAGOME - outcast, not belonging anywhere, dysfunctional family background, abandonment issues, amazing fighting skills, alone in the whole world, the dog parallels; and maybe most of all IT’S THE HAIRSTYLE - WANG SO’S GLORIOUS MANE OF GLORY which resembles Inuyasha’s hairstyle so much when it’s loose. And when HS pushes his bangs away from his scar (even his hair is designed and used as shield/mask to protect his vulnerabilty) with her hands and fastens it with a dwikkoji, all I want in that moment is for her to let his hair loose and run her fingers through it, combing it, caressing it.

This is such a monumentous moment because this is the first time So ever allows another person to remove his mask and it must have taken him a huge amount of courage. And in that moment he looks so incredibly boyish and vulnerable, as Hae Soo has stripped him of all his masks and he is laid bare in front of her in every sense of the word.

Things in fiction (mostly fantasy/scifi) that really grind my gears
  • ******characters not being set back or affected long term by injuries or things to do with their body (e.g an extremely skinny character that is continuously displayed as having a poor diet would be more prone to illness, tiredness, and overall weakness, and when push comes to shove there should be a very real danger that the character could fail because of their body. Yet for some reason, this is often conveniently forgotten and the character succeeds without any struggle pertaining to their disadvantage/flaws)
  • An obvious one, but that one single female character that is only there for sex appeal and to get with the main male character. If she is “strong” then it’s in a sexy way and while she may not ‘bend’ for any other man, she’ll bend for male protag and let him take charge. 
  • On that note, a dearth of dominant women that stay in a dominant position in all things, including relationships.
  • Also: only having one female main character with many male characters.
  • the stereotypical women as healers/support, male characters as tanks/dps. I want more male healers and more female tanks god diddly damn it.
  • A lack of male characters that don’t actually like fighting and are there for support, yet don’t fall into the ‘nerdy sidekick to a strong male lead’ realm. 
  • A lack of male characters that openly show emotion, and if they cry then it’s more than just the stoic-faced-single-tear-rolling-down cheek shit.
  • The overabundance of stoic male characters, yet the dearth of stoic female characters that aren’t an ‘ice queen bitch.’
  • A lack of nurturing male characters. Give me a father character that has a relationship with his children and that cares for his children in a way that is typically associated with mothers. 
  • A lack of characters that push or challenge gender lines/boundaries. Transgender, but also androgynous, non-binary, etc. Also: cis-gendered characters that display a reversal of gender roles, and do typically feminine things, or typically masculine things. Without a huge deal being made out of any of this. You know, normalised. 
  • A lack of love-triangles that end in threesome relationships.
  • Making things (e.g homosexuality) taboo in the fiction but without displaying any cultural belief structure that would lead the fictional society to think of something as taboo. This was a thing that annoyed me in the Witcher, was when you encounter a guy whose lover was killed because they were in a gay relationship. Why would he have been killed? They don’t have Christianity or another Abrahamic religion which is pretty much the reason why displays of homosexuality were taboo in Europe. But because the Witcher world is based on Medieval Europe, there’s all these importations of culture that wouldn’t make sense if it wasn’t in a real-world historically European context. This is your chance to explore and create whole new societies with different norms and beliefs and structures. They don’t have to be a perfect society, they don’t have to be a stereotypically “evil” society, and they don’t need to have the same taboos as your culture or the historical culture of your current society. You don’t need to just copy-paste the majority of things from the real-world. 
  • Something that I sort of feel is a stereotype is that if a female/male character is masculine/feminine in some aspects, she/he will be typically masculine/feminine in other aspects. I.e if a woman does actually happen to be a giant muscly lady, more often that not, she’s gay and goes after very feminine women. It feels like it follows the lines of ‘the stereotypical idealised male character goes after stereotypical idealised female character’, only both characters are now the same gender and the relationship is homosexual. Yet, they still seem to operate within a heteronormative framework. Which is fine to have, but the problem I have with it is that it just comes up over and over and over. There’s not much exploration of other dynamics. 
  • A lack of super duper really gay, feminine women. 
  • Displaying a relationship that is real gay but then playing it off as “oh they’re just like brothers/sisters…”
  • A lack of deep familial (that is OBVIOUSLY familial) relationships between between non-related characters. Hell, even related characters. We need more families going around together. 
  • A lack of deep and meaningful friendships between male and female characters that don’t fall into sexual relationships, nor do they quite fall into familial relationships either. 
  • Scifi especially - Aliens that are pretty much human. Especially the females. No more blue sexy ladies. Please.
  • ‘humans are destroying/destroyed everything look how terrible we are’
  • Fiction in which every character is an utter piece of shit and does terrible things and only serves themselves and has zero redeeming qualities. Or at least the antagonist(s) is all of this. Give me characters that do things that make me have to remind myself that they’re shits. 

This became more of a wishlist to be honest.