male gardener

concept: if god created mirrors then god
must hate                   me


what matters is i have to bury myself in a mirror
to find a sound that is similar to mine

Linette Reeman, from “After My Class Debates Whether The Snake In The Garden Of Eden Is Male Or Female,” published in The Blueshift Journal

milk-tea-noble  asked:

Could you do some imagines for Lawrence teaching his male s/o how to garden, please? Thanks in advance!


For the fifth time this month, you made a plant die. The results were the same 4 times. You getting a seed, planting it in a pot, watering it and letting it have enough sunlight. A sprout came out of the ground and you watered it more but then it happened. It wilting and soon dying. Thus you sulking on Law’s bed with him staring at you, worryingly.

“Come on, you can try again.” He encouraged only to meet with an explanation of why you don’t want to do it. It was this until he finally persuaded you.

“Just try.” He patted your head before letting you get to work.

It’s now weeks after you planted again. It did the same thing but this time, it grew into a rose bush, having a single rose pop out. You grew happy because of this.

What you didn’t know that Law swapped it for a new plant he grew while you focused on your own.

He just wanted to see you happy. His own male S/O.


That was a sudden flood of requests from mogekofanart  ^^”. Hah, man, I sure took my sweet ass time making them.

…Actually, there were only requests for 7 characters but I let my imagination run wild. Dangan Ronpa to the resque! 

More like wtf is anatomy?

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Bonus! Ater and Arbus under the cut!

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