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“I need feminism because… I’m tired of being one of 3 women at my Fire Department!”


I’m tired of third wave feminism being so obsessed with equality in every single aspect of life… that they are compromising the safety of others. Did you know that the Australian Fire Department has relaxed its fire service strength and fitness tests just for women because most of them could not even complete the bare minimum required for acceptance? That’s right. Women wanted jobs in the fire department, but because they couldn’t pass the required strength tests they threw a temper tantrum and as a result the government relaxed the entry conditions.  

Do you realise what the implications of this are? Imagine a Fire Brigade being forced to hire a number of women because they qualified under the relaxed strength and fitness test (and not hiring them would therefore be discrimination). Now image that same Fire Brigade being called out to a building that is on fire. If there were unconscious occupants still in that building, the only chance of survival for them would be if a fireman pulls them to safety. Now what if one of the female firemen finds two, middle aged men unconscious on the second storey? What if she was one of the many women who could only pass the relaxed strength test because the original was too tough for her? After a long struggle she’ll eventually heave maybe one man out of the building before the fire consumes it… in the same amount of time it would have taken her male colleague to bring out both men.

The Fire Brigade strength and fitness tests weren’t designed to exclude women… They were designed to ensure the safety of those in danger! They were designed to ensure that the rescuers were physically capable of rescuing!! Do you notice how men have little hips and big shoulders? Not only is it cute, it makes them 1000x more efficient at lifting and carrying heavy loads than compared to a woman of the same height and weight. That isn’t a result of patriarchy, that is the result of biology and human anatomy, so go sue Mother Nature if you think it is sexist.

Lowering the strength standards has put innocent lives in jeopardy. It has nothing to do with real equality, and everything to do with something as trivial as male:female ratios in certain fields of service. Guess what? It is all because of deluded third wave feminists who consistently fail to look at the bigger picture and are so consumed by their victim complexes and their delusion of being oppressed by the patriarchy that they can’t comprehend the harsh reality of any given situation. 

- fraudulentfeminist

*Edited for Clarification*

1. I never said that women shouldn’t be fire fighters. My whole point of that post was that they shouldn’t drop the standards for women. 

2. If that test was unreasonably hard, and even other male fire fighters thought so, I would inquire about the similarity of that ladder compared to the ones used in service. I can’t guarantee that all fire department services have integrity. I don’t know about everywhere else, but in Australia we have a Commonwealth Ombudsman that takes action against places that are involved with malpractice.

3. I never said that women couldn’t be as strong as men, I said men had a more efficient build for lifting, hence why I believe there are more men in the job. 

4. Okay, so being a fire fighter isn’t all about pulling people out of fires. BUT it is a job with a lot of physically demanding roles, and everyone in that job has to be prepared to at least be available physically to do that job. Don’t lower the standards.

5. Like was mentioned by the poster above:
You know why the (equally strong, equally smart) women on my dad’s force are such an asset to the team? Because they tend to fit places that men can’t—like through a schoolbus window last month that was inaccessible to almost every firefighter present.” 
They can only be equally strong if they don’t lower the strength standards

6. Besides, why is everyone here talking about different builds? I was talking about strength. Being small =/= being weak and I never said such thing in the original post. I was a skinny scrawny kid growing up and I was ridiculously strong for my size, I know small people can be strong from my own experience. The reason I didn’t mention size of build in the post because that wasn’t the point. The point was not lowering standards just for women.

7. So I made a mistake with my analogy, but the reason behind it still stands. If a women who could only complete the relaxed strength standard reaches people, she will still drag them out at a slower pace than someone who is more physically stronger. There are plenty of small strong women out there who can fit into small spaces, don’t compromise them with small weak women. Don’t lower the strength standard.

8. I never said ALL men were stronger than ALL women. All I said was that they had a better more efficient build. I don’t put certain disclaimers in because I thought it was just common sense that there are always exceptions regarding weight/gender. We’ve all seen that weak lanky guy or that strong kickboxing chick. Or do I need to disclaim everything so you don’t accidentally misinterpret it? 

9. My point was that the strength standards shouldn’t be lowered. I never said anything about the quality or suitability regarding women fire fighters.

10. I NEVER SAID WOMEN SHOULDN’T BE FIRE FIGHTERS. Seriously, what part of the original post made you think that? Go back, read it again, comprehend what is actually being said.

In response I would like to say this: Good job with twisting my argument and getting offended over things I never said. You’ve all displayed some top quality comprehensive skills right there.