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Friendly reminder that Yuuri is the top skater of the Japanese Skating Federation and he is literally

the face of figure skating on their website.

And in case you want close-ups:

They’re pretty good shots, too.

So yeah, in case you weren’t sure how big Yuuri was in Japan - he is literally the biggest, the best male figure skater in the country. Sort of puts things into perspective, doesn’t it?

Viktuuri + money headcanons

Since the first round of headcanons went down well:

  • Figure skating is hella expensive okay like, even with the many sponsorship deals and prize money you wouldn’t be making an extortionate salary 
  • Despite being a bit of an airhead, Viktor is smart about money and invests it in the right places, leading to his sizeable fortune 
  • Though of course Viktor would make more money than the average male figure skater anyway considering he’s pretty much confirmed male model thanks to Yuuri’s bedroom
  • Viktor not attempting to be extra or anything, he just buys what he likes, whether it’s Gucci sunglasses or a high street branded sweater though we know he has hella fashion sense
  • Who are we kidding though this man probably gets gifted stuff by designers
  • All in all though it’s not like he just throws money away or anything 
  • Until he gets together with Yuuri 
  • Sugar daddy mode activate
  • Viktor appreciates Yuuri so much, he’s his muse and inspiration after all, the first person Viktor has ever truly loved like that 
  • It starts pretty innocently, with items Yuuri happened to show a liking to during window shopping showing up as surprise gifts 
  • Opera tickets and a fancy meal whenever Yuuri has an incredible day of training 
  • Surprise plane tickets back to Hasetsu in time for Hiroko’s birthday 
  • Viktor just really likes spending money on Yuuri because he’s literally his world and he deserves everything he could ever want 
  • Yuuri secretly feeling a bit out of place and embarrassed with all the expensive gifts and dates out though Viktor never lets him see the price tag 
  • The one time he saw how expensive the pink Cadillac was he screamed
  • Yuuri not wanting to just be some trophy husband 
  • So he gives back in his own way
  • Ultimate college student Yuuri teaching Viktor the art of couponing and sneaky voucher combinations 
  • Making the best home cooked meals ever because Viktor spent the majority of his adult life living off salads and the occasional take out 
  • Little crafted gifts that are really kind of dumb but make Viktor’s face light up like a Christmas tree 
  • Yuuri making a little origami ninja star thing (which he used to be good at as a distraction from his anxiety) and though it’s really not complicated, Viktor absolutely adores it 
  • Just… Viktuuri appreciating and showing their adoration for each other in their own way 

Bonus: you’d expect the whole gifts for sex thing to go down but no like they’re both too busy wiping the tears from each other’s eyes and hugging each other, whispering words of love 

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When he’s in a train car packed with people, Yuuri keeps his hands raised up in the air, probably to prevent himself from being mistaken as a pervert. I don’t know if it’s because he’s bored about doing nothing with his hands, but he’s repeating rock-scissor-paper with them over and over and is, at this moment, quite possibly the cutest male figure skater in the world right now.
—  Phichit, when they trained together in Detroit

AU where Yura was born in the US, and was introduced to ice skating when his next-door neighbour, Yuuri Katsuki, who occasionally babysat him, took him to the rink one day.

Yura fell completely in love, and somehow managed to convince his parents to let him start learning.

But then when he’s 8, his family moves to Russia and he’s just so angry at everything because he doesn’t want to leave behind his home and his coach and his big bro Yuuri.

And even though he becomes rinkmates with the current top male figure skater in the world, Yura doesn’t really give a shit about him, instead cheering for and idolizing a Japanese figure skater from America.

Viktor is pouty.

But thanks to Yura’s idolization of Yuuri Katsuki, Yakov takes a closer look at him and sees his potential and ends up extending Yuuri an offer to coach him.

So four years after Yura arrived in Russia, he is reunited with his idol, and his rinkmates are all so surprised.

Because??? Yuuri is the most precious thing ever?? He’s so cute? And sweet? And everyone loves him?????

What with the way Yura seems to basically worship the ground he walks on, everyone had lowkey been expecting him to be as firey and explosive as Yura was.

The first time Yura hears someone saying this, he starts snickering, and then laughing uncontrollably, while Yuuri’s face is turning an embarrassed red and he refuses to look anyone in the eye.

“Who do you think I first learned to swear from?” he asks, looking up at Yuuri with a smirk.

Everyone turns to stare at Yuuri with surprise and horror.

He still refuses to look anyone in the eye.

“It was just a phase,” he murmurs defensively. “It wasn’t even that bad.”

“He was suspended three times in high school for getting in fights!” Yura crows in delight and something that sounds kind of like pride.

Zimbits Battle of the Blades AU

so. well. Y’all remember this post? About a Canadian TV show that makes hockey players learn how to do pairs routines with figure skaters? It’s Jack and Bitty now. Leggo. 

  • It’s a year or two after Bitty graduates from Samwell. He won the Frozen Four in his Senior Year, and Jack has a Calder trophy and Stanley Cup win under his belt. They are both publicly out, but they’ve kept their status as a couple lowkey for now. 
  • The execs in charge of Battle of the Blades decide they need a new gimmick to increase ratings. Enter: Queers!!! On Ice!
  • They want one F/F and one M/M pair of skaters, in addition to the regular straight couples. It’s easy enough to find female skaters willing to pretend to have a gal pal, and the NWHL has several out queer players, and yet…
  • The producers can literally find no male hockey players or figure skaters who are a) available, b) notable public figures, and c) willing to spend months within inches of another man at all times, except for Jack and Bitty. Fuck it, the producers decide, and make some calls. 
  • Cue the Intense Relationship Discussion.
  • Bitty would love to figure skate again, and Jack thinks the cross-conditioning sounds like a good idea, but both of them have reservations about the public scrutiny this will put their relationship under. 
  • Enter George with a life-saving idea: what if they announced their relationship via the show? They’d have to pretend to just be good friends early on, but then Jack could gradually dial up the heart eyes and Bitty could stop self-censoring, and by the end of the show they would have “started dating.”
  • The two of them agree to George’s proposal and filming starts.
  • All the hockey players are sent out on the rink in hockey skates first, and Bitty pulls off a flawless double axel the second he gets on the ice. “Dear me, I must have forgotten which skates I’m wearing!”
  • Jack Zimmermann, hockey god, falls flat on his face the second he puts on figure skates. He and Bitty unintentionally recreate the “Toepick!” scene from The Cutting Edge at least twice. 
  • Lift training is a total wash. Half of it is unintentional flirting- “Yes, Mr Zimmermann, your hand is supposed to go on my butt.” “I see you’ve been keeping up with your squats, Bittle.”- and the other half is Jack screwing up and Bitty nearly dying, as per canon.
  • The judges are always commenting on what great chemistry the two of them have, probably because they were linemates back in the day, right? “Well,” says Jack, “we’re a team.” 
  • Dear lord the interview segments are ridiculous. 
  • Half the time, Bitty’s explaining some bullshit heteronormative requirement of pairs skating, and the other half he’s slowly but surely unloading Jack Feels™ onto the audience.
    • “Rule number one, never fall for a teammate.”
  • Meanwhile, Jack isn’t even bothering to hide his crush on Bitty/Bittle/my partner/Eric- what he calls him depends on how adoring he is at the moment.
    • “Jaw-dropping. Awe-inspiring, the best thing that’s ever happened to me… wait, this was supposed to be about the Stanley Cup win, not being on Bittle’s line? Yeah, that was nice too.”
  • Around Week 4, the entire nation of Canada needs to know- are they partners, or are they partners? 
  • Every. Single. Song. fits the dramatic arc of their “new relationship.” Canadian hits? “Stop Desire,” Tegan and Sara. 80s week? “How Will I Know,” Whitney Houston. Hollywood? “I’ll Cover You,” RENT.
  • They get to the finale on the combined strength of Jack’s cheekbones and Bitty’s media savvy. Ransom sends them updates on his family’s latest adoring comments. 
  • Of fucking course their last skate is to “Halo.” What is this, amateur hour?
  • Of fucking course they win. What is this, Yuri On Ice?
    • Yes this headcanon was 37% inspired by the fucking Episode 12 pair skate but that’s a whole other kettle of fish
  • When Jack hears they’ve won, in the “heat of the moment,” (read: in a carefully choreographed move endorsed by George months ago) he sweeps Bitty into a show-stopper of a kiss. 
  • The nation of Canada gets a little weak at the knees. 
  • “So, yeah!” Bitty announces in his last interview segment, post-win. “Me and Jack are dating!”
  • This is getting super long but then they’re a public couple and they donate the money they won to You Can Play and the SMH Squad hosts viewing parties for every episode, thank you for your time.

Something that I love about Yuri!!! On Ice, is how damn *average* Yuri Katsuki is:

-He is the main protagonist of the anime, but he doesn’t have Weird Hair™ that shows his status, like Minami, Victor or Yurio do.

- He doesn’t have an outstanding psysical condition like Chris. He isn’t tall, he isn’t buff, he is just an average japanese skater who also happens to gain weight easier than other skaters. He does have a lot more stamina than others, but it doesn’t really *show* outside of the average ice-skater male figure.

- He doesn’t have an aggressive, charming or outgoing personality like Yurio, JJ or Leo. He has anxiety problems, he tends to isolate and alienate when he is under pressure.

- He’d rather avoid physical and emotional contact with most people (except for Phichit and Victor who are his *only* friends), and he is, SO incredibly awkward when talking in public, getting carried away easily.

- He is not as young as other competitors, but at the same time, he isn’t experienced enough to call himself a Senior. (Even if he is retiring, Victor didn’t retire until he was 27 years old).

- And also now we know he is a lightweight who becomes a huge goofball when drunk.

Yuri is literally your typical flawed young man. So, what makes him so special, if he is just an average guy?

His passion. A passion he is not afraid to show, a passion he doesn’t want to hide either. He’s got a passion for life, for love, for the Ice. He doesn’t do it for the applause, but at the same time he knows that if he does what he knows the best, there will be applause all around him, and his lover’s eyes won’t leave him. It’s hard for Yuuri to take confidence after his greatest fall at the beginning (alcohol helped him loosen up, but afterwards it takes a LOT of work from Victor when he is sober), but when he does, everyone is left speechless, everyone feels inspired by him, and everyone somehow falls for him in some way.

And Victor knows it; he knows how oblivious Yuuri is to the impact he has on people, how much he always surprises them when he breaks his shell. Victor, who is always surrounded by famous gorgeous skaters and coachs, got to see this in this little drunkard gem, only to see him as this chubby shy anxious man back in Hasetsu. Victor, who never felt love like this before, saw a man who literally surprised him everytime since they first met. Over and over again. And Victor, who is very well aware of the effect Yuuri Katsuki has on those around him.

So, the moral of the story is, you don’t need a Strong Character to be the protagonist of a story. Sometimes, the best stories are those where we can see ourselves somehow in these characters, either by their flaws or by being moved by their goals. Average is not weak, and Yuri on Ice makes it clear all the time.

I can’t wait to see Yuri!!! on Ice! 

I already love Yuri Plisetsky. I can imagine this angry kid having the flexibility to do a biellmann spin — it would be like watching magic on ice.

I drew the costume from the official art, but since the whole picture is painted in blue, I had to imagine the colors. In any case, I think Yuri looks really good in blue.

the thing about yuuri on ice. yuuri is a very unreliable narrator, and we are seeing p much the entire series through his point of view which means the information we get from him is also unreliable.

in the first episode he calls himself a dime a dozen figure skater, but he’s competing in the grand prix final which means he’s one of the top six male figure skaters IN THE WORLD. he thinks viktor doesn’t recognize him despite them probably having competed against each other multiple times over the years. even when he goes back to his hometown -for the first time in FIVE YEARS- people recognize him and greet him by name and ask to shake his hand.

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i want yuuri to have both the short and long program world records… like just THINK…. about his self-doubt, his lack of confidence, his frequent devaluation of himself as japan’s top male figure skater and one of the top figure skaters in the world… now becomes the living legend who steps in where his own husband moved aside to give him a hand and help him reach it.

So, can I just talk about this little insignificant scene here for a minute? Okay, so we all are aware of his angry little tirade in the bathroom, essentially terrifying our poor sweet adorable little marshmallow baby, but does anyone else notice the utter fluidity within this tiny moment? Like, yeah, he’s a Russian punk, and his attitude and demeanor give off the vibe that you’d expect him to move more like a hunkering monkey. But no, and I give major kudos to the animators on this, because despite his harsh attitude, he’s still a young male figure skater, and he’s undoubtedly had gymnastics ans ballet classes growing up, because even in his angry little danger noodle state, his entire body from head to toe still flows with movements more like a panther stalking its prey. You can see every ounce of balance and grace in this one moment, even as he’s pretty much ready to punch someone in the face. Basically, in just this one scene, he completely embodies the little saying “He is beauty, he is grace, he will punch you in the face”! And I think this level of detail is completely mind blowing, and I love the animators so much for this.  

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NAME: Yuzuru Hanyu
AGE: 18
SPECIES: human
GENDER: cis male
PROFESSION: figure skater, and student


BODY TYPE: athletic
HAIR: brown
EYES: brown
SKIN: fair
HEIGHT: 170cm

[    FAMILY    ]

SIBLINGS: one older sister
PARENTS: a mom and a dad. No one really knows who his parents are or what they do really.
ANY PETS?:  a black cat named pooh

[    LIKES    ]

COLORS: blues, black 
SMELLS: winter-like smell or cologne smell
FOOD / DRINKS:  cakes, katsudon, tea
ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES?: yes  []  || rarely [x] || no []
FAVORITES:  ice-skating, chilling with his buddies, exploring the world/traveling, and dancing in his free time

[    OTHER    DETAILS    ]

SMOKES?: yes  []   ||   no  [x]   ||   occasionally  []
DRUGS?: yes  []   ||   no  [x]   ||   occasionally  []
DRIVER LICENSE?: yes  []   ||   no  [X]
EVER BEEN ARRESTED?: yes  []   ||   no  [x]   ||   almost/detained  []

“Regrets”, to me, it means something positive. - Yuzuru Hanyu Interview

Interview with Yuzuru Hanyu by Daisuke Maeda and Taisuke Goto from Asahi Shimbun

16th April 2015

Gold Medallist of Sochi Olympics 2014, male figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu received an interview from Asahi Shimbun before his first participation in World Team Trophy (from April 16 – 18). He looked back to his struggles with illness and injuries in this season, also discussed about his goals for next season.

In this season, during Grand Prix Series in November, Hanyu was involved in a collision, then in December, he underwent a surgery after skating at Japan Nationals, and before World Championship, he sprained his ankle. [Looking back to this season, he said:] “Difficult, painful, thrilling, happy.* Too much happened in this season so it is hard to describe but it is for sure a season that I will not forget for my entire life.”

From some of his quotes in this season, we can see his attitude towards skating, even in this struggling and difficult season.

“You only realise that you are weak when you want to get better. Therefore, I love challenges or when I realise my own weakness.” (After Grand Prix Final)

“All you see is another wall in front of you after you overcame the previous one. This is what makes us human. We all want to conquer our obstacles, and for me, I am two times as greedy as others in term of overcoming challenges.” (After Japan Nationals)

Again, before Worlds Team Trophy, he mentioned that “there is no competition that leaves me with no regrets afterward. Even if I skated a clean programme, I would still find some weakness in certain aspects. I got more of these [regretful] feelings in this season, compared to other season” and “the word ‘regret’ usually has a negative connotation associated to it, but to me, it means something positive. Having regrets means I am about to improve.

[After last season,] Hanyu received more exposure in media other than just sports news. He said he has “conflicted feelings” about becoming famous. But he does not care, he pays attention to improving himself. “I am an athlete. [I aim to] get the best result, be motivated. My goals do not stay the same, I aim higher and higher.”

This [World Team Trophy] is another opportunity for him [to improve]. When asked if he had a choice of [withdrawing and] getting some rest instead, [he said] “(after placing 2nd in World Championship), I do not want it to end like this. If I don’t have the place to get rid of this feeling of regret (it is badly translated but basically what he means is that he wants to have a place where he can use this feeling of regret to motivate himself and get better) and if I do not do it as soon as possible, this feeling of regret will fade away. I look forward to see how much I can improve in this competition.” He is also very motivated for next season, “I am planning to have a quad jump in the second half of the programmes in next season. I cannot say I do not want to include a quad loop. I will show what I can do while considering the overall balance of the programme. I want to do everything that I can do.”

He also mentioned his vision about his future after retirement, saying that “I believe the experience I got from this season will benefit me in the future after retiring. I want to accomplish something that only someone who has similar experience [as I do] can do.”

“I have yet to decide what to do [after retiring], but I want to give talks or lectures, as an athlete. [In Cup of China], I experience the possibility of getting a concussion [after collision with Han Yan]. So I think I can be convincing if I talk about the risk of concussion or the potential of getting one. Obviously, not only on the matter of injuries, but also put my experience in Olympics in use, and become a person who can bring excitement to the field of sports.”

He confronts challenges in front of him, stands up after he failed. He believe that “It is the same for everyone. No matter what job you are doing. No matter who you are. It is how life is.”

*苦しい、つらい、楽しい、幸せ。Can’t quite find the right words for the last two…but you get what I mean :P (hopefully)

WOW I am on freaking fire! I guess exam does make you want to do ANYTHING but revising… This was a bit hard to translate and i also rushed it so it is not perfect and i doubt anyone is actually reading this so meh (but if there is a mistake plsss let me know). not sure if anyone translated this before tho…