male dryad

Witch Boy Credence

months and months ago @teenystarprince and I came up with headcanons for an herboligist honey-selling witch boy Credence…..I figured a moodboard and info dump was the best way to release him into the world….

So! witch boy Credence…..

-is a pescatarian

-his animagus form is a sleek black cat

-grows his own flowers, herbs, succulents, vegetables and fruits in his abandonned/repurposed church home

-keeps his own bees and cultivates his own honey….which he jars and sells, along with soaps and candles, at Farmer’s Markets.

-has two white rat familiars named Ingrid and Salvatore

-all his animals include three chickens, one duck, three bee hives, two rats and there’s a male dryad that lives in his apple tree

- the dryad is named Apple

-Credence planted Apple from a young sapling so the dryad is smitten with him and gets jealous when Graves starts coming around more often to see his Credence

-Apple lightens up when he sees how found of Graves is of Credence

-eventually they all get along in a poly relationship

-Graves first sees Credence selling his honey and herbs at the market and is immediately like He’s so gorgeous…someone that talented and creative would never be interested in a stuff shirt like me….

-Credence first sees Graves when he comes up to his market stall and immediately thinks He’s so handsome….someone that professional and confident would never be interested in a silly witch with dirt under his nails who talks to plants and rats…

-Graves keeps finding excuses to come back and make purchases from Credence’s stall every week until he finally blurts, “I’m starting an herb garden in my kitchen! Would you come walk the market with me and help me pick out what to plant??”

-Credence practically trips over himself agreeing to help Graves with his project

-Their second date (and first real date tbh) involves Credence showing up at Graves apartment with a basket of handmade garlic knots, and Graves has made pasta with roasted vegetables