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...I just realized...Actually, neither transgender people nor "non-binaries" exist, nor will they exist. You can feel the opposite sex. You can operate to look like the opposite sex. You can change the shape of your genitals to those of the opposite sex. You can dress with socially designated clothing for the opposite sex. But your set of chromosomes remains the same. You are still female or male. Same, ''non-binary '' people...There are only two genres: Male or female+

+And you are, like it or not, one of them. Why do people insist on that? Why do people insist that you can change something that is inherently impossible to change? You can be homosexual perfectly, because either genre can attract you sexually or romantically, it doesn’t really have to do with whether you feel masculine or feminine, it just has to do with what atracts you. But you can’t avoid being one of the two genders, nor can you change it. You’re still one gender, like it or not. 

I am going to break from my usual sarcastic routine for a moment and answer under the assumption that you are speaking in good faith from a place of ignorance, not as a malicious troll. Judging by your spelling errors, I’m also guessing you are young. Perhaps that is my mistake, but I will offer you some patience that you are unlikely to receive elsewhere. 

First of all, the idea of “biological sex” is really only useful when referring to reproductive capacity. There’s a whole lot more to human sex and gender than that, which I will get into in a moment. 

You may or may not be familiar with the concept of “intersex”. Humans, like virtually all other animals, experience a great deal of diversity when it comes to how sex chromosomes are constructed and expressed. You probably know of XX (”female”) and XY (”male”), but some people may be X, XXY, XYY, XXYY, XXX. These constructions are less common and may be associated with certain complications, but the point is: XX and XY are not the full story, nor some unbreakable rule. Even having “typical” chromosomes is no guarantee of physical development - some people with XY chromosomes develop typical “female” characteristics, including breasts and vaginas, because their bodies do not respond to androgens to a greater or lesser degree. These people may go their whole lives believing they have XX chromosomes. Others may have XX chromosomes, but will not develop wombs and will have typically “male” sexual traits. Still others may develop traits that are “in-between” and resist simplistic classification as “male” or “female” - ex., both functional ovaries and testicles. Some people are even intersex chimeras, possessing DNA that is both XY and XX after the in utero absorption of a fraternal twin’s genetic material. One cell might be “male”, another “female”. I’ve read estimates that as many as 1 out of 100 people have an intersex condition. Common? Well, enough so that rigid, “opposite” understandings of sex are just plumb wrong. 

Importantly, intersex and transgender are not the same thing. Some intersex people do ID as trans, and many of the hormonal and surgical treatments they may seek are the same. 

“Sex” describes several very different things: chromosomes, genitalia, secondary sexual characteristics, and the physical structure of brains. Sex chromosomes, as I explained, are not completely correlated with physical expression. Genitalia exist on a spectrum of size and functioning. Secondary sexual characteristics, such as hair, breast tissue, voice pitch, and skin type, are dependent on hormones. Brains are where it gets tricky - while there are sexual differences between brains, they’re extremely variable and it’s currently impossible to determine how much of that is genetic, hormonal, or affected by social conditioning. 

A transgender person will not be able to change their chromosomes, but they are able to affect the other aspects of sex. Someone with XX chromosomes, who does not have an intersex condition, may take testosterone treatments that will deepen the voice, increase body and facial hair, create male-pattern hairlines, develop muscle, lengthen the clitoris, redistribute fat, halt ovulation and menstruation, and affect the womb and vagina. The hormones will also affect the structure of the brain, whether or not the individual had a “male”-typical brain before treatment. Someone with XY chromosomes who embarks on an estrogen/androgen-blocking treatment will experience fat redistribution, breast growth, possibly lactation, minor voice changes, changes in hair density and texture, halt production of sperm and ejaculate fluid, decrease erectile tissue, shrinking of testicles, ect. They may also develop more “female-typical” brains. 

(Related note: external genitalia is developed in response to in utero sex hormones. Ovaries/testes and clitoris/penis develop from the same tissues.)

I want to take a brief moment to talk about a couple of non-human animals, because neat biology facts is kind of my thing, I guess. Honeybees effectively have three genders: drones, males used almost exclusively for sexual reproduction; workers, genetically female but infertile bees which do typical “bee stuff”; and queen bees, which are the mothers of the hive and spend their lives laying eggs. A queen bee and a worker bee are genetically identical - queen bees start off as regular worker larvae but are fed an exclusive diet of royal jelly to induce their sexual development. Very, very rarely, a worker bee will have ovaries just barely developed enough to allow for reproduction under extreme and unstable circumstances, laying only a small handful of unfertilized, genetically male eggs that occasionally live to become drones. It does not make sense to classify honeybees as either “female” or “male”, because genetics end up playing a smaller role than environmental factors.

Also…. chickens! Many cities allow backyard chicken coops, but specifically ban keeping roosters within city limits due to them being noisy nuisances. Most urban coops contain only hens… that is, until one spontaneously becomes a sterile rooster. A hen may slowly transform by growing spurs, a large comb, crowing obnoxiously, and becoming protective of the other hens, and even trying to mate with them. Despite having the DNA of a hen, it becomes a rooster in every way that counts to city officials, your neighbors, and other chickens. (There are many other species that can change sex and become fertile/virile, but I wanted to talk about chickens ‘cause no one else does.)

ANYWAY. At the very least, I think we’ve established that the biology of “sex” is complicated, and perhaps you now understand why “gender” is a separate-but-related concept. If “sex” refers to a mess of DNA and physical traits, then “gender” describes social and mental phenomena. Because we straight-up just invented society and norms, “masculinity” and “femininity” are highly subjective terms and their relationship to biology is… the subject of thousands of years of debate. Really. But we’re social animals, so social constructs are “real” in a certain sense. We are constantly training each other to behave in certain ways from the moment of birth - enforcing some things, discouraging others, molding and influencing each other with cultural expectations. What that means to us depends on the unique cocktail of biological and social experiences of each individual. We are not currently able to give a definitive scientific answer to “why” people are transgender - not that there’s one universal Transgender Experience, anyway. We do know that it’s nothing new, and that we are currently living in an era where science and technology can provide realization to all kinds of needs and desires with relative ease and safety. People’s business is their business. Ultimately, we are little more than neural jellyfish, floating briefly in a sea of mystery. Instead of being afraid of and condemning what we don’t understand or empathize with, we owe each other patience, compassion, and respect. 

cool facts abt bees bc im all excited abt them now

  • most bees are solitary; the only social bees are european honeybees and the stingless social bees native to australia and south america (see previous post)
  • theyre technically called “eusocial” because theyre not just social in the sense that they aggregate together, which many insects do, but because they have cross-generational stratified social systems with rigidly-divided labour and reproductive activities. there are RULES yo
  • the only other eusocial insects are ants, which belong to the same taxonomic order as bees and wasps; and termites, which belong to the same order as the cockroaches
  • so it’s accurate to say that “bees and ants are social wasps” and “termites are social cockroaches” which is cool to me for some reason
  • eusocial insects communicate to each other using INTENSELY complex pheromone systems ie. they talk to each other using smells
  • e.g. an alarm pheromone released by a scared bee is what tells all her bee friends to come form a swarm of death
  • ants and bees both use haplodiploid sex determination mechanisms, whereby the females have 2 sets of chromosomes and the males only have 1
  • the way this works is: the queen can decide which sex of offspring to produce based on whether or not she fertilises her eggs. females are produced from fertilised eggs, and have genes from both the queen and her mate; males are produced from unfertilised eggs, so ONLY have their mother’s genes (and only half of them)
  • yes it’s true that only female bees do any work. the males (drones) literally just sit in the hive and do. nothing. i dont know why evolution did this. 
  • same for ants actually. all the ants in antman should have been female but what can u expect from the mcu amirite
  • i lie when i say that males do nothing because there is one (1) important event in their life and that is: going on an Epic Icarian Journey vertically up into the sky to discover which of them will be the Chosen One and win the heart (chromosomes) of the princess
  • by which i mean: when she’s ready to mate, the princess leaves the hive and flies upwards into the sky. all the males follow her. she keeps flying up and up and up as the males fall away one by one and the last male still flying beside her wins and becomes the father of the new hive. then he dies
  • (cool but irrelevant fact abt termites: in termites the male doesnt die,but stays on to live in the nest. this gives termite colonies both a king and a queen. animorphs lied to u im so sorry)
  • only female bees can sting because the sting is formed from a modified ovipositor (the egg-laying organ). males don’t have it so they cant sting
  • having said that, most bees WONT sting (in fact pretty much only honeybees will, though the fun part of that is that their stings also happen to be barbed and envenomated so they really make it count)
  • most of the native australian bees (which are the only ones i really know about) won’t sting you unless really really really scared, and the social ones literally can’t because their stings evolved to be useless for,, whatever reason. they can still bite, but it’s really just annoying more than painful. however they do somehow know to go for the eyes and nose which i can testify to from personal experience
  • we do have a date for the evolution of eusocial bees (i cant remember the exact number but i think it was sometime in the triassic??) whatever the cool part is how they discovered it, because as u can imagine it would be pretty difficult to find explicit fossil evidence of a group of bees living together in a rigidly-stratified generationally-overlapping labour- and reproductively-divided social system
  • OR so we thought because,,, the very fact of bees living together brings about morphological changes. specifically, the abdomen of worker bees will be smaller, compared to the abdomens of solitary female bees, because workers dont have to lay eggs. they have queens for that
  • so essentially: the way we got the earliest current date for the evolution of eusociality is,, someone found a tiny bee fossilised in amber, with a tiny sting (so we know its female) and a tiny abdomen (so we know she couldnt lay eggs)
  • hence: social bee

They absolutely fascinate me

  • All the worker bees are sexually immature females, while the only mature one is the queen. They do everything.
  • Male bees - drones - don’t do anything besides mating with the queen. They are, in fact, so inept they have to be fed by the workers.
  • Sometimes worker bees will choose to act like petty bitches and lay unfertilized eggs that only produce male offspring - because this lengthens their lifespan by 3 times. Have an illegal son to live longer!
  • Drones orgasm so intensely that they get momentarily paralyzed and the head of their penis breaks off. After this, they usually just die. Also, they bust a nut so hard it can be heard by humans. 
  • When a queen is too old to reproduce or can’t for any other reason, the worker bees kill her by surrounding her and MAKING HER OVERHEAT IN THE SWEET AND WARM EMBRACE OF DEATH
  • The queen is the only female with an un-barbed stinger, which means she can sting you repeatedly instead of dying like a worker bee would. She’s OP. 

négylevelű lóhere – four-leaf clover
[Literally::: four-leaf horse-testicle]


négylevelű [ˈneːɟlɛvɛlyː] – four-leaf; four-leaved
levél [ˈlɛveːl]
1) leaf
2) letter

[ˈloː] – horse
here [ˈhɛrɛ]
1) testicle
2) clover (also as “lóhere”)
3) drone (a male bee or wasp, which does not work but can fertilize the queen bee)

Photo::: wikipedia

I like bees.  They’re fluffy, cute, hard working.  Hufflepuffs.

I don’t like the bot Bumblebee.  He’s an annoying Autobot who I had many dealings with.  None of them pleasant.  He is the opposite of the beloved Earth creature.

Ah no wait.  He is like a male bee.  A drone.  Lazy.  Useless.  Only point is to serve the queen once in his life and then promptly die.

*Edited because I was incorrect on one point, now better reflects the current science. 

Not so fun facts you probably didn’t know about why honeybees are dying off:

Commercial honey production is highly questionable in its practices. They use thin plastic sheets with specifically sized cells already in place for bees to draw comb off of. This comb is unnaturally large for worker bees, but too small to produce drones, the male bees whose only function is reproduction. When wild bees draw their own comb, worker bee comb is significantly smaller and there are many many more drones produced than in foundation-based hives.

Due to the lowered production of drones, who can’t help honey production and are thus considered worthless by commercial honey producers but are essential to the species as a whole, there is a distinct lack of genetic diversity. This, coupled with wild habitat destruction that’s killed off so many wild hives, means that almost all currently kept strains of bee have functionally identical genetics. Which is awful, to say the least, especially for a species that’s already struggling to fight off new parasites.

Their genetics are further weakened by the reliance on chemical treatments to fight parasites. The parasites are getting more resistant, and weaker lines are being preserved.

The other main culprits are constant habitat destruction, pollution, insecticides and pesticides, and the tendency to treat bee swarms as pests (DO NOT DO THIS. DO NOT CALL AN EXTERMINATOR. CALL A BEEKEEPER.)

Support local beekeepers who practice sustainable beekeeping with a focus on the survival of the bees and not on honey production. Don’t buy commercial honey.

I’m sorry but the Bee Movie is anti-feminist and homophobic. Irl all the bees we see are females because all worker bees are while drones are males and they just stay on the hive and have sex with the queen then die and yet on the film almost all of the bees are men and the cool guys, the pollen jocks are exclusively. Women are stripped of their jobs and their status. We hear about Barry’s dad’s years of hard work but really the only productive one in the family would have been the mother an what do we hear about her story? It’s bullshit man. And on top of all of that we get a heterosexual love story. Nah thanks not here for that. We all know bees are the ultimate sapphics so where is my sapphic bee movie?

Bees work themselves to death producing honey.

And they are killed by honey trade.
They are small slaves with wings.

- Honey taken from hives is replaced with sugar syrup. Since it is not the proper equivalent of their natural diet, their immune system is weakened so that bees are exposed to several diseases and their lifespan is shortened. For this reason, often several antibiotics are added to the syrup (tetracycline, terramicina, etc.).

- Beekeepers always like to point out that honeybees pollinate the agricultural crops we eat. Without beekeepers, they claim, we would not be able to eat a long list of fruits and vegetables. The whole question of pollination is nothing more than an attempt to divert attention away from the fact that they are exploiting animals and that honey is the product of animal exploitation.
It is not as though foregoing honey will bring about an end to commercial pollination, so it is not clear what exactly the beekeepers’ point is. Commercial honey production and commercial pollination are not the same - the bees that produce honey are not the ones doing commercial pollination. Independent surveys suggest that honeybees are the dominant pollinators for only 15% of the world’s crops. Honeybees are not necessarily the best pollinators in natural ecosystems. Bees wet the pollen with saliva making it less likely to be transferred to a plant. They also travel to many different types of plants so the pollen doesn’t necessarily get to the right plant. Also, not all crops require insect pollination.

- When beekeepers tell you they are helping the honeybees out by transporting them to nectar flows, they are facilitating the honey hoarding instinct of the honeybees - much to the detriment of other more important pollinators.
Bees may compete with pollinators, potential ‘keystone’ species. As the name implies, keystone species are ones that the ecosystem probably cannot do without. There is ample evidence for the fact that honeybees crowd out not only other bee pollinators, but also birds, honey possums and other insects. In addition to the threat from the honeybees, native pollinators (that are much more efficient than them) are in decline due to habitat destruction and fragmentation, chemical farming, monocropping and insecticides, all of which only exacerbate the competition with honeybees.

- A successor queen is selected by a human instead of the reigning queen - both of whom may have been artificially inseminated. Queens can live for as long as five years but most commercial beekeepers replace them every two years. "Replace” is a euphemism for killing the old queen. Backyard beekeepers also regularly kill their queens. This is done for numerous reasons that all boil down to exerting control over the hive. For example, it is done to prevent swarming, aggression, mite infestation, and to keep honey production at a maximum. Queens come from commercial queen suppliers.

- Often the queen bee is inseminated artificially (a method that requires the male’s death; the most common method to obtain semen consists in the beheading of the male, when the head is detached, the central nervous system receives an electrical impulse, which causes sexual arousal; sometimes, the head and chest of the male are crushed to cause the release of his endophallus, the male genitalia).
See more:
Drone sperm collecting

Insemination for queen bees

- There is often a lack of regard for the bees’ lives. In the US, 10 to 20 percent of colonies are lost over the winter. It is partly by accident and partly on purpose. Some beekeepers kill off their hives before winter. This practice can make economic sense.

- In the process of checking up on the hive and taking the honey, some bees get squashed by the frames or stepped on. Bees who sting the keeper in defense of their home necessarily die. If two colonies are combined, the queen of the weaker colony is killed. So that the honey can be easily removed from the comb, it is often warmed prior to removal. “Bees brought into the warming room with the supers will fly to a window where they can be trapped to the outside by a wire cone or bee escape. If there are no windows in the room other methods such as an electric grid can be used to dispose of the stray bees”

- The most important reason why the bees can’t just fly away is because the beekeepers won’t let them; beekeepers do their best to prevent swarming. Not only would they lose half of their bees, but a lot of preparation goes into swarming during which time the bees do not produce honey. If part of a colony tries to move to say, a nice hollow tree, they are captured and forced back into their human-made box. Since swarming requires a queen, the queen’s wings are often clipped so that she cannot join in the swarm. Additionally, if beekeepers find (or are told) that there is a swarm in the area, they will often go out and capture it.

- A beekeeper may tell you that they are helping the bees because in the wild, colonies swarm and then both the old and new colonies may die because they are small and ill-prepared for winter. But that is only half the story. Almost all feral colonies swarm in the spring. Then, at the end of the summer, 40% of the new colonies swarm again. It is these colonies that are unlikely to survive. Despite this, there is still a 60% increase in the number of colonies. This is an issue. A lot of free animals die over winter - it keeps the population in check. Should we start keeping deer because some of them die over the winter?“

it’s really weird to me that male bees (drones) are most represented in media despite the fact that only 10-20% of a healthy hive actually consists of drone bees, and a winter hive has only worker bees along with the queen because all the drones have been kicked out to die since they’re only a burden to the hive. anyway the bee movie producers really should’ve researched bees more closely before making the movie. it’s really disappointing from an apicultural standpoint.


I’ve started naming the hives after the paint shades I use on the bottom brood box. Introducing “Happy Camper” (left) and “Venom” (right). Props to Behr.

You can see the male drones amongst the female workers, they have wide, dark bodies and big eyes.

I hurriedly set up Venom after Happy Camper swarmed the first time (same day) but they were long gone by the time I got it out. Then fearing an after swarm and more bee loss I made a not-quite-right split, thinking I got the frame with swarm cells (new queens) into Venom Hive. Happy Camper swarmed anyways and we were able to see them leave and cluster high up in a tree. We watched them while we were butchering. I have no idea what’s happening with Venom right now, the bees I put in there cleared out after it had looked really good for a while but at least I have a spare hive up in case anyone decides to move in.

I tried to do a better split the other day and went in without equipment after getting used to working both hives this way, especially Venom. But they were having none of it and I earned two stings for touching the brood frames (they seemed pretty indifferent to moving supers and other frames). I might go in with gear and see what I find and try a better split with 5 frames if Venom is still empty and Happy Camper is full. I’d like to take a hands-off approach and let them do their thing in the brood boxes, only removing surplus honey, but I also want to expand and hedge my bets by going into winter with multiple hives. One strong hive is still better than two weak but every time they swarm and I don’t catch it I get worried.

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I feel so strongly over the fact that all of the bees who collected pollen in "the bee movie" were male or at least perceived as male. Like??? Worker bees at female and male bees (drones) do nothing but fuck the queen and have no stinger. They probably walk out on the morning after too.

fuckbees, like their human fuckboy counterparts, exist in numbers that put the entire worldwide bee population to shame.

lol but seriously tho, my comparing the two is hardly fair. for example, male bees are meant to be that way and what they do is necessary for the survival of the bee species as a whole and so are actually very important, whereas human fuckboys just choose to be assholes and are completely unnecessary and unimportant. so anyway, please be gentle with the bees; it’s not their fault that they don’t live up to our human standards.

tbh that is pretty fucked up tho how they made all of the pollen jocks (as i believe they were called) male bees now that u mention it. petition for a remake that does it all the right way. and send whoever made that stupid decision an angry letter for me

So, I thought this would be a good thing to address. The next FQC update is gonna answer a ton of questions, but I thought going over one of them in greater detail before I got to working on it would be a good idea.

The most asked question, besides where Chrysalis’ mom is and how their relationship works, can be broken down into “Where are all the men?”
A lot of people assumed that Tarrlok was the only female exception in terms of the captains, and/or that the Changelings are mixed everywhere. This is totally wrong.

As seen in the picture above, a female worker has a horn and wings. They need these things to do all the jobs that they’re assigned, whether it be to infiltrate pony villages, take care of eggs, or just general stuff in the Hive. They come from fertilized Changeling eggs.

A male drone doesn’t have any of these things, and, to further distinguish them, they are have different eyes. Drones are pretty much just walking baby-makers. They have no free thought whatsoever, and their entire existence revolves around the Queen and her needs, whether it be keeping her company, fetching her things, or doing the baby thing.
When the Queen isn’t in the Hive, they go into an idle state, and don’t do much of anything except wait for her to come back. The Hive can usually tell when the Queen will return based on how active the drones become since they’ll usually inexplicably perk up and start wandering around looking for her. They are completely loyal and hardly ever leave her side.

A drone generally comes from an unfertilized Changeling egg, but there’s another way a drone is created.
To keep the Hive genetically diverse, the Queen will go out and look for a healthy male pony, does the usual Changeling song and dance, and then completely drains him of all emotion except for the love for her, essentially brain-washing him. After this, she takes him back to the Hive, and, eventually, the pony winds up looking like all the rest of the drones. Ponies aren’t exactly meant to survive with just one single emotion left in them. This happens every couple hundred years or so.

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You know what boils my blood? There are posts going around with feminists criticizing movies and shows with stuff like "it's teaching males to grow up thinking this is ok" or the "rape culture" card. However none of these females call out anything that displays negative influence that will teach females that acting like that is ok. For example, movies and commercials that show men as emotionless and only wanting sex, therefore it is ok to demean them. (Part 1)

(Part 2) Some commercials start with a male minding his own business when suddenly his wife/girlfriend comes in and becomes demanding and dominant. One is the XboxOne commercial that shows a female issuing commands to her boyfriend to go to the store and buy her beer. You probably think oh he probably said something sexist to invoke a sexist comeback, right? No, he just says “Just five more minutes” before she comes and takes it away from him.

(Part 3) Or how about in sitcoms or movies that show that it’s ok to blackmail men with your relationship. Girls are going to think that if a male doesn’t want to do what they want them too all the time then it is perfectly fine to threaten to break their heart or make them jealous. Or the trope of gays exist for no purpose but to be your shopping buddy, fashion advisor, and body guard. Or how commercial sexualize women with them in bikinis but they never complain about the shirtless males. (Part 4) Or how females hate how romantic comedies show males always asking the girl out and even when she says no he never gives up. Apparently this teaches boys that rape culture is ok. But there are movies where the roles are switched Sometimes the girl ruins an already existing relationship but the male character loves her anyways. It’s teaching girls that if your dream guy is taken it’s fine to ruin the relationship because he should only love you. (Part 5) Are you noticing a trend here? Women complain that media is teaching boys that sexualizing, insulting, manipulating, demeaning girls is wrong but when the reverse happens, nobody complains. Nobody is saying that girls shouldn’t grow up thinking that it’s fine to poke fun at a person’s masculinity, that it’s fine to sass and step on males to get what you want, to think that males are sex drones that live to serve you. And it shows in tumblr that some girls and sjws actually believe this.