male dancing

“I bet that boys in ballet to snoop on the girls hur hur hur he’s smart for thinking of that”

Or maybe he fucking likes to dance and ballet is extremely rigorous and disciplining. Maybe it makes him happy. Maybe you shouldn’t use such an outdated definition of masculinity.


More pictures of today’s baby goat, who ended up being named Padstow. He spent a lot of time sniffing and tasting things, climbing stuff and doing wee little jumps. When you picked him up he’d yell NYEEEEEH and seemed to really enjoy nibbling shoelaces and our ribbons.

I mean really there should just be a tiny adorable baby goat in a baby goat coat at every May Morning. Just lol if there are no baby goat mascots at your Beltane celebration brah.

ok so the only way i could upload this was to re-encode it into a lower quality (720p), so here you go

Segment of Yuzuru Hanyu on THE★LEGEND, translated by me (using Chinese subs), original source here.