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Happy Halloween everyone, 

so this year for Halloween simply went as my self, lol jk, but honestly i was the supreme as always so just your eveyday male witch and i think it turned out pretty well.

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Ooh and if anyone is located in San Diego and wants to do a coven shoot with me just DM me on here or instagram, thanks guys.

Gryphon O'Shea, Riccardo PianeAbel van Oeveren and Ko Grimmer
by Jeff Bark
FLAIR ITALIA December 2015

(1) Moschino (2) Dolce&Gabbana, Angels Costume London gorgiera
(3) Dolce&Gabbana, What Katie Did corset, Chrome Hearts accessories
(4) [left] Angels Costume London, [right] Moschino


Lets play a game of Good witch, Bad witch, and ill be the Villain

Hey Coven, so i know Halloween is over and all but you guys seemed to like the last pictures i posted for my “costume”, so i thought i’d give fresh dose of coven to coming back for more, i hope you guys like them!!!  

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Why did Vikings have 'Allah' embroidered into funeral clothes?

Researchers in Sweden have found Arabic characters woven into burial costumes from Viking boat graves. The discovery raises new questions about the influence of Islam in Scandinavia, writes journalist Tharik Hussain.

They were kept in storage for more than 100 years, dismissed as typical examples of Viking Age funeral clothes.

But a new investigation into the garments - found in 9th and 10th Century graves - has thrown up groundbreaking insights into contact between the Viking and Muslim worlds.

Patterns woven with silk and silver thread have been found to spell the words “Allah” and “Ali”.

The breakthrough was made by textile archaeologist Annika Larsson of Uppsala University while re-examining the remnants of burial costumes from male and female boat and chamber graves originally excavated in Birka and Gamla Uppsala in Sweden in the late 19th and mid-20th centuries. Read more.


Coven, hey guys so i just want to tell you to stay tuned i because i have some new content heading your way. ooh and if you guys have any ideas or stuff that you”d like to see just tell me and ill see what coven can conjure up.

p.s. this is just another set of photos my and my friend Micheal took for Halloween, we were trying to go for a bit of a different look with the red contacts, so i hope you guys like it!!!

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Vogue Ukraine presents Ukrainian folk clothing from various regions of the country:

1. Kievan peasant blouse from the 18th and early 19th century. 

2. Male folk costume from Borschiv in Ternopil Oblast

3. Female folk costume from Nizhyn in Chernihiv Oblast

4. Male folk costume from Sharhorod in Vinnytsia Oblast

5. Female folk costume from Kosiv in Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast

6. Male folk costume from Cherkasy in Cherkasy Oblast

7. Female folk costume from Chornobai in Cherkasy Oblast

8. Male folk costume from Sloviansk in Donetsk Oblast

9. Female folk costume from Ovruch in Zhytomyr Oblast

10. Male folk costume from Kosiv in Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast

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