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Bit of an iffy one, this, but it makes me laugh at least. Thank you to @imbxckytrash for the request - hopefully it’s close to what you were looking for. Does anyone else do this? Usually when I’m up at night (as a heavy sleeper) it’s just cause I’ve needed to pee. XD Is that too much info? Ah, who cares. Cheers to @agentpiku for giving me a little seal of approval on this piece. Enjoy, you guys!

Prompt[s]: Okay so I don’t know about you but a lot of thetime when I can’t sleep I do my makeup in the middle of the night and that very often comes with a weird hairstyle, could I request a oneshot where the reader does that and bucky catches her and teases her about it but secretly finds it adorable


When the lightning struck, you sat upright in cold sweats. It was one thing to have a nightmare, but it almost seemed like the universe was taunting you to have it coincide with the awful weather.

The worst part of it all was knowing that you’d not be able to get back to sleep now you were awake.

You tossed and turned and tossed again, but now for some reason your pillow was no longer comfortable and your duvet was suffocating. You kicked off the covers and moved your legs over the edge of the bed with a sigh.

Slowly your eyes were drawn to your dresser. It was going to be one of those nights, you realised as you pulled on some slippers.

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“You know, not using technomancy requires even more control… mastery… I’d completely forgotten this feeling of relaxation… peace…”


Varlen Lavellan 

“So… You want me to go with you to the Winter Palace? Seriously? Don’t you remember what happened the last time I spoke to a noble here at Skyhold? They asked if I was a servant… 

… Then they demanded a different one.”


I just love male companions, I love female companions to of course, but male companions are highly underrated but are crucial to the show and probably don't have enough screen time, with female companions the are always either love interests like Rose or sister figures like Amy which is all well and good but some times I think the doctor just needs a mate friend like Craig or Jack. Male companions are also quite humorous to watch because with his female companions the doctor makes sure they are equal and has no power over them as he feels he has nothing to prove but with his male companions he feels that he needs to show that he is the alpha male annoying the male companions but causes great banta, many male companions have felt jealousy towards the doctor Rory, Craig and especially Mickey, but even after all the embarrassment and the feeling of being the underdog or in mickeys case the tin dog they are still brilliant strong characters and are incredibly loyal to the doctor and after a while they realize even though they are the underdog they are much better of than the doctor as he is the man who loses every thing. the other good thing about male companions is that the doctor barely gets his heart broken buy them one of the reasons is because he does not feel as much responsibility towards them but mainly because he rarely loses them or has to say good bye to them because they are not full time companions and he’s bound to see them again soon so the relationship between a male companion and the doctor is a lot less stained and intense then a female companion relationship with the doctor.