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How do you draw relaxed folded wings? (I don't really know how to word it I hope you know what I mean 😅)

Do you mean smth like this??

If I’m being honest, I usually….wing…it. I’ve done sorta-enough-studies-but-probably-need-to-do-more of wings to know roughly what they would look like when doing xyz. SO its not the most anatomically sound.

This is my process without a ref:

The wing gesture is just following the bone structure and then I slap feathers on top.

Cockatiels are pretty good reference for folded-but-relaxed wing posture. Male cockatiels do a display that’s referred to as ‘heart wings’ because they slightly unfold their wings when courting someone/thing.

The basic gist of half-folded wings is that they’re going to have a sleekier contour because all the feathers are, as you can guess, folded up neatly. SO I mainly try to capture the general shape.

Here’s a quick front view. 

I hope this is what you meant aaa

I learnt something very new about Peeko in these past few weeks.

After talking with multiple people, watching behaviors and even consulting google for hours on end. I have an announcement to make.

Peeko is a GIRL BIRB.

She never whistles, she has very pale markings, the grey face on the normal grey mutation, the amount of noise she does make and the odd, very posessive behaviors she has around balls are just some of the indicators that I have noticed in her to lead me to believe she is female.

Also looking at male cockatiel behaviors she honestly has none of them. So, thats a major flag too.

So I have been mistaken for the last month haha. And it seems the breeder who sold Peeko as a boy with apparant DNA testing was lying.

In hindsight, should have asked to see the papers.

Peeko will keep her name, but is now gonna be using she/her pronouns in the posts.

Thank you all for your attention! Have a picture of Peeko attempting to drive as a reward. :)

i asked @audiaphilios for an idea, so she said check please birds headcanons.

okay (this is mostly based on birds I owned)

Jack is a cockatiel because they’re beautiful, and streamlined, and affectionate, and can be pretty independent too. He chirps once in a while.

Bitty is a budgie because they’re small, social,  and spend the day telling you about their day. Constant chatter. Based on my gay budgie. (my male budgie spent his formative years having a crush on my male cockatiel, and following him, trying to groom him and be groomed in return.)

Ransom and Holster are lovebirds, because in French they’re called Insérapables.

Shitty is a huge cockatoo because those things are LOUD

Lardo is a parrotlet, those things are tiny and FIERCE, they fight leopards in the jungle, yo. (I had a female parrotlet who flew freely all around the house, the kitchen was her domain and no one could enter without shoes otherwise she’d bite our toes off.)

I don’t know what kind of birds the frogs are, but you can assume they’re all eating off the same bowl at the bottow of the cage.

Favorite Toys

Smärg (female cockatiel): vine balls
Fuchur (male cockatiel): anything stuffed with crinkle paper
Perelin (female budgie): anything she can climb or wrestle

What about your flock?

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Do you know how much human saliva it would take to kill a bird? I'm pretty good about keeping my bird out of my mouth but every once in a while he'll shove his head in when I'm talking or something.

I hope it’s okay that I post this! Not all of this is directed at you, but is meant to inform bird keepers in general. :) I think it’s super admirable of you to be dedicated to learning more for your bird’s sake! :D

: I don’t know if human saliva has been known to kill pet birds the rapid way cat saliva (or dog, to a somewhat lesser extent) can. The risk from human saliva is from possibly giving them a yeast or bacterial infection if they ingest it, since we have a ton of critters living in our mouths (a bit gross perhaps, but true). Now of course, many birds have had either accidental or intentional exposure to ingesting human saliva over the hundreds of years of keeping pet birds and have lived, but sometimes the bacteria/yeast will take hold due to any number of factors. The bacterial or yeast infections, if left unchecked, can make them very ill and susceptible to other infections, or just outright kill them. Birds with weakened immune systems are most susceptible… but unfortunately birds hide illness so well that we often don’t know anything is going on until they are quite ill and start to show visible signs.

TINY SYMPTOMS ARE A BIG DEAL: As an aside, this is why if you suspect illness in a pet bird, it often means that it’s to the point that it’s serious, and a vet visit is in order. A short story: I have a parrot that I love with every atom in my heart, and this past spring she developed a raging infection (later determined to originate in her esophagus; the likely ate something that scratched it a bit and infection set in opportunistically). She didn’t show a single symptom, and in fact had been in for a complete wellness vet visit only about three months prior… until one evening she started passing blood from her vent. If we didn’t rush her to the emergency vet she surely would have died. It was a near thing, and seemed to have no warning because she hid it so well. She was in a bird ICU (really) for 4 days, followed by two months of medication and follow up tests, and is doing well now. Most birds don’t give an obvious sign such as passing blood; most just start to act a little “off”, sleepy, lethargic, etc. If she had shown any of these other symptoms instead, and I had opted to wait and see how she was doing, she probably would have died. By the way, this was intensely expensive, and why I keep a portion of my savings account dedicated just to vet bills. If you’d told me a week earlier than the Event that I’d be spending outrageous amounts to save my bird’s life the next week I’d have been shocked. This stuff always seems to happen at the least convenient times too!

In closing: Just use care and try to prevent him from like, licking your lips or teeth or something, or sharing food with him that you just bit off of, etc. I used to have a male cockatiel that would immediately and without warning shove his whole gosh dang head in my mouth if I yawned, but fortunately he just wanted the echo chamber to sing into and didn’t go in for a taste and didn’t brush his feathers against my mouth. Boy cockatiels often have a thing for singing into objects!
I won’t even mention the nutty things the caiques I’ve taken care of have done. Caiques are from outer space.


On June 26, 2017, Tempus went missing. He was last seen between Ridge Avenue and Ayrdale Road in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19128.

If you’ve seen him, please send me an email ( It’s the best way for you to reach me.

Description: A male pied cockatiel, about 9 months old. Tame and human-friendly, but only bites when cranky or sleepy.

He has a yellow crest, has red-orange cheeks, has a marble pattern on his wings, and has no bird tag (it was removed due to a leg injury).

He likes to perch on people’s heads or shoulders.

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My Pets

Just compiling a list of my pets, since I get asked about how many/what I have. I’ll update it accordingly.


Rescued this… girl? from a situation that wasn’t really malicious but was definitely bad. Her? His? owner was sick and unable to care for them any longer. It seems like the owner might have left it a little too long before deciding giving the bird up was best.

According to the owner, this is the story I got.

Pepper here is a six year old male cockatiel. He was with a pure white hen named Salt who sadly produced so many eggs she got sick and died. All of the eggs were infertile. I’m not sure when this was. I was also told Pepper lived in a “much larger” cage before being moved into this one and that the owner is going to keep the cage to sell it later. I’m not sure what exactly the owner is ill with but she seemed really upset to be parting with her bird. In the owners words, “I would have kept you till you died but I cant.” Pepper is eating pellets, got fresh food, and had a cuttle bone and mineral block in his cage. He had one inadequately sized perch with sandpaper on it and a cosmetic mirror tied to the side of his cage. We aren’t sure if the owner was a smoker or what but she certainly didn’t air out her house.

This is pretty horrific to look at in person, the photos don’t quite show the damage. She is as smooth as a baby’s bottom. She also threw up while we were inspecting her which is not a very good sign. She is very interested in standing on our shoulders, being pet, and being talked to. She is a very friendly bird, just not in the best shape. I offered her vitamins in the water and a little variety of food in her dish.

I am calling my avian vet tomorrow and if I can’t get in at the closer one, I’ll take her to the one that’s further away.

And yes, she is in quarantine. Definitely, definitely in quarantine.

If anyone has ideas on what I can do, feel free to shout them out. Also if you can ID her gender because she never laid eggs but she has an awfully dull face and some barring under his tail so we are leaning towards girl. Which would be so, so, so interesting with six boys. as thought upon picking her up, she is definitely a girl. Thanks guys!

Neglected ‘tiel help!

For Gypsy’s (20-ish years) entire life in my parent’s care, my parents have never held or handled him. Next to his cage he had Tinker, another male cockatiel, but he died two years ago.

His cage has never been cleaned, nor had he been given a bath, though he was fed and watered, until I realized how horribly he had been treated (and I started cleaning his cage, water bowl, etc)

When Tinker died, Gypsy started pulling out his feathers and ripping apart his down and his primaries. It got to the point to where it uninabled him to properly fly and I had to clip his wings (yes, properly) to stop him from spiraling into walls and other dangerous things.

I’m very young, too young to have a car or a job for a while, and my parents refuse to take him to a vet because it’s “too expensive”.

Please, I need help! I’m not asking for money, I just need tips on how to stop him from pulling his feathers! It was only until back in May that I realized how detrimental this was to his health, and I’ve been taking him out every day since June in an attempt to help alleviate his bordem so he’ll stop. (Of course, that hasn’t worked.) I realize this is probably a horrible situation for the little guy, but anything is useful!

Please help.

My birds are gay.

My male english budgie is trying to woo my 20 year old male cockatiel.

This is hilarious, because Peters, the cockatiel, is damn near geriatric in human years. He is blind in one eye, can’t fly, is cranky as can be, and wants NONE of Stormy’s love.

Does this deter Stormy? Not at all. He is basically a let me love you meme, trying to feed Peters and preen him.

Bless them both, the little nerds. 💖


Happy Birthday @pepperandpals!! I hope you been having an absolutely wonderful day! ^_^ 

The first pic is of me with my precious little Sasha girl. She unfortunately passed away last June from ovarian cancer and we still miss her terribly. But we had an awesome 8 years together for which I am extremely grateful for! She helped me get through a lot of bad times. She was a rescue bird and we helped rescue each other.

Second pic is of our lovable cuddlebug umbrella cockatoo, Schatzi! She loves giving tickling kisses, tear up all paper she can lay her beak on, and pretending to be a duck! As an Easter surprise for us, she figured out how to unlock her new food and water dishes and decided she wanted to eat on the floor of her cage this morning. *sigh* Such a smart birdie! But what a mess! She was so proud, so you can’t even get mad!

Orion and Solaire, my lutino cockatiels, are my young little troublemakers! Orion, my male cockatiel, is starting to pick up some whistles from some of the birdie videos I’ve been watching! He has already picked up the wolf whistle, a come here! whistle, and part of a song I *know*, but just can’t place! I am also trying to teach him Victory music from Final Fantasy and hopefully the Chocobo theme later on!  And not to be outdone and even though female cockatiels aren’t normally known to talk and sing, Solaire is trying her absolute hardest to be one of the exceptions! I use to tease her about enunciating what it is she wants, and I really think she is working on it! You can tell she is trying to slowly sound out words, but we can’t make out yet what she is saying. So you can imagine how loud when both these tiels get excited about something and start chattering! 

And one little birdie not pictured, since he is being a grouch with lots of pinfeathers, is Petey our beautiful blue budgie! We love hearing him sing! But if Schatzi or the tiels get too out of hand and get too loud while he is singing, he yells at them to be quiet! It makes me laugh since half the time they meekly do so. Petey is the boss bird of this flock!

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Can you tell us the stories about how you got your birbs? :D

 Franky was the first birb to join the flock. She hails from the from the faraway land of San Diego where I found her on craigslist from a local breeder. Upon being brought to the aviary where Franky and her siblings lived, I noticed her crest and striking pearling immediately. When the breeder brought her forward, he told me that she had been plucked frequently by her father on her right wing (you can still kind of tell to this day). I brought her home with me immediately. 

(Franky in the car with me when I first brought her home)

Later that year, I yearned for another birb companion. Ideally, a male cockatiel of the whiteface mutation. To craigslist I returned, but this time I found a two-year-old tiel named “Star” in need of adoption. His previous owner, who hand-raised him as a baby, was unable to provide him with enough care and was off to college in the near future. He joined the flock and was promptly given a bath, a nail trimming, and an appointment with the vet. He also was given a new name, one which sounded like Star but I thought better fit his personality. Gunter. 

A year after living with Gunter and Franky, we moved north together so they could accompany me on my quest of grad school. 

(Gunter when he was first adopted)

And now we reach the tale of Bolin, the most recent addition to the flock. He was a gift from my parents just this year, who knew of my interests in green cheek conures. My parents acquired him from the exotic Pomona Bird Mart and he joined me in the land of NorCal. 

(Bolin ridin’ north)

In the future, once I am old and have more space and time, I hope to adopt a galah or goffin cockatoo in need of a home.