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Hellllloooooooooooo!!!!!!! Can I please request something about the MysMe boys helping MC overcome her androphobia (fear of males)? ily btw. Please marry me

Okay but this is literally me! I use to have an extreme case of androphobia but it’s gotten better and now I’m just fearful of older men that’s another story for another day But anonny I’m not sure if you do have androphobia but if you do, I’m here for you if you ever need to talk! Plus, I used some of my own experiences with helping my own fear of men with some of these headcanons so hopefully they’ll help! Ily too anonny, you’re so sweet!~ Anyways, I sincerely hope that you enjoy!! :)


  • Yoosung knew something was up ever since he met you at the party, but he never thought that you’d have a phobia of men
  • Once you explain that you’re not afraid of him because you genuinely love him, Yoosung feels his heart flutter because of the obvious deep bond the two of you made
  • But he’s still extremely gentle with everything that he does so you don’t feel uncomfortable around him
  • Like instead of holding hands, Yoosung will lightly grasp your finger tips and smile telling you how much he loves you
  • When the two of you are out in public, Yoosung will always make sure that you’re by his side as he holds your finger tips, slowly helping you become more comfortable if a man brushes past you
  • But when he sees you start to become overwhelmed by the amount of men in the area, he’ll grab your hand and pull you close to his side and get you to a quieter place
  • He keeps taking you out like this for a while and about a month later, a man brushes past you hitting your shoulder and you don’t completely panic, making Yoosung the proudest boyfriend ever
  • Yoosung is extremely understanding of your androphobia and vows to keep you safe from all men no matter the cost


  • Zen is a mixture of confused and angry when he finds out about your fear of men
  • At first, he thinks that you’re scared of him, but you reassure Zen that you’re in love with him and aren’t scared of him
  • He becomes extremely protective of you and warns his male friends that if they ever get to close to you or make you feel uncomfortable, he’ll beat them into oblivion
  • When he’s with you, Zen will be careful of how he touches you, not wanting to trigger you in any way
  • He explains to you and even shows you the variety of male characters he’s played in musicals, explaining that some men vulnerable and emotional just like any other person
  • Zen also has the other RFA members hang out with you more so you’d get more use to men, trying to coax you out of your androphobia
  • When you manage to squeak out a thank you when you and Zen go out for some new clothing, he picks you up and spins you around telling you how proud he is of you
  • Zen has become your support system, he starts to help you become more comfortable around men, truly living up to his nickname as your knight in shining armor


  • Jumin cannot wrap his head around the fact that you have a fear of men
  • He’ll ask so many questions, trying to figure out how the heck a person can just be afraid of men since he’s genuinely curious
  • With some explaining, you tell Jumin that you’re not afraid of him since you love him you’re just… afraid of men and really can’t explain it
  • He immediately hires female body guards for you and thinks about how he can help you with your androphobia with lots of failed attempts
  • When the two of you are at his company’s office one day, Jumin’s eyes widen when he sees you nervously shake a male colleague’s hand
  • Jumin kisses you on the spot, grabbing your shoulders and asking how you just did that
  • You tell Jumin that with his help, support, and love, you’ve been gradually feeling more comfortable around men, of course you still have a long way to go though
  • Jumin is determined to help you completely overcome your fear of men someday but until then, he promises to love and care for you so that you can at least never become afraid of him


  • Seven is very understanding when he finds out about your androphobia
  • He’s worried at first that you’re afraid of him but you explain to Seven that he’s different, you love him because of his kindness
  • As much as Seven wants to take just you and him on a deserted island so you wouldn’t have to see any men, he knew that facing your fear was the right option
  • Any time the the two of you were out and Seven noticed you becoming uneasy around men, he would come up with a joke to ease your nerves and even suggests that you just imagine the men that you talk to in their underwear to make you feel more relaxed
  • Surprisingly, Seven’s joke did start to help with your anxiety with men and one time you even said a quick ‘Hello’ to a complete stranger
  • He literally starts jumping for joy, exclaiming how proud he is of the progress that you’re making and giving you a big kiss -
  • Seven knows that it won’t be easy getting over your fear of men, but with his continued support and encouragement, little by little you start getting use to men thanks to the Defender of Justice


  • V is extremely sympathetic towards you when he finds out about your androphobia
  • Seeing the woman he loves in such a fearful state when around men makes V’s heart feel heavy and almost brings tears to his eyes
  • So V makes it his mission to help you overcome your fear of men no matter what
  • He starts by taking you to private art galleries and meeting some of his male friends, although it usually ends up you hiding behind V’s back
  • You constantly apologize to V because of your phobia but he’s the most understanding and patience person ever so he’ll give you a gentle smile and will hold you hand, telling you that everything will be okay
  • One day when you and V are out shopping, he sees you timidly asking a male stores clerk a question, making V feel pride that he never believed he could feel
  • He basically tackles you with a hug, planting small kisses all over your face telling you how proud he is of your progress
  • V knows that with your strength and determination along with his support and encouragement, one day you’ll get over your androphobia and you can guarantee he’ll take photos to document your journey together


  • Saeran feels like he understands you when you tell him about your fear of men
  • He feels awful for forcing you into the RFA, a group that the majority of members are male, and even thinks that you’re afraid of him
  • But you tell Saeran that you feel safe around him it’s other men, usually strangers, that you feel afraid of
  • So to start showing you how bad he feels about everything he put you through, Saeran wants to help you overcome your fear
  • He basically becomes your body guard when the two of you go out in public, shoving his own anxieties away in order to help you
  • With time, you start to feel more at ease when around men, even offering a ‘thank you’ or ‘sorry’ here and there
  • You tell Saeran that you’ve become more confident around men thanks to having him by your side, making his heart sing with joy
  • Saeran will do whatever it takes to help you overcome your fear of men, he doesn’t care what it takes, as long as he can show his love to you

I dream about a personal library which would be filled with obscure history book and science books (like occultism, alchemy, paranormal things, mythologies etc.) However, as I’m not going to settle down any time soon - the wandering soul I am - I can’t move from place to place with a big book collection.  

Despite this I sometimes buy interesting books, especially if I know they will be hard to find later. I saw yesterday a brand new Finnish publication of plague’s history, so I had to return back to the bookstore and get it. The male clerk at the counter just chuckled how I had found a very jolly subject.  I told him about my library dream but I have a feeling he didn’t get it lol.

I’m super sad that when I was in my early 20′s, I didn’t have any changes to get my hands on a Finnish book of The Executioners in Middle-Age Europe. I read it and loved it to death (no pun intended). Now, when I’d had resources, it’s already too old and almost impossible to find. The downside of Finnish editions…! 

Next on my list is The Attorney of Witches, which covers witch hunts in North-Europe. I borrowed it from library and it was super interesting! There are some books still left in second hand book stores, so wish me luck that I can get it! 

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Dido Elizabeth Belle


Unknown (formerly att. Johann Zoffany)

Dido Elizabeth Belle

Scotland (1779)

oil on canvas

Scone Palace, Perth (private collection of the Earl of Mansfield)

Although this painting falls outside the usual scope of this blog, it is one of my favorite historical European paintings. Dido Elizabeth Belle was the illegitimate daughter of Admiral Sir John Lindsay and enslaved African woman named Belle.

This painting was most likely commissioned by her father, the nephew of the Earl of Mansfield, and depicts the beautiful and vivacious Belle alongside her cousin, Elizabeth Murray.

The first time I saw this painting was in an art history classroom, accompanied by a story regarding the dehumanization of Africans in the Unites States, and the scores of visiting Americans who were scandalized by this painting. In America and several places in Europe, contemporaneous paintings always depicted people considered Black in subservient positions in relation to people considered White, if they bothered to paint them at all. To raise a bastard daughter of color alongside legitimate heirs was antithetical to American thought.

Dido Belle was raised and educated alongside the other highborn daughters of the household, and remained a favorite of the Earl and her father well into her thirties, after which an advantageous marriage was arranged.

Her position in the Earl’s household supervising the poultry yards was typical for any lady of high birth at the time, but her job overseeing the lord’s correspondence was usually a task reserved for a highly educated male clerk or scribe and is evidence of her importance and elevated rank. She received an allowance of £30 per year, more than any except the heiress herself and a sum unheard of at the time for any illegitimate daughter.

Upon Lord Mansfield’s death in 1788, Belle was furnished with a £500 lump sum in addition to a £100 annuity, as well as a suitable marriage to John Davinier, with whom she had three children. In Mansfield’s will, her status as a free person was carefully confirmed, since many would have been all too happy to divest her of her fortune.

Belle died in 1804 and was interred in St. George’s Fields, the parish to which she and her husband belonged.

My interest in this story was renewed recently when I learned that an upcoming film, Belle (currently in production), will be a dramatized biopic of Dido Elizabeth Belle’s life. The titular role will be played by South African actress Gugu Mbatha-Raw.


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I was shopping for a Directors viewfinder in an old camera store

and asked the store clerk (white male in his 50s/60s) if he had any. 

He said, “Ah so you have a boyfriend who fancies himself as the next Steven Spielberg aye?”

I was so shocked and taken aback at how ridiculous the comment was that I was speechless. 

My friend who was with me (female) responded, “ah no? She is the next Spielberg.

 I never went back there.

Has anyone ever had a male boss who came off as “creepy” or made you uneasy? 

At my job, as I was making a key/getting a key to rent out a unit to a new tenant, was describing in detail how hard it was to pull out because he was uncircumcised and that it felt like “gorilla glue” to the security guards who were on shift. 

Additionally, when I mentioned that I wanted to work for the courts/ work in public administration that helps women who have been abused, he bluntly said that “some women want to be hit.” 

As I like my job, I haven’t said anything to anyone but he creeps me out a little bit. I’ve tried being warm, as well as brushing off any comments that he has about my personality and it seems to be working. 

I can’t say anything because his grandfather is the owner of the hotel I work at (extended stay) and I need my job. 

I’m just a little irked, tbh.


Warning NSFW

Imagine Natasha And Maria Taking You Shopping At A Sex Toy Store

For Anon

“Hello welcome to Love Love how may I help you?” a peppy male clerk asks when Natasha Maria and I walk into the sex toy store.

“We’re looking for something to spice up our sex life what would you think would be good?” You ask and walk up to the counter. Natasha and Maria follow behind while examining the shelves.

“Well what about a dildo that actually feels like flesh?” the clerk, his name tag reads Byran, offers and pulls one into the counter. You all grimace.

“Okay the only girl in this relationship that likes dicks is Natasha but even she doesn’t like fake flesh” Maria points out and the clerk puts it away.

“Well since you all like vagina what about a fleshlight?” Bryan suggests and pulls one on the counter. You’ve seen one of these before its like a tight hole for guys to fuck.

“Okay Bryan we have three vaginas in the relationship already I think we’re good there” Natasha objects smirking.

“What about bondage? Here let me get you some cuffs” Bryan exclaims suddenly and pulls five pairs from boxes behind the counter. “Go on try them.”

The first pair is pink and fluffy. Natasha gets out of them in five seconds Maria in three.

The second is purple glitter cuffs. Natasha manages to get them off in twenty seconds and Maria in fifteen.

The third pair has spikes. Maria gets out in thirty seconds while Natasha in twenty two.

The fourth pair has a shirt chain and tightens around the wrist. Maria and Natasha both get out in a minute. Bryan is very frustrated now.

“Okay this last pair is the best we got” Bryan says and hands them to Natasha. As soon as they are on they’re off and on Maria who quickly tosses them on the counter. “Of course.”

“This is why we can’t do bondage guys! Dam ninjas!” you snap.

“What about you? Why don’t you wear the cuffs?” Bryan questions desperate to get us out. Natasha and Maria both stare quizzically at you before Natasha slams down her credit card.

“We’ll take them all.”

title: stationery

word count: 3581

pairings: onho, background jongkey

rating: pg-13

summary: minho walks into a stationery shop and finds more than pens and paper.

a/n: i’m always a slut for stationery. so is jinki. minho falls for men with pretty smiles. this kind of got out of hand.. it was supposed to be a drabble. also i didn’t proof read it so there might be weird spelling and/or grammar that i missed…… anyway: enjoy this fluffy mess. :-)))

 It was late one afternoon when Minho was on his way home from class that he first noticed the tiny stationery shop that had opened just a block or two from his apartment. Minho was generally not a very scatter-brained person. He liked being aware of his surroundings, which was why the shop’s existence puzzled him so much. Then again, it had been a tough semester and Minho’s mind had been solely focused on his studies. He had had no time for tiny stationery shops.

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BTS reaction: Getting Jealous Over A Stranger

Request:“Can you do one reaction about BTS getting Jealous for some ramdon guy” I hope you enjoy your reaction sweetie^^

Rap Monster: You and Namjoon would be walking together in the city, all was well until he noticed a guy checking you out, he would probably be very open about this and just yell at the guy for even looking at you, he would be on edge the rest of the day even though you’ve reassured him that he should never worry about another guy.

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Jin: I don’t see Jin as much of a jealous type but if the guy Cat Called you, that guy better run because momma Jin would be furious!(XD) he would probably say something like “What’s your problem?! Don’t you know how to respect a woman!?!?” And he would just rant until you finally pulled him away.

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Suga: Oh no, You don’t mess with Yoongi’s girl. You would be at a party(or club) with him and you went to go get a drink, he looks over to see this random guy trying to flirt with you, Yoongi’s blood would immediately begin to boil. He would stomp his way over to you two and push himself between the two of you, grabbing you by the waist and would pull you away.

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Jhope: You and Jhope would be hanging out at an underground dance competition , he starts to notice someone getting a little too close to you so he does the best of his efforts to try to split you two up without you knowing he is jealous. “Hey Jagi! Let’s go over there! Look how cool it looks OVER THERE!!!” *drags you away*.

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Jimin: You were shopping with Jimin. You were looking at something and Jimin was sitting down on his phone until he looks up to see a male clerk being awfully friendly towards you. Jimin decides not to intervene since he knows you would get mad until the clerks hand is on your hip. Jimin gets up and replaces the clerks hand with his as he begins to hold you closer than he has ever done before “Y/N Noona(or Jagi) let’s get out of here” *gives clerk a dirty look* after that he was never going to let you out of his sight again.

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Taehyung: Taehyung had finally gotten a day off so you two decided to go to the park. You two were sitting on a bench when he decided to go get ice cream. As he is walking back he sees some guy sitting where he once was. “Jagi…who is this?” “This is G/N he said that he wanted to draw me” Tae would say something like “Oh that’s nice but we actually have to go” *takes your hand, dropping the ice cream* and walks off. Taehyung would be more sad than mad, he would be like this for awhile but would end up forgetting about it after you two cuddled.

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Jungkook: He would be picking you up from school, as he was waiting he noticed you and a guy talking. He didn’t think anything of it until the guy hugged you. Sure it was a simple jester but Jungkook was still mad. As you got into his car he would ask “Hey Y/N, who was that guy?” “Oh he is a new student, he doesn’t have any friends yet so I decided to help him out and show him around” he would look back at the guy “Oh… well that’s nice” you noticed the anger in his voice but decided not to say anything. The next day he was waiting for you outside his car, as soon as he saw you he ran to you and kissed you passionately in front of the new student, making sure he knew you were taken.

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Today in labor history, April 19, 1974: A one-week national strike by the Canadian Union of Postal Workers begins over wage inequality. The Canada Post Office’s new postal mechanization system was staffed with female postal code machine operators paid $2.94/hour compared to male postal clerks making $3.69/hour. In the end, an arbitrator awarded female postal coders the same wages as male postal clerks.