male clerk

I was shopping for a Directors viewfinder in an old camera store

and asked the store clerk (white male in his 50s/60s) if he had any. 

He said, “Ah so you have a boyfriend who fancies himself as the next Steven Spielberg aye?”

I was so shocked and taken aback at how ridiculous the comment was that I was speechless. 

My friend who was with me (female) responded, “ah no? She is the next Spielberg.

 I never went back there.


Warning NSFW

Imagine Natasha And Maria Taking You Shopping At A Sex Toy Store

For Anon

“Hello welcome to Love Love how may I help you?” a peppy male clerk asks when Natasha Maria and I walk into the sex toy store.

“We’re looking for something to spice up our sex life what would you think would be good?” You ask and walk up to the counter. Natasha and Maria follow behind while examining the shelves.

“Well what about a dildo that actually feels like flesh?” the clerk, his name tag reads Byran, offers and pulls one into the counter. You all grimace.

“Okay the only girl in this relationship that likes dicks is Natasha but even she doesn’t like fake flesh” Maria points out and the clerk puts it away.

“Well since you all like vagina what about a fleshlight?” Bryan suggests and pulls one on the counter. You’ve seen one of these before its like a tight hole for guys to fuck.

“Okay Bryan we have three vaginas in the relationship already I think we’re good there” Natasha objects smirking.

“What about bondage? Here let me get you some cuffs” Bryan exclaims suddenly and pulls five pairs from boxes behind the counter. “Go on try them.”

The first pair is pink and fluffy. Natasha gets out of them in five seconds Maria in three.

The second is purple glitter cuffs. Natasha manages to get them off in twenty seconds and Maria in fifteen.

The third pair has spikes. Maria gets out in thirty seconds while Natasha in twenty two.

The fourth pair has a shirt chain and tightens around the wrist. Maria and Natasha both get out in a minute. Bryan is very frustrated now.

“Okay this last pair is the best we got” Bryan says and hands them to Natasha. As soon as they are on they’re off and on Maria who quickly tosses them on the counter. “Of course.”

“This is why we can’t do bondage guys! Dam ninjas!” you snap.

“What about you? Why don’t you wear the cuffs?” Bryan questions desperate to get us out. Natasha and Maria both stare quizzically at you before Natasha slams down her credit card.

“We’ll take them all.”