male chibi

YES! Once again I am opening my commission service!

From now on, I will open 10 slots per month and announce at the start of each month! So better ready your orders by then! ^v^

When you know what you want, simply PM me!

I would also like to state, as the artist I have the right to decline a request if I think I am not able to work on it…
Don’t feel bad because of that, its nothing personal!

Have a good day everyone!!

Artist’s note: A commission I got recently from my con venture last week. This is chibi AntiSpecticeye. Now I haven’t watch Jackspecticeye as much as Markaplier or Akidearest. However, some of the videos I have seen such as Slime Rancher, Undertale and Paper Please!!!. He seems to be a cool and fun dude. Anyway, happy trails. ^^ 

Antispecticeye © Jackspecticeye

© KSapphire8989