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The Libra Male

If a man behaves in a way typical of the personality associated with the zodiac sign of Libra, he will have a tendency toward the characteristics listed below, unless there are influences in his personal birthchart that are stronger than that of his Libra sun sign.

The typical Libra man:
* is usually handsome, but is never ugly
* has a fine bone structure and balanced features
* has a clear and very charming voice
* dresses with discrimination in subtle colors
* is usually graceful and athletic
* likes to check his appearance in mirrors or as he passes a store window

Behavior and Personality Traits
* wants to make a visual impression that is appropriate to the task at hand, whether it be an international conference, a romantic assignation, or a day on the beach
* gives advice freely
* is interested in the opposite sex, at all ages
* is a master in the art of romance
* is very trustworthy
* can be fickle and change his mind often
* is interested in the facts of a situation so that he can come to a balanced decision
* enjoys art and needs harmony
* can be lavish with money, spending it on things that will bring happiness
* has financial abilities

The Cancer Male

If a man behaves in a way typical of the personality associated with the zodiac sign of Cancer, he will have a tendency toward the characteristics listed below, unless there are influences in his personal birthchart that are stronger than that of his Cancer sun sign.

The typical Cancer man:
* has a fairly bony structure
* may have remarkable teeth, perhaps prominent, irregular, or in some way unusual
* if crab-faced, he will have a prominent lower jaw
* may have broad shoulders
* even if slim, may appear broad or plump
* may be plump or tend to put on weight very easily

Behavior and Personality Traits
* is extremely sensitive
* wears clothes with a conservative cut
* does not like to be conspicuous
* has some favorite old casual clothes which he always wears; he would be very cranky if anyone threw out his precious old sweater
* does not push himself into the limelight
* enjoys the limelight if it turns on him for awhile
* dislikes discussing his personal life
* loves security, money, food, and children
* uses roundabout tactics to get what he wants
* has an uncanny business sense
* is usually very attached to his mother

Zhenyuanlong suni is a new dromaeosaur just recently described by Steve Brusatte and Lü Junchang and published in Nature’s Scientific Reports (it’s open-access!). This little fellow was about 6 feet (2 meters) long, about the size of its Velociraptor cousin, and was preserved with amazingly large and modern-looking vaned feathers on its arms and tail. Its wings are remarkably large and clearly show the same arrangement of primaries, secondaries and coverts common to modern birds. Some of these feathers even look somewhat asymmetrical, which in modern birds only exist for flying. So what on earth would a dromaeosaur this large be doing with wings like this, when it obviously couldn’t fly?

Nest brooding, RPR, wing-assisted incline running are all possibilities, but the authors speculate that their most likely function was in display or signaling, either in courtship to impress mates, or to intimidate rivals. But all sorts of dinosaurs have been drawn displaying at rivals and females dozens of times, so I wanted to illustrate a somewhat unique idea inspired by my dad’s encounter with a cardinal last summer.

This male cardinal would come to the same sliding glass door every day and try to attack his own reflection, beating his wings against the glass, pooping all over the porch and window, and generally being full of testosterone and ire. Glass and mirrors are unnatural and therefore it’s not too surprising that an animal could be confused by them, but water? Unlikely, but let me paint the scenario:

This male Zhenyuanlong, when competing for a female, has just been forced to back down by a male with a better display. He’s feeling rather out of sorts. Hopping across some rocks in a river, he catches sight of that bright orange crest and those striking high-contrast shocks of black and white in his reflection. On some level he knows it’s not real, but seeing them just makes him so damn mad. Next thing he knows he’s fuzzed up in full display, seething with rage and crapping all over the place. He’ll show that bouncing light who’s boss!

elusive, or the one where cas is a birder

The only time Dean can get outside of his head these days is when he’s running. Alone. Nothing but the sound of his own footsteps. He doesn’t want to drown out the endless noise of humanity – he has to escape it. He feels like a character in a Joshua Ferris novel. The only one Dean has actually read.

Dean has read all the books that have ever been written about walking or running or escaping.

Every day he drives for one hour and seven minutes, one way, to get something he can’t get in a city, quaint as this particular one may seem. The silence makes the air heavy but at the same time lifts weight from his shoulders so he can relax again.

Charlie says he’s crazy, because he runs and runs and runs and runs until he can’t anymore, until he hits his knees in the dirt – she will joke, later, about what he’s been doing to get his knees bruised like that (and sometimes scraped bloody or worse). He drags himself against a tree and eats an energy bar or something, rehydrates. And then he runs some more.

He’s been running since the day after the last time he wrote. He’s not sure how he knew the words were gone so soon after they left, but he knew, just like he knew he had to pay penance to get them back.

He puts his phone on silent so he doesn’t have to listen to it counting out the miles, but a marathon on blacktop would be a stroll in the park. His doctor keeps warning that he’s going to do irreparable damage to his left knee if he keeps it up. His body went from a little soft to pretty good for his age to best shape he’s ever been in to wired together with nothing but muscle over the last year.

But still, he runs.

Mile eight. He’s on a new trail, but can guess the distance pretty well from the way his body feels.

One foot in front of the other.

Over and over again.

It was maybe in a Scott Jurek book that he read, Not all pain is significant.

It’s so strange to see another person – here, in his place, among his juniper and oak, cacti and wildflowers – that he doesn’t even comprehend it at first.

An apparition, he thinks. Like an oasis in the desert. And fuck, a good-looking apparition at that. Dean congratulates his subconscious for having great taste. This thought seems like something he would’ve joked to himself about before, not now.

The lovely mirage raises his hand, just a little bit, a slow “stop.” As Dean slows, then stops all forward momentum all together, just trotting in place to keep the potassium from settling in his calves, he realizes that this guy in the middle of his little forest is standing here with his eyes closed.

“Are you… ok?” Dean asks.

“Keep your voice down.”

Dean feels like an idiot but stage whispers all the same, “What are you doing?”


“Your eyes are closed.”

“Stop moving your feet and listen.”

“It’s the middle of nowhere, dude. There’s nothing to hear.”

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The Capricorn Male

If a man behaves in a way typical of the personality associated with the zodiac sign of Capricorn, he will have a tendency toward the characteristics listed below, unless there are influences in his personal birthchart that are stronger than that of his Capricorn sun sign.

The typical Capricorn man:
* is stocky
* has sharp, penetrating eyes
* rarely smiles
* has very strong white teeth
* is conscious of his appearance
* dislikes removing his clothes in public – for example, he will still be wearing a shirt during a heatwave when other men are bare-chested

Behavior and Personality Traits
* is dignified in his manner and very polite
* seems unapproachable and self-protective
* is totally reliable in pursuit of an aim
* takes his time sizing up other people before he will relax enough to share his inner warmth
* seeks honor but is not interested in becoming famous; on the contrary, he avoids publicity
* has strong opinions but is not at all vain

Metalwork - Omake


This takes place between Gajeel and Natsu’s conversation, and Natsu’s nightmare in chapter two.


A/N: Okay, Anon. What you sent really made me think of this fic of mine, so I added an omake chapter. Sorry it took so long…writing this AU of mine is rough. Especially this chapter. 

Fandom: Fairy Tail

Pairing: NaLu

Rating: T - adult themes, PTSD from sexual assault

Summary: Still recovering from a bad relationship, Lucy struggles with returning a white scaled scarf to its owner—the pink-haired man always running around her apartment complex. A man who seems like he might be just what she needs to heal. Modern AU. NaLu. TwoShot.

Part(s):  Part 1 | Part 2 | Omake | Omake #2 | Omake #3 | Omake #4


                                1. A metal or metallic alloy used when 
                                      melted to join metallic surfaces.

                                      2. Something that unites.

The guilt was eating at her.

He was amazing. Kind. Caring. Patient. Conscientious of her reactions to him. Sensitive to her state of mind, and beyond understanding of her boundaries it was almost annoying. But it showed that he cared, and every day she was more comfortable than the last.

But she would get flashes.

When he’d hug her, she’d have a flash of him groping her hips. When he’d kiss her, she’d remember him hovering over her. Sweaty. Rough.

And she hated it.

She hated it, because Natsu was nothing like him. She hated how she couldn’t seem to keep a wrap on her memories and she hated how it was affecting him. His touch sometimes made her flinch, and she could see how it stung him—even though he knew why she did and he hadn’t done anything wrong.

It had been almost two years since they’d split, and those flashes were still there. They wouldn’t cause her to panic now like they had in the past, but her heart would race a bit and she’d need to remind herself he was gone.


The blonde turned from her spot at the window to Erik.

He was casual today with a slightly open button-down shirt, cuffs rolled up. He’d foregone a tie and his hair was more wayward than usual. It was comforting.

“You haven’t said anything yet.”

Lucy blinked, looking up at the clock, realizing that she had indeed been staring out the window for twenty minutes, lost in thought. She shook her head and wandered over to the couch, sitting down.

“You haven’t been back much since Natsu was here,” he regarded her with a soft expression, “are you still okay with talking to me?”

The blonde blinked, “Of course! That’s not the issue!”

The violet-haired man eyed her curiously, waiting.

Lucy bit her lower lip, bringing up her knees to hug them to her chest. She didn’t want to tell him, but knew she had to. She shouldn’t be thinking this way. She had an amazing man in her life who was everything she’d ever wanted, yet her head refused to let her forget.

It was a few more moments before she looked back to Erik.

“I get flashes when Natsu and I are together…” she said softly, averting her gaze from his once again, “and it’s killing me.”

There was a pause before Lucy heard his pen scratching against the paper. “Is he doing anything that—”

“No!” the blonde snapped back to look at Erik and shook her head furiously, “Not at all! That’s why I feel so guilty.”

Erik cocked his head to one side, “Why guilty?”

Lucy sighed, “Because he’s amazing, and I shouldn’t be thinking about…him. Natsu is nothing like him and I don’t know why…” her voice cracked. “I just feel so bad.”

She watched as her shrink set down his notepad and pen, and rested his elbows on his knees, leaning towards her. “Lucy, you have nothing to feel guilty about.”

Tears pricked the backs of her eyes as she curled more into herself, “But…”

Through the haze of her watery eyes, she could see him smile. “You are perfectly normal. Don’t feel guilty about this. These memories are vivid, they’re still fresh. It’s okay for them to pop up once in awhile. It’s normal. Especially with what you’ve been through.”

Her vision cleared as the saltwater cleared from her eyes, warming her cheeks and soaking into where her chin met the fabric of her jeans.

“Lucy…” Erik’s voice was soft, “have you talked to Natsu about this?”

She shook her head, “I’m scared to.”


“I just…” she trailed off, voice lowering to a near whisper, “…I don’t want him to think he’s done anything wrong or that I’m thinking of someone else when we…”

A small smile pulled at the corners of Erik’s mouth.

“You and I both know he won’t think that.”

Lucy took a deep breath and let it out slowly, pressing a hand over the pounding thrum in her chest. Logically she knew that. Her heart just decided not to catch up to her head for some stupid reason.

“It’s just, Natsu’ll hold me…but then it’s not him anymore. Suddenly I’m back in his hands, I’m stuck in his room, in that house. In that relationship. I’m back there and I panic even though I know it’s over and…” she swallowed thickly.


The blonde’s eyes darted over to her shrink.

“Do you trust me?” he asked, relaxing back into the cushions of his chair. There was something smug about his body language and Lucy’s eyes narrowed.

“Yeeeah…” she drawled, eyebrow raised, “why?”

“Talk to Natsu about this. Tell him.”

Lucy’s stomach plummeted and churned so quickly she felt like she might puke.

Tell Natsu?

Erik smiled at her fidgeting.

“I know Natsu, Lucy. Trust me.”

His eyes were alit with a painfully large smirk, yet held a knowing behind them that had Lucy’s anxiety fading quickly.

Tell Natsu.

Back out the window, the two birds she was staring at earlier burrowed into their little nest together. The male cardinal rubbed his cheek against his mate, resting his beak atop her head as she lay down on the bundled twigs.

“Alright,” she whispered.

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Northern Cardinal (male) ~ Rotkardinal (Hahn) ~ Cardinalis cardinalis

Looking like a giant Finch (but “dressed” in bright red plumage ~ a color you don’t find in any bird in Germany) male Cardinals (and their females are real beauties as well!) never cease to fascinate me. As you can see above, the punk crest can be “folded back” if necessary. 

Florida, USA

2015 © Jesse Alveo ~ All rights reserved