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wait, how come men shouldnt be allowed to have an opinion on abortion but women got to have say the birth pill for men?

Eeeeeeeexactly. Because apparently sex isn’t consent for having a child, but only if you’re a woman. And I brought up the male birth control pill with my non tumblr friends, and they said “Do you really expect a man to be honest about taking the pill? He’ll just say he’s on it to get in your pants, comeon, you know you can’t trust guys like that.”

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Science Time!

Okay so I just learned some super cool facts today while studying for the MCAT,

1)Evolutionarily, people are attracted to others based on how they smell, and we’re more attracted to the smell of those people whose immune systems are a lot different from our own. This is so that when we reproduce, the child would have a wider range of immunity. BUT, when women take birth control, this phenomenon gets messed with. Birth control pills are basically just hormones that make the body think it’s pregnant (so then it won’t ovulate & allow for actual pregnancy). SO, when you take birth control, your body thinks it’s already pregnant so you’re ATTRACTED TO THE WRONG KIND OF PEOPLE & any babies from those relationships won’t have as advantageous immunities.

2)Also related to oral contraception, did you know that it’s just as easy to make male birth control pills as female birth control pills???? Female birth control pills adjust the body’s hormone production by administering estrogen+progesterone, & while males have different reproduction processes, the main hormonal cycle is EXACTLY ANALOGOUS to that of females. So instead of estrogen+progesterone, testosterone pills can have the effect of birth control in males, so that sperm won’t be developed. And guess what people, this is really basic human biology and something that we’ve known for a very long time. But when the concept of a male birth control pill tried to go to market years ago, PEOPLE DIDN’T WANT IT! Men didn’t want to have to deal with taking birth control & would rather have women keep doing it, despite the fact that the only major side effect would be increased sex drive (& women deal with all kinds of side effects from birth control anyway). Women didn’t want the product either because they didn’t trust men to take it properly & didn’t want to risk chances of pregnancy. BUT HERE’S THE GOOD NEWS, a male birth control pill is currently being developed by the FDA & will go to market within the next couple of years. We’re finally taking a huge step toward gender & sexual equality. It’s a good time to be alive.