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The Barbie Fashionistas Guide

Because I couldn’t find it ANYWHERE ELSE. This is the guide for the names of each Barbie Fashionistas character (post 2015 reboot).

This isn’t a perfect guide. It’s a work in progress. I’m posting both the official and theorized names for the characters and molds. I’ll try to keep the post updated as new dolls are released, so bookmark this if you need it, I guess. Message me if you know the name of a head mold for any of these dolls.

This is a very long post, and not all the images are great quality.

UPDATE!: On January 28, 2016, Mattel released 3 new body types for their fashionistas line.

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also, she just renamed one of my male barbies named Blaine, to Olivia.
she never gives names to anything but I started telling her what their names are and then she just went “and this one is Olivia” :DD

so I guess that’s his name now. I never liked the name Blaine anyways, I didn’t name him, it was his actual name on the box he came in so Olivia is much much better and I don’t have a barbie named Olivia so it works out!

Ci rendiamo conto che l'idolo delle bambine è una bambolina perfetta e straricca?
Nessuno ha duecentomila case sparse in tutto il mondo, miliardi di vestiti che una volta messi vengono buttati, capelli perfetti, occhi perfetti, labbra perfette, gambe perfette… Non si puó essere una biondina che fa tutto e che tutti amano, le cose non sono sempre perfette e nessuno è così perfetto come la Barbie.
Ma alle bambine chi lo dice? Chi ha il coraggio di distruggere i loro sogni? Chi vuole dire a una bambina che non sarà mai una Barbie? Nessuno, e lei dovrà scoprirlo da sola.
—  Neve

when i was a kid a girl kissed me and i cried because i thought girls weren’t supposed to kiss each other but then years later (around 2nd grade) i made my barbies kiss and stuff and realized that it was okay; i eventually preferred to pair the female barbies with each other rather than the male barbies but i still didnt realize i liked girls until i was in middle school

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So I'm Japanese with a Nigerian husband and the other I went shopping with my daughter in this huge Toy r' Us and I told my daughter she could have a few toys and there was an Asian barbie, a black male barbie and a black female child barbie and she picked those, and said "Look Mummy this looks like you,me and Daddy." I have never seen her smile so brightly. This is why representation is so important.