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New toy II pt.2

Jungkook x reader

genre: smut, fluff, angst, sub!jungkook

also some thigh riding 

word count: 10.2k

What is a better occasion for some nasty actions than a blackout?

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Since I accidentally started this whole “Anti with glasses” thing, I decided I would write a little something about it. Also, this is based off of something @markired sent me and I guess there’s some Danti implied in here? Take it as you will, whether that’s platonic or romantic. 

Also, it’s past 2am here. I tried and I’m an amateur writer.

Anyway, Enjoy! x

Anti needs glasses.

Just like Jack, he needs a pair to see things in the distance. However, his eyesight is worse. That being said, he needs a pair that is stronger than the ones Jack already has and needs to get himself his own pair. He doesn’t like it – oh, he hates having to wear glasses, but contacts drive him up the damn walls so they are out of the question. He thinks they make him look nerdy and less intimidating.

No one except Anti knows that he needs them. He acts like he can see the world crystal clear when in reality, he can hardly see the street signs. It isn’t exactly a good thing when it comes to executing kills because his precision is off and he often misses his shots. This in turn frustrates Dark because he hired the guy to do the dirty work and he’s missing the target – what the fuck?

After nearly losing a seventh victim that month, Dark finally approaches Anti about it.

“Anti, the execution of your kills hasn’t been… extraordinary lately. Is there a reason for that?”

“No,” Anti grumbles, crossing his arms along his chest, “n’ quit questionin’ my killing methods. You won’t even do the kills yerself so don’t be complainin’.”

Anti proceeds to plop himself down on their couch, flipping himself so he’s upside down. His feet hang off the top and his head is hanging off the seat, watching his hair fall back and dangle in the open. It’s evident that he doesn’t want to talk about the subject any further.

But since when does Dark ever really care about Anti’s childish denial?

A deep hum vibrates through Dark’s chest as he scrutinises the green-haired male, completely disregarding his attempt at an insult. Anti, who’s fully aware he’s being watched, lifts his head to lock eyes with Dark. He squints them dangerously.

“The fuck are ye lookin’ at?” he spits out.

“You need glasses, don’t you?” Dark suddenly says, straightening his posture and canting his head to the side, “that’s why you’re having trouble executing kills properly and squinting at everything. You can’t see properly.”

“I can see fine!” Anti barks, pushing himself back up onto the couch and propping himself up with his elbows. His slightly sharper teeth become more evident as he scowls at Dark.

“Oh, is that so? In that case, I suppose you won’t have any trouble telling me what that sign across the street says?” Dark lifts a brow as he points out the window at a little yellow sign with bold black letters on it.

Anti looks over his shoulder at the sign and almost visibly pales. There’s no way he can read that. It’s just far enough for the letters to be too blurry to read. They just look like a black cloud on a yellow sign.

“I don’t need to prove myself to an old man,” Anti sneers, huffing and sliding off the couch. Before Dark can bring up the subject again, the green-haired male storms off into another room somewhere in the house, slamming the door shut behind him.

“Idiot,” Dark sighs, deciding to let the topic go for the time being.

A week passes by after that and yet another nearly failed kill. Dark didn’t get frustrated this time because he now knows the source of the problem, he just has to find out how to fix it. Even though he finds it absolutely ridiculous to have to chase after Anti for being a big baby who’s in complete denial, if it will help his case then he is more than willing.

That, and teasing Anti is just so much fun.

“Is it because you don’t like glasses? There are certainly contacts out there that you could use,” Dark suddenly inquires over dinner one night.

Anti freezes in his movements and peers up at his friend, a look of annoyance on his face. He grits his teeth and gives Dark the silent treatment.

“Even so, anything is better than being partially blind, don’t you think?” the other continues, slowly enjoying his meal as though his friend’s annoyance was nothing but a speck of dust on his shoulder for him to brush off.

There’s a moment of silence between the two. The only sound in the entire room is that of their utensils against their plates. Anti stops eating for a minute and simply sits there, picking at the meat in front of him.

“Don’t be stupid, Dark, I can’t wear glasses. I’m not a nerd,” Anti scoffs, eyes stuck to his plate, “n’ fuck contacts, those little shits are annoying as all fuck.”

Dark doesn’t say anything after that but instead just lifts his eyes to look at the man sitting across from him at the table. He almost wants to laugh at Anti’s comment but refrains from doing so. His mind is at work throughout the rest of the meal.

After that night, Dark eventually goes through the torturous process of discovering Anti’s prescription. It takes almost a full week before he gets the results but when he does, he feels more victorious than he has in quite some time.

And he decides to get Anti some glasses.

Dark is seated in his favorite chair one evening, relaxing while enjoying a good book. However, he’s having trouble concentrating on the letters in front of him. A disheartened sigh escapes his lips at the realisation that he won’t be able to continue.

Suddenly, a familiar voice makes its way through the once silent hallway.

DARK, WHAT THE FUCK ARE THESE!?” Anti hollers from his bedroom. Dark can’t help the smug grin that spreads across his lips.

“They’re glasses, Anti. Try them on,” Dark urges, his tone calm compared to the other.

There’s a series of quick footsteps that grow louder as Anti approaches. Dark turns his head towards the open doorway to see Anti storming in, eyes practically glowing with annoyance.

I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU THAT I DIDN’T WANT ‘EM. I LOOK LIKE A FUCKIN’ NERD, DARK!” He yells, the pair of black glasses in his hand. His other is balled into a fist, practically drawing blood from how tightly it’s closed. “DON’T YOU LISTEN TO ME!?

In a fit of childish annoyance, Anti lifts his hand with the glasses held tightly between his fingers. In the split second it takes for Dark to realise what’s about to happen, Anti’s hand comes toward the ground in full force.

Dark has never moved so fast in his life. It’s as though he’s a shadow, glitching from his spot in the chair to Anti’s side. Dark’s large hand grips Anti’s wrist tightly, preventing him from throwing the glasses onto the ground and breaking them. His nearly black eyes seem to flash red for a moment.

YoU wiLL nOt breAK tHeSE, unDersTOoD?”

Dark’s voice is deep, harsh and slicing. Like the biting cold of winter, it nips at Anti’s childish conscience and fills him with fear. His hot breath tickles Anti’s ear and he shivers, eyes widening in realisation at what he was about to do and how pissed Dark is now. The hold on Anti’s wrist is bone crushing and the green-haired male grits his teeth.

Dark slowly releases Anti’s wrist and brings his hand back to his side. After taking in a slow breath, he looks Anti in the eyes with an expressionless face.

“Now, try them on,” he tries again, his voice much softer than before.

Anti is still hesitant and it shows. He glances down at the glasses in his hand with an expression of disgust. Dark rolls his eyes – he’s losing his patience.

“Anti, wearing glasses does not make you a nerd,” Dark says deeply, reaching over to a small table next to his chair. On it sits a pair of glasses which Anti has surprisingly never seen before. Dark slides them onto his face and pushes them up his nose gracefully with his finger. “See?”

Anti blinks wordlessly at Dark. His eyes are wide and are scanning Dark’s face over and over again. He’s never seen this before and Dark isn’t able to tell whether this reaction is good or bad.

“Now you really look like an old man, Dark,” Anti giggles, the sound echoing around him and layering over itself.

Dark’s brows rise and his jaw sets. “Anti, you prick, I’m going to-”

“But you’re okay-lookin’ for an old man, I guess,” he then shrugs, a smug smirk on his face.

Dark’s anger and the compliment swirl inside of him and he shuts his mouth, muttering some profanities under his breath. He looks away for nothing but a second and when his eyes return to meet Anti’s, he’s met with a sight he never thought he would see.

Anti is wearing his glasses.

“You don’t look too bad yourself, kiddo,” he says, the corner of his lips twitching up into a smile.

Anti shrugs off the compliment and quickly takes the glasses off, grimacing.

“Yeah, whatever,” he mumbles as he walks off to his room. 

Dark, now feeling satisfied, sits back down into his chair and resumes his reading – he can see the words much better now.

Both Dark and Anti begin to wear their glasses more often now, even when they don’t necessarily need them.

Male protectiveness is not synonymous with male chauvinism. It should be encouraged and admired as the wonderful (and yes, at least in part specifically male) virtue that it is, not scoffed at or eradicated in the name of equality.

Girls Need Heroes, Too: In Defense of Magical Girls

Of all the different types of anime, the magical girl anime is probably the sub-genre that is most looked down upon. Magical girl animes are bright and colorful, they always involve middle- or junior-school-aged girls gaining superpowers and having dramatic transformation scenes, and there’s plenty of fan service in terms of skimpy outfits and simpering looks.

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People, even the more open-minded anime watchers, have a tendency to dismiss magical girl animes due to what they perceive as a standard storyline and stock characterization; they’re blinded by the plethora of pink, the frills and short skirts, and the girlish laughter, and they miss the more serious and frequently dark side of these shows.

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Like any television show, anime or otherwise, magical girl animes have stories and messages that are both entertaining and relevant. Few shows have as much optimism and determination as magical girl animes, yet these shows also provide a realistic (at least as realistic as you can get on shows where girls are granted magical powers to fight the forces of evil) look at the sacrifices and pain that heroes must face. Magical girl animes are able to blend important lessons with joy and levity, and there are a number of reasons that they’re worth watching.

One of my favorite things about magical girl animes is the way they portray friendship. Even if a magical girl starts out on her own, it’s inevitable that she’ll end up surrounded by a team of other magical girls and occasionally a token magical boy. Like any story involving teamwork, there’s going to be some conflicts and some drama, but ultimately, it’s the strength of the team and their friendship that helps them save the day.

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Magical girls don’t always start off as friends-in fact, they sometimes start off as annoyances at best and flat-out adversaries at worst-but there are few things that bring people together quite as well as having to save people (or the city or the earth or the universe or all of space and time; you get the idea).  

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But despite the task of working together to save the day, the friendships in magical girl animes are always realistic. As I said, magical girls don’t always get along with one another. Becoming a magical girl is rarely a choice; it’s typically the result of some outside circumstance such as a perceived aptitude for being a hero, an accident, or a grand destiny, and as a result, the chosen girls are very different types of people with different personalities, motives, and attitudes towards their new role.

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The resulting clashes are typically the direct result of these differences, yet as the girls work more and more as a team, these conflicts become less and less common. It’s hard to rely on someone to have your back without forming some sort of more personal bond, and eventually, even those magical girls who would rather work alone find themselves forming friendships with their fellow magical girls. There are still plenty of ups and downs, but that’s true of any friendship, magical or otherwise, and these shows aren’t afraid of portraying the good times along with the bad, giving viewers a well-rounded look at the personal relationship of magical girls. Yes, there may be more makeovers or shopping trips or sleepovers than other animes, but these types of scenes go to show that magical girls and other heroes have lives outside of saving the day, and they enjoy the time they have with their friends doing things they enjoy.

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But that doesn’t mean these magical girls don’t enjoy kicking some bad guy butt. They’ve got superpowers and awesome weapons and they know how to use them. Magical girl animes are really at the top of the list in terms of girl power. These ladies can fight, they can strategize and plan, they can work as a team and take down any villain or monster that stands in their way, and they look cute while doing it.

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In the world of superheroes, there are infinitely more men than women, leaving young girls at a bit of a loss in terms of role models. Magical girls provide female heroes for people to look up to and admire. Magical girls fight for a cause, they don’t compromise their values, and they’re willing to sacrifice themselves to save others. They’re just as capable and worthy of admiration as any guy hero, yet they’re often brushed aside because of their girlishness.

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Which is really a shame, because these magical girls are proof that you can be girly and still totally kick butt. Whether it’s straight-up physical combat, mastery of weapons-everything from guns to swords to archery to a yoyo- or actual magical powers such as control over an element, these ladies are fearsome and powerful. 

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But sometimes they’re powerful enough to hurt more than they help, particularly when it comes to getting hurt themselves. Magical girls sometimes find themselves in situations that their weapons and skills can’t overcome, and they must sacrifice some part of themselves, be it their magical girl status, a physical ability, or their humanity itself. These are frightening and painful decisions to make, yet magical girls never seem to back down from making them. They know what has to be done, and they’re willing to do whatever it takes to save the day. 

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Knowing that being a magical girl of any kind would have its downsides might deter some from accepting such a role, but those who do become magical girls always do so because they believe in what being a magical girl embodies. Even more, they have hope that their sacrifices and pain will make the world a better place. No matter how dark things may get, it seems like magical girls have an ability for endless hopefulness: hope that evil can be overcome, hope that people can change, hope that their choice to do the right thing will be enough.

Their hope is not always realistic and it’s not always rewarded, yet their unfailing willingness to hope for something better even when all seems lost is admirable. Just seeing magical girls pushing back against their enemies no matter what makes viewers believe that their own problems can be overcome. Even when everything seems to be falling apart, there’s hope that tomorrow will be better, and people have a tendency to forget that. Luckily we have characters like magical girls to remind us to be hopeful and to do whatever we can to bring hope to others.

Magical girl animes truly have a lot to offer everyone. There are complex characters, twisted and dramatic storylines, and epic fight scenes. Many of the shows have fantastic animation as well, along with great scores and visually-stunning transformation sequences.

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Critics aren’t wrong when they say magical girl animes are usually fluffier and more lighthearted than other animes or other animated shows, but that’s not what makes these animes so good. These fluffy moments provide a brief respite between the truly hard choices, the sacrifices and the losses.

Magical girl animes show that girls can be just as good as the boys. They can be just as tough, just as powerful, just as heroic. And they can do it all while wearing a combat skirt and heels, something I’d love to see their male counterparts attempt. Magical girls and magical girl animes deserve the same acknowledgment and appreciation as their contemporaries for being unabashedly what they are: celebrations of the great things girls can do with hope, determination, and a bit of magic.

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Eight Legs & Eight Arms (Poly!Southern DR’s x Reader)

Title: Eight Legs & Eight Arms

Pairing: Poly! Southern DR’s x Reader

Word Count: 2389

Request: “Could I possibly request poly!demo-reps x reader where y/n just moved in next door and they, like, smiled at her or something and she goes to them to ask them to kill the giant spider in her kitchen and makes them dinner as thanks, but then it sort of turns into a dinner date, and lots of fluff plz.”

A/N: It was a little more than a smile, but hey, why not? (Also, unrelated gif bc everyone deserves this in their lives.)

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bl/ind and trans ppl

i figure that BLI is pretty tolerant when it comes to binary trans people. the issue comes up when someone doesn’t want to identify as either male or female. it has nothing to do with religion, of course, nor with ““biology””– chromosomes or genitals or whatever– it’s just that BLI believes that it’s too confusing for citizens to have more than two set genders floating around. bad for productivity. BLI already divides everything into a binary, all black-and-white, so gender has to be as well. 

gender EXPRESSION isn’t really policed or anything, if you’re dmab and you wanna wear a dress BLI doesn’t care. they only get involved once it’s a question of gender IDENTITY, of pronouns and legal names and markers on documents.

if you get cleared by your BLI physician, the company is more than happy to provide you with hormone therapy through their Gender Reassignment Program. it’s just another set of pills, after all. any surgeries are optional, but still covered if wanted. but to get access to any of these, you have to identify as either male or female, and you have to exhibit “strong enough” dysphoria (evaluated by an appointed professional). 

anyone trying to assert that they don’t want either of the two gender markers to be used is obviously misguided. that’s a problem. that’s inconvenient. they get assessed, and if they are found to exhibit dysphoria, then they are prescribed a mandatory transition to the opposite gender. if they are not found to exhibit enough dysphoria, then they are sent away and continue to be marked as their assigned gender. 

in contrast, gender’s seen as a lot more fluid once you get out of BLI’s clutches. some joys get out there knowing they’re trans, but some, it never occurs to them until they’ve spent some time in the desert. they’re able to explore themselves more once they’re out of that cage, and settle on what they think suits them best. overall, though, labels and such aren’t so important. lots of joys don’t settle things any further than a set of pronouns.

100 Prompt

45- 100 are from Prompt List

1. “So… I just realized… that I’ve been shot.”

2. “I don’t exactly hate you, but if you were on fire and I had water, I’d drink it.”

3. “W have five people trying to kill us right now, what are we supposed to do?” “Actually, it’s more like eight.” “Oh, sorry I wasn’t specific enough!”

4. “Do you even know why I hated you?” “Because of my blood.” “No. Because you made me question everything they ever told me.”

5. “So, err. I noticed you’re kinda naked. Is that intentional, or…?”

6. “If I need you, I’ll give you a signal.” “What signal?” “I’ll imitate the scream of a terrified little girl.”

7. “She’s crying, what do I do?” “Go comfort her.” “How do I do that?” “Start with hugs.” “With what?”

8. “Excuse me, I have to go make a scene.”

9. “You’re judging me.” “It’s what I do- It’s a hobby of mine.”

10. “Why are you hiding behind me? What did you do?”

11. “I have neither the time nor the crayons to explain this to you.”

12. “Shut up.” “I didn’t say anything.” “Don’t care. Shut up.”

13. “You’re insane!” “I know! Isn’t it great?”

14. “Want to see what kind of trouble we can get into?” “Oh god, we’re going to die aren’t we?” “It’s a Tuesday, I know how to restrain myself.” “You absolutely do not.”

15. “I’m sure that sounded different in your head, but please never say that again.”

16. “FBI, open the door!” “No. It’s cooler when you break in.”

17. “The problem is, if I kissed you, I don’t think I’d be able to stop myself.”

18. The were looking but I didn’t care. I ran to him anyway.

19. “ I didn’t fall for you, you tripped me…”

20. “I never stood a chance, did I?” “That’s the sad part. You did once.”

21.  As teenagers [male] and [female] agree to marry if neither have by their [pick a number] birthday. [Male] attempts to sabotage every relationship the girl has till then,

22. He knew that he was home when her lips touched his.

23. “What does moonlight sound like?”

24. “If my legacy is to throw myself in the path of a bullet to save your life, then so be it.”

25. “You need something to look forward to… a reason to fight.” “Alright… If I survive, will you marry me?”

26. “I want your heart because you stole mine.”

27. “You shouldn’t have heard that.”

28. “Just know that I love you. I love you with all of my fucked up, piece of shit heart.”

29. “There’s something you should know, in case I don’t come back.”

30. “I broke my rules for you.”

31. “He’s right behind me, isn’t he?” “Actually he’s right in front of you.”

32. [Male] and [female] go laser tagging. [Male] pushes [female] into a corner and kisses them then shoots them and walks away. (Can be changed)

33. “Is that my shirt?”

34. “Shut up and dance with me.”

35. “Do you like it when I touch you like that?”

36. “Keep looking at me like that and see what happens.”

37. “Tell me not to kiss you.” “Don’t kiss me.” “Mean it.” “I can’t”

38. “You’re a bad idea, but I like bad ideas.”

39.  “I know what I need, it’s what I want that disturbs me.”

40. “Your pussy looked neglected. Here let me lick that for you.”

41. “If you bite my lip or better start taking your pants off. Just sayin’”

42. “I need a hug.” 

43. “Just… stay with me.”

44. “I just need a cuddle.”

45. “Right now, I don’t know if I want to kiss you or shove you off a bridge” “Can I pick?”

46. “You know what they say, panicking burns a shit-ton of calories.” “Who even says that?” “Me. Just now.”

47. “If I go through with this, I die. If I don’t, we all die.” 

48. “No, no, you do NOT want me navigating. I’ll accidentally navigate us off a cliff.”

49. “Is that blood?” “No?” “That’s not a question you’re supposed to answer with another question.”

50. “This is all your fault.” “I hope so.”

51.“I’d rather be pecked to death by a flock of hummingbirds.”

52.“You have no power over me.” “You sure about that?”

54.“Hold on, you died.” “Yeah, well it didn’t stick.”

55.“Excuse me! I was a superhero for ten whole minutes!” “And in that time you got kidnapped and we had to come to the rescue” 

56.“I am way too sober for this.”

57. “You’re not as evil as people think you are.” “No. I’m much worse.” 

58. “Why do you keep risking your life? To prove a point?” “Yes.”

59.“That’s disgusting. You’re lucky you’re cute.”

60. “Did you just… agree with me?” “Oh, I wish I could take-““Nope! You said it! No take-backs!”

61. “I think I’m having a feeling. How do I make it stop?”

62.“This plan of yours is going to get us killed. Of course, I’m in.”

63. “Don’t mind me, I’ll just be in the corner having another existential crisis.”

64. “Can you please go be stupid somewhere that’s away from me?”

65. “What are you afraid of?” “You.”

66. “It’s a good thing you’re cute when you’re angry.”

67. “Are you SURE I can’t punch him in the face?” “Yes.” “What if I break his nose a little?”

68. “Stop that!” “Stop what?” “Doing that thing with your face when you’re happy. It’s making me nauseous.”

69. “You don’t strike me as a professional criminal.” “That’s what makes me so good at it.”

70. “It’s a long story” “You conned me into thinking you were dead for eleven months. I have time.”

71. “You can’t just turn into a bat and fly away when you don’t want to deal with things!” “Watch me!”

72. “I don’t give a damn.” “You give so many damns they’re visible from SPACE.”

73. “I’m trying to have a serious conversation with you!” “And I’m trying to subtly avoid it!”

74. “Unless I screw this up again, I’m going to marry you.” “Well you better not mess this up”

75. “Wait, you’re a superhero?” “How do you not know? My face is literally on the news on a weekly basis.” “I’m in grad school. I won’t have time to follow popular media until I finish my thesis. You’re lucky I’ve carved out some non-existent free time to date you.”

76. “I’m just really tired of watching you get thrown off the tops of buildings”

77. “Hey, I didn’t kill anyone today!” “What do you want? A gold star.”

78. “I feel like I’m being stabbed.” “How do you even know what it feels like to be stabbed?”

79. “Whether you believe in me or not, I will continue to exist.”

80. “We’re leaving.” “But they have a lobster tank in their basement.”

81. “Take my hand.” “Why?” “I’m trying to ask you to marry me, so take my damn hand!”

82. “I don’t care where I sleep, as long as it’s with you.”

83. “You’re a psychopath.” “I prefer creative.”

84. “Show me your scars.” “But… why?” “I want to see how many times you needed me and I wasn’t there.”

85. “You look…” “Beautiful, I know. Can we move on?”

86. “She’s my best friend. That hasn’t changed.” “It’s clear your feelings for her has.”

87. “I saved your life.” “You pushed me off a building.”

88. “How do we keep getting into these situations?” “Eleven years of friendship and I still don’t know.”

89. “I thought you forgot about me.” “Never.”

90. “I’m fine.” “You don’t look fine.” “Then stop looking.”

91. “You gotta stop doing that.” “What?” “Saying things that make me wanna kiss you.”

92. “I want to go home.” “And I want to go to the moon. It ain’t happening sweetheart. Time to accept that.”

93. “What now?” “I don’t know. I thought the jump would kill us.”

94. “I think that you’re not as dark as you want people to believe.”

95. “Sometimes, memories are the worst torture.”

96. “I hate you.” “Why? I’m lovely.”

97. “You really have no clue who I am?” “You’d think the confused looks and blank stare would have answered that for you.”

98. “Why are they afraid of you?”

99. “Literally everything about this is illegal.”

100. “You love her don’t you?” “Was it that obvious?”

OtaYuri - Thinkin’ Out Loud

Pairing: Otabek Altin x Yuri Plisetsky

Warnings: none really, emotions and kissing

Word Count: 1675

A/N: Written for @otayurism because I enjoy writing for people and they seem nice enough to write for <3

Summary: Otabek and Yuri get some practice time in together, which leads to an improv pairskate with lots of dips and kisses, done to only the best song for fluff and deep love; Thinkin’ Out Loud.

Yuri took Otabek’s hand as Ed Sheeran’s voice echoed throughout the rink, dragging him out into the middle of the ice. Otabek skated circles around Yuri a few times, stopping in front of him and placing his right hand on Yuri’s waist, Yuri placing his left on Otabek’s shoulder.

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Elorcan Werewolf AU Part 1

AU: In which the SJM series are not Fae, but werewolves. And mates and rejecting the bond exist 100%

Summary: Every year, the cadre holds a mating ball. Elide has just turned 18, meaning that she is now required to attend or face the consequences. Knowing that her mate isn’t a Lycan, she decides opts to not show. Little did she know one choice would hold on her.

There are some nights

when the Moon shines

and the wolves howl

Elorcan Werewolf 1

The cadre — the group of Lycans that traced from the bloodline of the Moon Goddess herself. Pure-blooded, more powerful than any regular Alpha werewolf, the cadre had terrorized and pillaged village after village, each Lycan searching for his mate.

Elide had snorted when her history teacher Asterin had described them. Almost in awe. Pure reverence. Extreme worship. And the school’s thirteen teachers didn’t easily hand out their respect to anyone.

Elide didn’t understand why the Lycans had bothered searching for their mate when it had been no secret none of them had their virginity left, their last personal piece for their mate, their other half. Worse, none seemed set on keeping their eyes short. 

Rowan Whitethorn, Lycan Princess Remelle’s first lover and omega Lyria’s mate. Elide had pitied the omega she-wolf; omegas formed the bottom ranks of the hierarchy, and there was a high chance that she would have been abused to continue her role as the scapegoat. 

Then there was Lycan swords-master Gavriel, who seemed to have a thing with humans, and leaving their beds cold when they awoke. Lycan ambassador Fenrhys, who seemed to have a thing with witches, and Lycan spymaster Vaughan, who bedded whatever appealed to his sight. The list when on and on.

And then there was turned-Lycan Lorcan Salvaterre, who had fucked more than half of the she-wolf’s population, according to Manon. The cadre disgusted Elide to no end. 

So she was more than ready to turn down the annual mating ball held by the Lycans every year during Rixalta. Sure, it may have been treason to not show up and not listen to the demands of the all-powerful man-whores, but the chances of her being the mate of any of the Lycans were so slim — especially when her wolf’s side had been ruined by her ankle — that they probably wouldn’t notice one she-wolf missing.

Huffing, Elide blew a strand of hair out of her face, heading towards her lockers. Alpha Aelin had seized the position of power after the previous Alpha, Alpha Arobynn, had murdered Omega Kaitlin Romper for attempting to escape his pack.

Elide had been proud to know that her best friend had been the first female Alpha in all of history, and someone not to be cowed by the intimidation and force other male Alphas had attempted. It had emerged a new era where females no longer drowned in the bitterness of belittlement, but swam in the murky seas of equality. 

Alpha Aelin had rightfully won every match whenever a male Alpha had tried to take over her pack, and Elide had never been more proud to stitch Alien back up.

“Elide!” a voice called. “Why aren’t you eating your lunch right now? No wonder you’re so thin!”

Elide rolled her eyes and gently closed her locker, looking up into the eyes of no other than Aelin’s beta, or second in command, Manon Blackbeak. Manon wasn’t entirely werewolf, her mother a witch, and her father a Lycan, and thus wasn’t required to attend any mating ball.

But Manon still liked to attend, riling up any werewolf that crossed her path. Last year, Aelin had sent Manon as her emissary, to which Manon had accidentally spilled wolfs-bane on none other than Alpha Dorian of the Rifthold Pack —  for staring at her white hair.

Chaos had ensued. 

Manon dragged Elide to the cafeteria, piling plates of pasta and steaming vegetables onto a bowl. “I know Sorcsha has been training you hard to be her apprentice, but you also need to eat.”

Elide merely picked her food, staring out the window. “Sorcsha’s a good Pack Doctor.”

Manon tapped her nails against the wooden desk. “What died and crawled under your ass this time?”

She didn’t answer for awhile. After silence hung in the air for minutes, she finally replied, “The Mating Ball.”

Manon let out an, “Ah.” She’d dreaded this moment, no doubt. “You turned eighteen a week ago, so now you have to attend.”

Elide rolled out her ankle, nodding. It was stupid, really. Why was she so afraid to go when no one would look at a scarred wolf? 

“It’s treason to no show up.” Manon gritted her sharp teeth. “Those bastards think they can control us with the back of their palms. But — you stay here, watch over the pack. Aelin will defend you if shit hits the fan.” 

The Beta’s message was clear: To hell with the consequences. 

Elide’s eyes widened. “You’d do that? For me?”

Manon slammed down her fork on the table. “I’m going to be brutally honest with you, Elide. With your ankle, you will be made fun of at every corner at the ball. And some unmated females will have the audacity to flirt with the Lycans to make them be their chosen, even if they’re aren’t their mates. To make them seem more powerful, the females will cut you down with words. I will not stand for it.”

Elide swallowed the pasta, along with gratefulness. “So I can burn the invitation?”

A gleam sparkled in Manon’s eyes. “Just make sure Aelin’s watching.”

Aelin had watched alright. She’d even lit the match. Elide didn’t know if it was a good thing that her Alpha was so defiant and had a penchant for disobeying. 

“Just make sure you stay inside the entire time,” Aelin warned, dabbing kohl makeup onto her eyelids. “You don’t want the cadre to accidentally catch the scent of the an unmated she-wolf lingering.”

Elide nodded, fluffing out Aelin’s dress. She’d specifically forced her Alpha to buy this dress, marveling at the dragon outline spiraling down her back. Oozing unbridled power and the aura of unmasked strength, the dress perfected Aelin’s flames. 

Aelin had claimed the dress made her feel older, but Manon had merely clucked her tongue, saying Aelin was still younger than her by a thousand years.That had shut Aelin up long enough for Elide to purchase the dress and stuff the package in Aelin’s arms.

Tonight would be Aelin’s first ball even though she’d turned eighteen last year. She’d been excused because she had been battling the former Alpha Arobynn for dominance of the pack. 

Now the mating ball invitation had decreed if Aelin’s pack, the Fireheart pack, refused to show up with all unmated she-wolves above eighteen years old, it would be an act of war.

How thoughtful, Elide thought bitterly to herself. Aelin deserved more than a year of recovery, killing her former master who had whipped her. Aelin had freed her from the Morath Pack, the one who had crippled her. Aelin had simply understood, while the toxic foes surrounding her threatened the comfort of security. 

Elide still woke from nightmares with Alpha Vernon leering down on her, a silver whip in his hand. Elide had lived for Aelin’s pack so that no other female would have to feel that pain again. She had sworn in to be the Pack Doctor’s second in command so that she could fight against her uncle’s legacy of pain, who had just had to be her past Alpha.

That would be another reason she didn’t want to go to be the mating ball. Her former Alpha without a doubt would be there, also searching for his mate. And searching for her so that he could mock her again,

Elide hoped that his mate would outright reject him. He deserved all the pain and sufferings from injecting rogues and his own pack members with wolfs-bane and silver, trying to see what made them squirm the most.

“I’ll be back before midnight.” Aelin said, doing a mini twirl in her dress. “You’ll be fine, right?”

Elide nodded. “I’m just going to sleep.”

Manon gave a satisfied nod, and then leaped out the window, yanking open the limo door with more force than necessary.

Aelin rolled her eyes. “She never does anything by halves.” She looked over at Elide, taking in her small form. “For what’s it worth, whoever your mate is, he’s got to be the most kind-hearted, flower loving male in the world.”

Elide gave her Alpha small smile. “And yours will probably be very submissive to you.”

Aelin let out a trill of laughter. “He’d better be. I didn’t reject half of the other male’s attentions and desires in this society to be stuck with a man-pig.”

Elide ushered Aelin out the door. “Me too.”


Madama Carmenta, Monarch of Clemency

A solemn Demoness that posesses her own court in Inferno which consists exclusively of female Demons, all past contractees of her own.

Once a fair young lady, she took her own life after suffering consecutive heart breaks. With her dying breath, she cursed all men, and it is the loathing she held for them that turned her into a Demon. This burning hatred has only multiplied over the passing millenia, and she murders any male Witches that attempt to contract her. It is the only thing that makes her lose her serious and calm attitude.

She however accepts all contracts from female Witches, no matter weak or strong, as a way to protect them.

Now as a high-ranked Demoness, Carmenta blesses her contractees with beauty and elegance, but also allows them to bear children with no pain and promises them a safe position within her court after passing.

- Book of Infernal Demons

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Mr. Clean, Mr. MEAN!

A friend of a friend of my brother has worked at Tarshit , and he has an intersting story….

“I have worked at Tarshit on the flow crew for quite a while now, and by and large it’s been tolerable. However, that all changed the moment our former Logistics Manager left to go back to school and they hired this bald-headed, Mr. Clean wannabe. What a complete and total ASS.

To say that this guy was in love with himself would be an understatement. He tries so hard to be this aggressive alpha-male type as he attempts to live out his fantasies of being a football coach by pretending the flow crew is this sorry gang of losers who need him to turn things around. WRONG! We have always completed our trucks – on time – and often would go help other work centers finish their tasks. You would think this would be good enough for his royal asshole, but nope! He throws major league temper tantrums if we take so much as an extra ten minutes when unloading the truck, even if it’s a problem beyond our control like a pallet that’s been wedged in there by the distribution center. Get this – one time his ass was so bent out of shape by this, he even withheld the free morning bottle of water we have always gotten for the past 6 years that the store’s been open.

The only thing more boring than morning huddle is his personality. If he only knew how much of an egotistical ass he comes across as when he attempts to impress us by tell us about the sports car he drives, or how his son can bench press more than his own weight, what his body fat percentage is, how he was going to handle his kids with his wife away on a business trip and their nanny being on vacation, or how many miles he jogged. Yet, when the time to really impress us came? He completely bailed on the team. Last year during the Christmas rush, our store – which is a low volume store – received it’s largest truck to date, some 2,600 pieces… on a Saturday. We came in to see old chrome dome, dressed in his sweats and sneakers, holding the door for us as we came in during the morning. When we asked him what was up, he informed us how big the truck was and that he was taking the day off and heading straight to the gym located in our shopping center, that he was only there to let people in. He left our team lead there by herself to handle everything.

Speaking of not being there, he actually does that quite a bit, as he’s good for taking two to four days off a month. We don’t mind, the truck goes a lot better when he isn’t there, but still. One time he even dragged his sad 40 year old ass to a body building competition, all the way in Seattle, because he thinks he can compete with 20 somethings. Seriously, I can not stress how clueless and out of touch this assclown is. He has zero personality, zero social skills, zero leadership ability, and zero empathy. It’s like he views people as live stock to be slaughtered as he attempts to climb the corporate ladder. The sad / funny part is that after all his time at Tarshit, Logistics Manager is as high as he ever got and in all probability, will ever be. It’s been said by other managers that he’s such a miserable prick because he has ‘daddy issues’ and tries to compete with his more successful brother, but that’s no reason to act like a freaking sociopath to your crew.

I shouldn’t say he acts like that to ALL of the crew. There are one or two kiss-asses – usually strung out ex-hippies who only work there for money to buy pot – who don’t mind bowing before him and serving his ego by lowering themselves to him. It’s all cool as long as you don’t make him feel inferior. If you show you have any kind of smarts, personality, or are in better shape than him, you’re going to end up on his shit list. One time he even told a female employee she couldn’t go home due to it snowing hard and the fact that she had a half hour drive back home.

The whole flow crew is bordering on mutiny. I would love it if we could organize a blue flu, but sadly most of the people there are there because they need the money. As for ? I had enough of dealing with this immature clown and plan on handing in my two weeks notice at the end of summer, bringing my tenure at Tarshit to a close.”

Aside - Bellamy Blake Imagine

A/N: There will be a part 2 to this as requested x

Originally posted by lizthefangirl

Bellamy Blake x Reader

Word Count: 1,045

Warnings: none ??

“You just let skaikru waltz right in? Without even considering the circumstantial consequences? Pandora, seriously?” You spoke angrily. You knew Pandora, your second in command, was just thinking on her feet, doing what’s right.

“I was unaware of your reaction. It’s just we take most people in I didn’t see the problem in-” You cut her off there. “No,” you began to apologise, “I’m sorry, it was wrong of me to go off like that. You know the history.” Pandora was your best friend, even though she was your second.

“I know, but the storm was setting in, it seemed like the midst of a cyclone. I couldn’t leave them out there.” You nodded. “Let’s just hope it’s not anyone I can remember.” You make your way to the dining hall, which was evacuated due to the presence of outsiders.

The grand doors opened, there was a silence. You looked to the five individuals standing in front of them. Your heart leapt at the site of one, an old acquaintance, Clarke. The rest were unknown to you. Hopefully she didn’t recognise you.

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its-so-nectar  asked:

I'm addressing your list that dictates what Joss Whedon has written is sexist. Are you kidding me? They are touching on subjects that happen in the real world. Women across history have been subjected to a whole range of derogatory treatment - too many to list. To deny these stories, and turn a blind eye does more damage than good. We need these stories as a talking point. Generate discussion, and use it to spread awareness. As a feminist, and as a storyteller - your post offends me.

I said this in a previous post, but I guess it needs to be repeated. My issue is not that his movies and tv shows feature terrible things happening to women. My issue is that the only reason why he has these terrible things happening to them is so that it can further the character development of her male love interest. Spike attempting to rape Buffy was not put in there to shine a light on domestic abuse. It was put in there to forward Spike’s character development. Not Buffy’s. And the show made that perfectly clear in season 7 when the show tried to manipulate the audience into feeling sorry for Spike by having him go on that redemption quest. And then they go a step even further by having Buffy forgive him and take him back. What kind of message does that send to people who have been sexually abused? The show essentially used rape as a tool to make the audience root for Spike’s redemption. We didn’t get to see Buffy’s trauma or the pain she experienced, all we got was Spike trying to redeem himself. And while I’m glad he tried to atone for it, the center of attention should have been Buffy, not Spike. I don’t want to sympathize with a rapist. I don’t want to see him try to be the hero. This was the perfect opportunity for the show to give Buffy some character development and to shine a light on domestic abuse. But did it do that? No. It was just a catalyst for Spike’s redemption plot and a half-assed attempt at making Buffy fall in love with him all over again, despite the fact that he tried to rape her.

The same thing almost happened in Firefly. The original script for the show was going to have Inara gang raped as a means to flesh out Mal’s character. It even said that in the script. Again, that could have been the perfect opportunity to shine a light on the dangers and abuse sex workers experience on a daily basis, but no…the only purpose it served was to further the character development of her male love interest.

Showing abuse towards women is ok. Showing the hurdles women have to go through in life is ok. But showing abuse against women as a means to further the character development of her male counterpart is not. Manipulating the audience into feeling sympathy for the rapist is not.

I apologize if my post offended you, but a show that features a female character that forgives and rekindles a romantic relationship with a man that tried to rape her offends me even more. A show that uses rape as a catalyst to further the character development of the rapist instead of the victim offends me even more. A show that tries to turn a rapist into a hero offends me even more. And a show that has a female character gang raped as a way to further the character development of her male love interest offends me more.