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FFXV Murder AU

We discussed this over the stream last night… along side a convict AU. Might do that one too, since the possibilities are endless. But the mURDER ONE WAS CALLING OUT TO ME BECAUSE MY BRAIN IS A SCARY PLACE.

God dammit Ignis’s turned into a novel again. WHOOPS 

Poor Ignis.


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Trigger warning: mentions of blood and murder. 

Noctis Lucis Caelum  | First Degree Murder | Contract Killing | Diplomatic Immunity

As the King of the Country, Noctis has formed many enemies. The politics in Eos have often been rumored to be dangerous and dirty. Suspicious deaths have taken place to high standing government officials since the beginning of the Monarchies centuries ago. 

Ardyn Izunia, chancellor of Lucis’s enemy country; Niflheim, has caused much trouble for not only King Noctis… but for the citizens of Lucis as well. Ardyn had plagued the country with daemons and forced Noctis’s father, Regis into surrendering the lands outside of Insomnia, the capital city. 

Noctis had tried many different strategies in attempts to make amends with Izunia and his country peacefully, but to no avail. After years and years of constant clashing, Noctis had had enough. 

He felt as if he had no further options  but to enlist a hitman to end the ongoing feud with Chancellor Izuina. He turned to his trusted Royal Advisor to get the job done. 

Of course, Ignis Stupeo Scientia agreed without hesitations. His trust within the King is never ending. His loyalty remained with Noctis and the wellbeing of the country he served. He knew the consequences of his actions, but accepted his King’s request regardless. 

The job was done throughly and successfully. Ardyn Izunia was dead at the hands of both Ignis Scientia and Noctis Lucis Caelum.

It took hardly any time for the truth to surface about the murder. Noctis’s position of King kept him safe from any type of punishment, however, his actions ended up causing more harm than good.

Many of Lucis’s citizens began to question Noctis as their leader. His actions cause him to lose many valuable alliances…

A uprising is on the horizon.

Prompto Argentum | Third Degree Murder | Hit and Run | On The Run

Prompto Argentum has always been an outstanding citizen.  He was known well throughout all of Insomnia not only for his incredible photography skills, but his close friendship to the King.

Though he was a commoner, he was well respected throughout Noctis’s court. He does well for himself economically. He lives in a small apartment in Insomnia, but often finds himself venturing out of the city for photography jobs.

Lucis’s winding roads are more than often empty. Because of this, Prompto often lets his mind wander during such road trips. During one trip however, his car ended up colliding with a pedestrian not far off from an Empire Base. 

Prompto exited his vehicle to see a young woman, no older than thirty years, laying dead before him. Her platinum, silvery hair began to be tainted with a pool of her own blood. She was heavily armored, but her armor wasn’t enough to save her from a car speeding down the road. 

Prompto began to sob his apologies to the woman. Her eyes remained open, but they were lifeless and blank. 

“Aranea?” A male voice called out from a good distance away. From the Imperial Base. “She told me she was out here. Where the hell did she go?”

Prompto cursed underneath his breath as he watched as a undefinable figure exited the base. Prompto became paralyzed with fear. The closer the figure got, the clearer he could see the sight before him.

The fearsome, Areana Highwind was dead. Killed by a careless driver.

“HEY!” The figure screamed, breaking off into a sprint toward Prompto. “You killed a loyal mercenary solider to the Niflheim Empire!” The figure screamed, readying his weapon toward Prompto.

Without thinking, Prompto scurried back to his car, speeding off so the solider couldn’t follow. He is wanted throughout Lucis and Niflheim for manslaughter. Each day he remains on the run, his sentence gets worse and worse. 

Gladiolus Amicitia | Third Degree Murder | Bar Fight | 15 Years in Prison

The King’s Shield is well known to all. Many of Lucis’s enemies fear him and him alone. His brute force and occasional temper make him a force to not be reckoned with.

Still, Gladiolus finds himself fighting with strangers who wish to only prove their strength against the toughest warrior in all of Eos. The very man who defeated the legendary Gilagamesh and only left the battle with a simple scar. 

Gladio would be lying if he denied enjoy such fights. It allowed him the perfect opportunity to blow off steam, all the while getting a small workout. 

After a long day at work defending the King, Gladiolus went to a local bar found in the city of Insomnia. He visited the bar often. His frequent visits granted him a close friendship with the staff that worked there, along with several other usuals. 

He drank, he chatted. He was having fun. Of course, that fun was quickly ruined when a drunken, burly man approached Gladiolus, challenging him to a fight. 

Gladio and his sever acquaintances chuckled. It wasn’t the first time someone had challenged him in the bar… He figured it wouldn’t be the last either. 

The fight started like any other. A face off. Once the first punch was thrown, Gladio knew his new opponent would actually pose a challenge.  Gladiolus felt his rage consume him with each punch that collided with his face. ‘

The man was good. Perhaps this would be the fight Gladio would loose?

No, He thought,  I won’t be defeated by some drunkard. Through a heat of passion, Gladio picked up a glass located at the bar and broke it across the man’s head. The man soon yield, but Gladio refused to grant him the mercy he requested . He wanted to truly show his dominance… his strength. He continued to throw punch after punch. 

“Gladio! Stop!” The crowd cried. 

He didn’t listen. Only did he halt when he realized the life was drained from his opponent. Blood covered his knuckles. He had committed voluntary manslaughter. 

He accepted his punishment of time in prison with pride. He knew he deserved it. He would never live own the life he took from an innocent man.

Ignis Stupeo Scientia | First Degree Murder | Hitman | Death Penalty

When King Noctis approached Ignis with a request to eliminate Ardyn Izunia, Ignis found himself unable to decline. He knew that there would be dyer consequences for following through with the King’s request… but he didn’t care. The fate of his country felt as if it laid upon his shoulders. 

Noctis did not force this action upon Ignis. He assured him that he needn’t do it if he didn’t want to. He would find someone else to take care of such a matter…

Ignis assured the King he was willing and able to go through with the dead. He would become a hitman for the King and eliminate Lucis’s one true enemy. He would accept the consequences with open arms, though Noctis promised there would be no penalty for the deed.

Noctis soon invited the the chancellor to the Citadel to discuss terms over dinner. Of course, Ardyn accepted. The Chancellor would never turn down an opportunity to potentially humiliate Lucis’s King. 

Ignis prepared several methods in order to eliminate Ardyn. His first line of attack would be through poisoning the meal he would so willingly eat with Noctis. Incase that didn’t work… Ignis was quite skilled with a dagger.

He had been a trained fighter since childhood. Being so close to the King meant he had to trained in fighting. He had to be willing to risk his life in order to save Noctis’s. 

When the night finally arrived, Ignis found himself terrified of the crime he was about to commit. He was a man of elegance… not a murderer. He had to remind himself this was for the good of the country. 

He prepared dinner for his King as usual… making sure to add the extra ingredient into Ardyn’s meal before serving. Once the meal was served, Ignis lingered, awaiting to witness if his poison did the trick.

The Chancellor soon began to choke and gag on his food, falling from his chair and onto the floor.


After a few long minutes of a comforting silence, Ignis and Noctis approached Ardyn, only to find his eyes flickering open. “You thought a simple poison could kill me?” He smirked, getting to his feet. “I thought you were smarter than that, Mr. Scientia,” his amber eyes dragged away from the King and onto Ignis. Thinking quickly, Ignis drew his daggers, impaling Ardyn in the heart, killing him. 

Though Noctis advised his guards to leave Ignis alone, the Niflheim government took Ignis in to custody. They sentenced him to death for the murder of the Chancellor. 

[FFXV Spoilers]

Genderbend Gladnis is like the cutest and saddest thing if you think about it immediately after Leviathan battle.

Because it was mostly for sure that Gladdie had to go help Ignis with her hair, because she knows the adviser likes it perfectly brushed and perfectly combed in a perfect ponytail, but right now Ignis can’t…well…she’s struggling with it.

So Gladdie goes over to her, stops her hand and just goes “Let me do it for you”.

She brushes Ignis’ hair as best as she can, and even though she does fine and Ignis thanks her kindly, Gladdie just hates and despices this, not because it’s a bother to her but because she isn’t meant to be helping someone who could do such a simple task on her own just three days ago.

Idk, the mental image of a sad Gladdie helping female Ignis with her hair is just…aodhfsiasdkljsdfj give it to me.


Hello again! I’m “deadBatter” - russian cosplayer and propmaker

today I’ve gathered all my cosplay tests and finished cosplay into these two pics
also I’ve got all links and added them to description so If you want to see more of specific cosplay - just click the number in brackets(1 - oldest post,10 - most recent post. so you can see how that cosplay was changing)
there you can see pictures, gifs and videos! have fun)

so picture one - cosplay tests(left to right):
male!Aradia -  pics(1)
male!Terezi -  pics(1
insane clown posse Gamzee
Dammek(antler troll) - pics(1)
Tavros -  pics(1)
male!Kanaya -  pics(1) gifs(1)
hipsterstuck Jake -  pics(1)
nightclub John - gifs(1)
Bro - pics(1 2)

so picture two - finished cosplay(left to right):
Jake - pics(1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9) gifs(1)
Dave  -  pics(1 2)
Bro  -  pics(1 2)
male!Vriska  -  pics(1 2 3) gifs(1)
male!Aranea  -  pics(1 2) gifs(1 2)
Gamzee  -  pics(1 2 3 4) gifs(1 2 3 4 5 6 7)
Kurloz -  pics(1)
Eridan  -  pics(1 2) vids(1)
Cronus  -  pics(1 2)
male!Marquise  -  pics(1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12) vids(1)

also here you can find links to my crafts:
treasure chest
Dave Strider timetables (1 2)
HORNS(1 2 3 4 5 6 7)
pointy ears(1 2)
katarina blades(1 2 3 4)
glasses -  pics(1)
phone charms  -  pics(1)
clocks  -  pics(1)

quite big work, yeah?


[S] Homestucks at the Milwaukee Public Museum

Rae celebrated her 23rd birthday at the Milwaukee Public Museum. The group consisted of ten people! So many ships, so many shenanigans and so much fun.

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