male anglerfish

What if Alien Kings did exist but their biology works almost exactly like male anglerfish, and they “mate” by merging with the Queen and thus permanently fertilizing her

And what remains is the little arms on the Queen’s chest

Floppy trash snake is terrible at eating food, has gross empty puppet body, bugs eyes out while being held, smooshes mushy face against any available surface, is generally unphotogenic.

If he could, C-word would be like a male anglerfish and permanently attach himself to a lady and slowly atrophy into a weird little pouch of male gonads.

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Thank you so much for asking! Now I can do THE OTP

who’s the werewolf and who’s the hunter - This is one that could definitely go both ways! Hm I’d like to think Levi’s the hunter and Hanji’s the werewolf. Levi’s all set on killing her, until he finds about her ways, and she’s kind of hurt about how he thinks she’s a monster, lots of misunderstandings occur.

who’s the mermaid and who’s the fisherman - Again, levihan is so versatile so this could definitely go both ways. I’m partial to Hanji mermaid and Levi fisherman though. Hanji teaching Levi about her world, and being interested in the human world is something really really great. But then you think about Hanji the fisherman being really really excited about Levi the merman, and wanting to know all about the mermaids °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

who’s the witch and who’s the familiar - Hanji’s the witch. Definitely definitely. Maybe Hanji saved his life or something so he feels indebted and serves her, because Hanji would not be a bad witch, but even after the debt expires, he doesn’t really want to leave. Maybe it’s because he has nowhere else to go, maybe because he just wants to be with her?

who’s the barista and who’s the coffee addict - It’s canon that Levi loves tea, so I’d think Hanji’d love coffee. Especially to combat all those late nights. Levi would be that crappy barista that hates his job, and Hanji would start talking to him all the time, and maybe he’d start hating it a little less.

who’s the professor and who’s the TA - Hanji’s the professor and Levi’s the TA. Hanji’d talk extensively and passionately about science things no one knows about, like quantum physics! or kidney functions! or how male anglerfish are so much smaller that they just latch on to females, fuse his face into her body and release sperm for reproduction! and then Levi’s just sighing and reminding her to mark the essays and not to gross out the kids too too much.

who’s the knight and who’s the prince(ss) - IT COULD GO BOTH WAYS! But I like Hanji as the shitty princess, who keeps getting her dresses muddy or something, and Levi’s like the exasperated knight who has to keep her out of trouble. But then again… Levi as a kind of lonely prince who gets a kinda clumsy, very enthusiastic knight to protect him, and he insists he doesn’t need protecting, maybe he just needs a friend.

who’s the teacher and who’s the single parent - I can’t really imagine Hanji as a single parent, so I guess Levi’d have to be. Besides I already imagine Hanji as a teacher, so I kinda see this. I’m probably taking this a bit too much from @julystorms here :P but yeah, Levi fathering Isabel/Farlan (who are teens) and Hanji being super encouraging and sweet!

who’s the writer and who’s the editor - Hanji’s the writer and Levi’s the editor. I don’t want to make it seem like he’s her sidekick, but I think Hanji would have much more imagination for writing, but then again I don’t think Levi would make an especially great editor? Maybe he’d like to think that he’s helping but he’s actually not, and just makes her snacks while she’s writing lmao. She credits him as her editor though, and he’s very happy about that.

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how are the types w/ crushes and flirting?

INFP: INFP has already envisioned an entire life together, but you’ll never know because they jump into the bushes every time they see you. INFP brings spare bushes in their backpack in the event that they run into you in a desert.

ENFP: Did you ever have personal space? Don’t get used to it. You wake up one day to find ENFP has moved into your house. ENFP has always been there.

INFJ: INFJ sacrifices goats to the spirits for guidance and invests in magic herbs. Maybe don’t drink that tea they just gave you.

ENFJ: ENFJ asks if you need help on your homework, and before you know it, you’ve told them your deepest darkest secrets. How did that happen? ENFJ has never felt more alive.

ISFJ: Melts into a pool of tepid rose-scented water. Oops.

ESFJ: Over a period of months, ESFJ amasses a comprehensive database of information on you. One day, you mention you’re thirsty and ESFJ offers you your favorite drink. “How did you-” you begin. “What?” says ESFJ. “Here, have a cookie.”

ISTJ: “Siri, how does one flirt? Asking for a friend.”

ESTJ: “I have a romantic interest in you. Is it reciprocated? Please RSVP to my secretary by Wednesday.”

INTP: Says nothing. Little do you know that their “anxious tapping” on the table is actually a binary profession of love.

ENTP: ENTPs flirt with everyone except the people they actually like.

INTJ: INTJ has written a series of algorithms for interaction with you. “Hi INTJ,” you say and touch INTJ on the shoulder. INTJ was not prepared for this. Error: self destruct. INTJ bursts into flames.

ENTJ: “You. Me. Dinner. Tonight.” Refuse at your own risk.

ISFP: Hires a group of friends to surround them and have fun at all times. ISFP is such a fun person, always laughing, you think.

ESFP: Takes a cue from the male anglerfish and physically attaches to you.

ISTP: Frustrated with cumbersome emotions, ISTP performs a self-lobotomy at home with a wrench and some pliers. ISTP has trouble with fine motor function for the rest of their life, but DIY surgery is otherwise successful.

ESTP: *smolders* You’re done for.

imagine deep sea mermaids.

mermaids with bioluminescent scales, mermaids with lures for attracting their prey, mermaids with long jagged teeth and glowing eyes and ragged fins; an all-female race of mermaids that reproduce like the anglerfish, the males of their species inconsequential & impermanent; mermaids who float alone in the deepest parts of the oceans, wild sea things darting away from the approaching lights of submarines, mermaids’ tails dragging along in the muck of sand and decay, mermaids whose homes are the ancient ribcages of half-buried whales. 

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Did you know that Kangaroos have three vaginas? Or that male anglerfish are tiny, attach onto the women to feed and slowly degenerate into just a set of gonads on the women because they stop requiring their own systems?

that last one is a metaphor for something