male!vriska serket

“Homestuck is bad because it actually turned my friend into a maniac who won’t rest until everybody loves Vriska and agrees with everything she says” - anon

You drew your own gemsona for fun, as many Crystal Gems are prone to do. She is the best character, and you wish you were her. Oh wait, you are her! Your wish has been granted. Probably as a special boon for being so great at everything.

Her name is Bloodstone, scourge of commoners and Diamonds alike, and worst nightmare to silly RUBIES everywhere. She has accumulated more replica anime swords and gained more friends than any member of the QUARTZ class ever. She gained all the friends. All of them.


Homestuck doesn’t queerbait, it straightbaits.

Remember when the comic seemed as if Dave would end up with Jade and Karkat would end up with Terezi? Yeah well DaveKat is canon instead

Way back when it seemed like John and Rose were set up to be together but she has super hot alien vamp wife.

Roxy and John are getting along well! Oh no she’s gay and possibly dating his grandma too

Terezi obviously has to choose between Karkat and D– nevermind she chose Vriska

The hets have been bamboozled again