male!vriska serket


Excuse my horrid face and my inability to pose like dave cx

If you see yourself, feel free to tag yourself, or tell me and I’ll do it :3

Surry for the spam to come n.n

darbyusagi is god tier Rose

genetically-terminal is god tier Vriska


                          ~Spencerofspace cosplay of 2013~  

Well, I had be asked if I would do a cosplay recap of this year. I even included some of my shitty closet cosplay. They are vaguely in in order, though I did have a basic Dave cosplay at the start but I couldn’t fit it in. I hope you guys have enjoyed my cosplay this year as much as I have! Look forward to more ^.^ thank you for all your support <3



(this is my slightly reworked cosplay of male!Marquise. but I’ve not won anything on the con with it :C )

(btw - is anyone want to see post about me? some info about who am I, how I look and what I like)

epic right?