A Chance Meeting Turned Awry | artistic-stateoftheworld

A quick errand. That’s what it all was. Shintaro sighed as he adjusted his grip on the numerous grocery bags that he was carrying towards his home. He had only accepted the troublesome chore for two reasons: one, he was the only one at home and his mother had been too busy with entertaining guests that had appeared moments after he had just gotten home from another boring day at school. And two, he saw this as a chance to be able to buy some soda seeing as he wasn’t able to on his way home.

Indeed, buying soda had been one of the main reasons. Of course no one knew about his… obsession like for the carbonated drink.

“At least I’ll be home before evening.” He mutters, stopping just a bit to check if he hadn’t forgotten anything. He didn’t want to have to go back again since it was too much of a hassle. “Well, nothing’s missing I guess.”

Shrugging his shoulders, the teen continues on his way only to once more when he spotted the familiar figure of his upperclassman. Haruka-senpai? He wonders if he should greet him or not seeing as they weren’t really that close to one another. He wasn’t close to anyone in general though.

“Haruka-senpai.” He manages to greet, stopping just for a moment to greet the taller male. “Takane isn’t with you?” Usually the two would go home together after school and Shintaro wondered why exactly this time the short tempered teen wasn’t with the other.

“Well either way, I have to get going. I’m still on an errand.” He says, gesturing a bit to the grocery bags in his arms. “I’ll be seeing you, senpai.”