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being with Chekov when he receives an important call. You can’t help but resist teasing him.

“Commander Spock sir!” Chekov greeted, as you sat at the meeting table you were in. You had only came in to keep Chekov company until the end of his shift. Mr Spock was on the comm, instructing Chekov on a few of his duties he had to do. It was exceptionally boring, especially when Chekov began to look through the data in front of him and ignore you completely.

Deciding that you at least deserved to have a little fun, you began to get a terribly wicked idea in your head. Leaning forward in your chair, you slipped a hand onto his knee. Immediately Chekov’s eyes shot up, his cheeks flushing slightly as he gazed at you. Smirking at him, you slowly ran your fingers up and down his thigh, making him stiffen in his seat.

“I need you to revise your navigation plan to planet Endux 32. There is going to be a meteor storm in that sector” Spock instructed, none the wiser as to what was happening in the meeting room. 

Chekov’s face held a slightly impressed look and was breathing heavier. “Of course Commander Spock, I will do so right away” Chekov agreed, turning back to the comm. Flattening your hand on his thigh, you slid your hand further down onto his inner thigh, gripping lightly. You heard him stutter mid word, brain short circuiting at your touch.

“Please Y/N…” he breathed, begging you to stop your sweet torture.

“Listen to Commander Spock, Pavel” you whispered, biting your lip as he turned back to the comm link with Spock. 

“Mr Chekov, are you listening to me?” Spock demanded, making Chekov’s attention turn away from the seductive touches that were working their way closer and closer to his groin and back to the navigation chart.

Gritting your teeth in frustration, you slipped out of your chair and in between Chekov’s legs under the table. Running both of your hands up his thigh, you breathed hotly over the obvious bulge in his pants. His hand came to work it’s way into your hair, pulling slightly at you to get you to stop. 

Mouthing at his hardening cock, you grimaced at the tug of your hair but didn’t stop. Finally Chekov was paying attention to you instead of the datapad in his hand. You could feel the heat of his cock against your tongue, making sure to wet the black pants and sucking lightly on him. Pavel groaned, unable to keep in the noise as you distracted him from his work. Making sure to stroke his thighs up and down, you knew that it was torturing him to keep his composure. 

“Aye! Aye! Aye! Aye!” Pavel cried, shaking his head as you looked up from between his legs and to his flushed face. His cheeks were red, eyes wide and mouth agape as he was panting heavily. “Yes Commander! I will… I will… get the revised… navigation chart to you tomorrow” Chekov stuttered, trying to pull you away from the tent in his pants. 

There was a knock on the door and you quickly jumped up, hitting your head on the table. Pavel cursed quietly in Russian, pushing his chair away so you could climb out. “Wait there! This room is occupied” Chekov called out, helping you up. Trying desperately to fix your hair and your shirt, you looked anxiously around you and at him who looked as panicked as you.

“Mr Chekov, open this door. This is a direct order from your superior officer” the all too familiar voice of Commander Spock came through. 

Giving up on hiding any more evidence of your little game, Chekov typed in the code to open the door. “Mr Spock, I’m sorry the door must have been stuck. What can we do to help you?” you greeted, looking at him innocently. Not like you were going to suck Chekov off under the table. 

“Ensign Y/N, I am here to inform Ensign Chekov of some changes that need to be done to the navigation chart. Please would you inform engineering that the door needs to be fixed as soon as possible” Spock ordered, looking between you and Chekov curiously. You prayed that Spock wouldn’t think anything of Chekov’s flushed look and your desperate urge to leave the room.

“Of course Commander” you nodded, moving past him. As soon as you were behind Spock’s back, you winked cheekily at Chekov before hurrying on down to Engineering to put in a report. Even though you knew there was nothing wrong with the door, it was best to be thorough in case the Commander checked. You just hoped that Chekov wouldn’t be so distracted now that you weren’t there.

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Can you do a Spock X Male!Reader where the reader is kinda like Sherlock? Like, he is really smart and can easily figure things out about people, but he gets easily flustered when someone figures out something about him. So, of course, Spock figures out something about our dear reader. :)

Spock X Reader – Sherlock

A/N – I hope you don’t mind that I made this gender-neutral, if you do, I’ll go back and change it, making two copies; one for each gender.

Warnings – None.

Rating – T

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Spock stood primly next to Kirk as the report on Khan and his crew was delivered to Starfleet HQ; the meeting had already been postponed too long due to Kirk’s recovery in the hospital. Admiral Hackett headed the meeting alongside a few other Admirals, all waiting to hear the conclusion of the battle and the whereabouts of the cryo-pods.

After all the required information had been gathered, Hackett leaned forward, addressing Kirk, “Captain, is there anything else you wish to present before we conclude this meeting?”

“Yes sir,” Kirk motioned for Spock to step forward.

“First officer Spock, you have something to present?”

“Yes sir,” Spock answered respectfully, holding up a black square disk.

“What is that?”

“It was recovered from Khan’s body. An expert on Earth’s 20th Century informed me it’s an archaic piece of technology used primarily for data storage; it’s known to be a floppy disk.”

“Can you tell us what data stored on it?”

“That’s the problem Admiral,” Kirk commented. “The technology’s encrypted and too ancient for any of our experts to decipher; we were hoping you’d know of someone that could help.”

Two of the female Admirals on Hackett’s left murmured to one-another before the one closest conferred quietly with him. He looked mildly stunned before reluctantly nodding his head and facing Kirk once more. “Admiral Roberts has suggested (F/N) (L/N) as a solution to this dilemma.”

“(F/N) (L/N)?”

“Yes, (s)he was a student here quite some time ago, specialising in ancient technologies, though (s)he later dropped off the course due to some… social problems.”

“Social problems sir?”

Hackett sighed, dropping formalities slightly, “Kirk, I’ll be honest, (Y/N) is the best person for the job but (s)he isn’t the easiest person to work with; that’s why (s)he left the course, you may want to look for someone more trust-worthy.”

“I think we can handle it sir.”

“Very well. There is one more condition however. You must remain in the hospital wing until the doctors deem you fit for active duty, understood?”

Kirk tensed, he thought about arguing his case but quickly rejected the idea; Admiral Hackett wasn’t the type to change his mind, nor was he forgiving to those who challenged his authority. “Very well sir, though I’d like to request First officer Spock and Chief Medical Officer McCoy be the ones to approach (L/N).”

“Request granted, meeting adjourned.”

The admirals rose, leaving Spock and Kirk alone in the meeting room. “Spock, I want constant updates on that disk.”

“Understood, Captain.” Spock replied.

You picked up your phaser upon hearing your doorbell go off; nobody made a habit of visiting you without calling ahead first so whoever it was had to be either rude, stupid, or a dissatisfied third party. Regardless, you didn’t suffer fools gladly, and they were about to discover that, one way or another.

You glanced through the peep-hole of your apartment, irked to find to members of Starfleet. Despite your initial instinct to leave them there until they left, you needed the pay that their work could bring.

“What’s the job?” You demanded upon opening the door, hiding your phaser on the table behind you.

One man, the Vulcan, raised an eyebrow, while the other spluttered momentarily.

“How did you-” One asked in his Southern accent.

“Friends call ahead; so do jobs typically. Starfleet regulation uniforms. He’s a chief science officer, where else would Starfleet put a Vulcan willing to work with them? And you- you have a stain on the side of your shirt, green liquid with a slight aroma… medical officer, presumably the chief.”

“Incredible.” McCoy murmured.

“What’s the job?”

“All right, to begin with I’m Doctor McCoy and this is Mr Spock-”

“I didn’t ask your names, I asked what the job is. If you’re going to be a bumbling fool and continue to waste my time then I suggest you find somebody else.”

“Unbelievable, Spock you take this one, (s)he’s insufferable.” McCoy growled.

Spock considered apologising on behalf of McCoy but quickly moved on to pull out the floppy disk. “Recently, this item was removed from a criminal who had particular ties with the 20th century. It’s been encrypted and we were informed that you are able to decrypt it.”

You nodded. “And?”

“And what?” McCoy spat. “We want you to decrypt it.”

“I’ll bet that sour attitude is why you’re divorced.”

“How dare-”

“No. How dare you? You come to my house without calling ahead, waste my time, and then don’t even offer payment. In my book that’s rude. Look, I know I’m an asshole but what’s your excuse, hmm? If you have a problem with the observations I make then you’ve clearly spent too much time around people who spend their entire lives with closed eyes. It’s clear you were married, you have the indentation of a wedding ring, clearly long gone. Not to mention, you came here partially drunk, I could smell you through the door.”

Spock raised both eyebrows, questioning McCoy with a glance. You grinned as another, albeit surprising, realisation hit. “And you,” You addressed Spock, “You’re half human. Now that’s a mix I never thought I’d see.”

“We are wasting time,” Spock noted, stopping your spree. “You need this job and we need your help; surely that is enough to foster an agreement.”

You glowered. “What makes you think I need this?”

“There is an eviction notice below your feet; it’s a final notice.”

You blushed furiously. Other people weren’t supposed to notice things, that was you job, it’s what made you special; you wanted to be angry even if you didn’t have the right.

When you didn’t speak, Spock continued, “It’s like you said, I do not go through life ‘with closed eyes.’”

‘Was that sarcasm?’ You wondered. If it was, what other traits did the hybrid contain? He was unlike any puzzle you’d faced before, you wanted to unlock him more than anything.

Hiding your new-found enthusiasm, you snatched the floppy-disk away. “Pay this month’s rent and I’ll do it. Alone.

As you’d predicted, McCoy stepped forward angrily. “If you think we’re leaving you with classified information, you’re as crazy as a soup sandwich.”

“Then what do you suggest? That I work with one of you?” You added extra sarcasm for emphasis.

“Would you be willing to?” Spock asked.

You hid a smile. “Who’d it be?”


“Hmm…. Make it two months’ rent and I suppose I can work with a baby sitter.”

Spock nodded in agreement. “Then we have an agreement.”

You opened your door wider. “Make yourself at home.” Facing McCoy, you added, “Pick him up tomorrow at 6:00 pm.”

Although you knew the disk could’ve been done in under an hour, you’d be sure to take it extra slowly; deciphering the Vulcan was sure to take quite some time.

We laughed and we joked, and so far we hadn’t even gotten to the reason why I was there…Finally they said, ‘This has really been wonderful,’ and they asked me to read for them. I said, 'I’d love to.’ They handed me a script and apologized, saying the part I’d be playing would be the communications officer, but that they were changing the whole role, that there was nothing for me to read, and would I read this part here, because that would probably be close…

And I said, 'Oh, well, tell me about this Spock person, what does she do?’ And they explained, 'Oh, wait a minute, you’re not reading for Spock now. Spock is male and has already been cast. We just felt in order to get a feeling…’ I said, 'Why don’t you tell me about the character, the person, and I can read it as if I’m going after that role, and you can see if I can act.’

Joe Sargent said, 'That’s a great idea…He’s half-alien, has green blood, and he’s totally logical about everything.’ I said, 'What do you mean he’s half-alien?’ They said, 'His mother’s an earthling,’ and I said, 'Well, then he doesn’t have total logic,’ and we laughed about that.

So I read for the role, pretending I was up for the part of a female Spock…When I finished, one of the guys said, 'Call down to personnel to see if Leonard Nimoy has signed his contract yet.’ Of course, they knew he had, but that was their charming way of telling me that I had really done a good job.

—  Nichelle Nichols describes her audition for Star Trek in front of Gene Roddenberry, Joe Sargent, Eddie Milkis, and Gregg Peters. From a 1987 interview printed in The Star Trek Interview Book by Allan Asherman.
Is BBC Sherlock Coming Out?

Watching the pre-season BBC Sherlock, S4, promotional material seep out, and the answering fan excitement in TJLC fandom, is such a heart-stopping moment in television. The JohnLock Conspiracy being the idea that Moffat and Gatiss planned, from the start, to make John and Sherlock, eventually, canonically queer and in love, and to believe that that is where their BBC version of Sherlock is headed.

Older LGBT+ folk like me (Gatiss’ generation) have lived with queer subtext for a long time in the movies, for instance Ben Hur (1959), Lawrence of Arabia (1962), Some Like it Hot (1959) and Gatiss’ favourite, The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes (1970), to name just a few which affected me as a youngster. This subtext was subversive when out LGBT+ people’s stories were simply impossible to tell on screen, often inserted by queer writers and complicit actors under the noses of the studios (which either didn’t notice, or didn’t care because it was covert or played for laughs).  Remember, that “sodomy” was a felony in every state in the United States before 1962 (punishable by imprisonment or hard labour) and it took until 2003 for it to be struck down in all remaining states, and homosexuality was only decriminalised in the UK in 1967.

But now, in the early 21st century, queer subtext exists at a complicated juncture. 

Because it IS now possible to tell out LGBT+ people’s stories on-screen (to an extent - not everywhere and not equally) and we, the LGBT+ audience, are wondering whether queer subtext is now the opposite of subversive - and rather, has become cowardly, needlessly closeted, and teasing (”queerbaiting”). 

There’s certainly been a metric tonne of queer subtext in the BBC’s current Sherlock, just as there was a bunch of it in the BBC’s Merlin and as there continues to be, at 12 seasons and counting, in the CW’s Supernatural.  There’s already a heap of it in the new BBC America’s Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency.  But, is this subtext subversive or regressive, exploitative, or boundry-pushing?

It’s a tremendously difficult question. For instance, we might find all the set dressing narrative, script subtext and acting choices in Supernatural which suggest Dean Winchester is bisexual, subversive - a nod to the LGBT+ audience (and the rest of the audience receptive to the subtext) in the face of a network which demands a heterosexual hero story. On the other hand, as other shows (to be fair, which started later) give us out male bisexual characters (such as Sense8 and Shadowhunters), we might feel that it’s long past the time to be simply hinting at a love which, surely, no longer need dare not speak its name 

In some ways, the space for queer subtext has shrunk. Just compare the 2016 Ben Hur (no subtext) with the 1959 Ben Hur (where Gore Vidal the writer, spoke in The Celluloid Closet, after the event, about deliberately inserting it): 

That’s partly because as the general audience has become (somewhat) more literate at spotting it, this has clearly, in some cases driven it further underground. The silver screen has grasped telling LGBT+ stories which specifically revolve around the sexuality or gender journeys of those characters, but it is still tentative about incidental LGBT+ characters (where their sexuality/ gender identity is not THE story) particularly in relation to central hero characters. 

In the original Star Trek movies, 1-3 in particular (Star Trek: The Motion Picture 1979, Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan 1982, Star Trek III: The Search for Spock 1984) - the Kirk/ Spock subtext is at the core of the story. It was clearly deliberately written into the narrative structure (separation from the beloved, reunion with the beloved, intense sacrifice for the beloved, reunion once more with the beloved). Decker and Ilia in the first movie are Kirk and Spock mirrors and they tell (in “acceptable” heterosexual form on-screen) the same gender love story of Kirk and Spock themselves. 

When it comes to the reboot movies, as the general audience, some thirty + years later, has become better at reading queer subtext (LGBT rights struggles having de-invisibilised us, to an extent) in some ways it has become more difficult to use it (for nervous studios with an eye on global box-office). The reboot movies felt the need to create Spock/ Nyota to give Spock an emotional center which was not primarily Kirk i.e. to “heterosexualise” the heart of Spock. Nor does Chris Pine look adoringly at Zachary Quinto the way William Shatner looked at Leonard Nimoy. 

Yes, we can now have side-character Sulu as out, gay and married (note, not as single and flirty) but we have LESS space on-screen, apparently, to suggest the core male hero duo Kirk/ Spock are each other’s deepest loves than we did thirty + years ago. Of course, that’s partly the difference between Rodenberry and JJ Abrams - but it’s also a product of the zeitgeist.  

So, it’s fascinating to watch millenial Sherlock viewers dare to believe that unequivocally overt Johnlock is possible and is coming. An elaborate and clearly deliberate subtext supports a queer reading, no doubt, but will that break cover unequivocally for the general audience? That is the question.

Xena and Gabrielle in Xena: Warrior Princess (1995-2001) almost came out (the subtext floated closer and closer to the surface) but never quite. Willow in Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997-2003) was introduced to us with a crush on a guy friend, then with a boyfriend, then she fell in love with a girl later. In both cases, we know that the creatives had to negotiate these relationships delicately with their networks in the 1990s. Now, we’ve got many side (although not main) LGB characters on television (and a few trans characters, such as in Orange is the New Black, Sense8 and Transparent) although there is still a distressing tendency to kill them off (Charlie in Supernatural, Lexa in The 100 being recent examples). 

But - an out Sherlock/ John love story really would be a first (on-screen - it’s been done in book form already). Two literary hero characters, so embedded in the canon, Victorian in origin to boot, in an adaptation loved around the world? Yes, that would count as ground-breaking.

Good luck TJLC! 

I want to believe.      

It really bothers me that the only ‘proper’ permanent deaths in Star Trek are female characters.

Of the male characters who died, Spock obviously comes back in his own movie. Trip and Data both die in the stupidest way possible at the end of their respective series, and the post-series novels eventually bring them both back and fix what happened.

And yet, Tasha Yar, K’Ehleyr, Ziyal, Jadzia, not one of them needed to be killed off (after all, Gates left Next Gen too, but they didn’t kill Bev, so she was able to come back!) and yet they all died in the most tragic, pointless way - and in three of the cases caused a lot of manpain and ~drama~.

Also, it’s only ever actresses that want to leave - or are asked to leave in the case of Jennifer Lien. Probably because they have more of a time limit in Hollywood I guess?

I don’t know, I’ve just been thinking about it a lot, writing this fic about Tasha, and having written fic where K’Ehleyr still lives. It’s just really kind of shitty when you notice there’s a pattern, you know?


Spock paused for a moment before replying “That may be so, Captain, but I assure you that I am more Vulcan than human, even if the genetic code is split fifty-fifty.” he insisted, stepping into the lift once it had opened “As for your suggestion that I ‘repress’ said emotions, I can assure you that is not true. Vulcans do not repress.”

Jim quirked his brow, listening to what Spock had to say before butting it again with a raised finger. “That still technically means that you are half human, and that means you can express emotions like human’s can, you just choose not to, you hide them away. Look at all the times when you could have at least freakin’ smiled, but no, you just stood there, lookin’ like a slapped ass.” Kirk stated, shaking his head with a smirk graced upon his lips.

‘i was curious about k/s because it didn’t make sense to me and still doesn’t

“i just don’t see it that way :)’

'the relationship between kirk and spock is almost like the frodo/sam friendship’ 'it’s because it’s an ancient greek-style relationship between two men’

(also this ONE PERSON discussing how kirk directs his male gaze on spock constantly like. THanks)


'in modern day i can see how they would be gay but i just don’t think it could have happened in the 60s' 

CLASSIC: spock and kirk were definitely 'bros before hoes’ type men lol

'i think it’s a nice vision of the future that men can be so close and NOT be gay :)’

and another classic: a romance cheapens their DEEP DEEP BROTHERLY FRIENDSHIP


'gays want to see a gay relationship in everything'