WriterofthePrompts Ultimate Ask Masterlist

I’ve decided to make a masterlist of asks I’ve done to make them easier to find for you guys (and for myself). I split them into categories as best as I could by genre and topic. Also, some asks have some helpful tips in the notes as well to check out (some are marked but not all) and if you have anything to add that you think would help, feel free to reply or reblog with your addition. I’ll try to keep it updated with future asks.

Now without further ado, the strangest and most wonderful list I’ve ever made.

World Building

Character Development

Writing Different Types of Characters

Character Family


Sci Fi





Magic and Witches

Angels and Demons



Battle Scenes

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hey i love this game a lot and see lotsa ppl sad they cannot play it so have a quick giveaway

info bout game:
u play as a rad dad and will date some other rad dad likely. options in it include being able to make ur player dad trans, and choosing options as having previous had a husband or wife or if you adopted or got your kid through birth. its very open to whatever you are and very casual fun time. nothing nsfw but some implied things so be careful 


  •  rebagle = entry. idc if you do it a million times or what. 
  •  ill close it and pick a random person at likeeee 11pm EST today (20th)
  •  u gotta be my friend on steam for at least 5 whole minutes so i can send u it
  • please be any sorta lgbtq+ to enter. im not gonna quiz you its based on trust  that this is a cool game of dating dudes as a male protag and id rather someone queer who cant afford it get it
  • u aint lgbtq but u wanna share it for all ur cool queer pals?? totes okay just mention it in ur tags somehow
  • any other q hollah at me

okay that all please enjoy

honestly I want to put Joss Whedon on trial and read his rejected Wonder Woman script back to him like “you had men call Diana a bitch and a whore, you made a wonder woman movie centred around a man, you dropped your one pg-13 f-bomb to have Steve degrade Diana some more…” and then at the end I give him a serious psycho-analyzation read like “you hate women for not fucking you and only you. All your male protags are men you wish you could be which sucks because they’re all terrible and the fact that you don’t see that will plague your life with misery and loneliness until you die” and honestly I haven’t planned a punishment bc I’m hoping he’ll just burst into flames

Kylo Ren:

- Confirmed to have destroyed the new Jedi Order, which would involve killing hundreds of people, some of them children.

- Idolizes his grandfather pre-redemption, when he was basically a magic space Nazi, and wants to help bring the space facists back

-Mind raped and tortured Rey for information

- Killed his father, one of the best characters on the entire Star Wars cannon, on screen, in an extremely brutal fashion

- Is a generally unlikable person, an edgelord full of impotent rage and daddy issues

- Is white

Yet y'all will keep shipping his shitty ass with Rey, a person he literally tortured, who’s tried to kill him, and who looked up to his father like he was her own right up until he MURDERED HIM.

Meanwhile Finn:

- Followed his conscious and left a fascist organization at continued risk to his own life

- Helped ferry a Droid with vital information to the Resistance

- Continued to follow his conscious and join the Resistance even after a moment of doubt

- Actually has a positive relationship with Rey based on mutual trust and forgiveness

- Is generally an adorable, kind, and friendly person while still being a badass (something rare in male protags)

- Is black

We see what your doing here, folks, it’s pretty fucking obvious whether you realize you're​ doing it or not.

the worst argument against female protagonists (specifically in the persona series) i’ve ever seen is “well the persona games are really story heavy so adding a female option would be too difficult because they’d have to write 2 scripts for both options”

ok? then don’t make it an option? just make the game’s protag be a girl. yknow. do exactly what they’ve done for the past 3 games. but make it a girl. why can a female protagonist only exist as an option? if that’s too difficult for you then just make the protagonist a girl no option for gender at all the protag is just a girl and everyone has to accept that.

and don’t have it be some p2 bullshit where there are 2 games and everyone only plays the one with the male protag. just one (1) game with a female protag and that’s it that’s the game no possibilty for exclusion from persona series protag group pics because she’s “not canon” or “maya doesn’t count because EP doesn’t count for whatever reason” she’s THE protag and there’s no way to argue it

My movie holy trinity: The Fifth Element; Pacific Rim; Jupiter Ascending

- screwball plots that everyone just rolls with, doesn’t pretend to be meta to justify themselves, yet with consistent internal logic

- female protagonists–they’re all very different from each other but they get to be weak, strong, kick-ass, cry, all in the same plot. femininity doesn’t take just a single form.

- male protagonists who look at them like they’re made of gold, male protagonists who stand up for them and try to help them to the best of their ability

- UNAPOLOGETIC AESTHETIC EVERYWHERE: flying cars and bright colours in 5thE; giant robots and monsters in PacRim; all the fucking fashion in JA–sure, the future is fucking horrible, but it will look cool nonetheless

- alternate models of masculinity alongside the range of femininity

- amazing soundtracks

- no gratuitous objectification of female protags

- gratuitous objectification of male protags

- really nifty side characters with amazing aesthetic that I can care about (I only wish 5thE and PacRim had more side female characters who were kickass)

- people of colour in the future, in space, in leadership positions

anonymous asked:

Bisexual books by bi women authors, please 😊

(I’m assuming you’re looking for bi female protags. If you’re all looking for bi male protags by bi female authors, too, Ask again and I’ll toss out a few more.)

Out now: Otherbound by Corinne Duyvis, Not Otherwise Specified by Hannah Moskowitz, Far From You by Tess Sharpe, Not Your Sidekick by CB Lee, Run by Kody Keplinger, Out of Order by Casey Lawrence (YA), The Saint by Tiffany Reisz (Romance)

Crossing the Bi/Pan borders - Rebekah Weatherspoon is pan and her So Sweet series has a bi female MC, as does her The Fling; I (Dahlia Adler) am bi and Out on Good Behavior has a pan female MC. (And Under the Lights has a bi LI.) Maria Hollis and Chelsea Cameron both ID on the queer spectrum and have pan female MCs in The Melody of You and Me and Double Exposure, respectively. G.L. Tomas IDs as Pan and has a bi MC in F*ths.

Upcoming in 2017: Noteworthy by Riley Redgate, How to Make a Wish by Ashley Herring Blake, 27 Hours by Tristina Wright, The Seafarer’s Kiss by Julia Ember, Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde

(There are obviously a lot more, but I err on the side of authors I’m sure are out as bi. If for any reason, other people on Tumblr, you add recs to this thread, please do the same.) 

On tolerance, inclusiveness, and semantics in the Sherlock Holmes fandom

I’ve been hesitant to post this big wall of text because I wasn’t sure if it’d be worth the shit that will inevitably follow from those insecure enough to be offended by a random person’s opinion on the internet, but I’ve decided that self-censorship is a shitty thing and mob mentality shouldn’t be allowed to dictate what people feel safe about publishing. (The fact that I have to say that in 2017 illustrates a point in itself, what a time to be alive.)

There’s something I’ve been waiting to see addressed for a while now but I haven’t seen it happen. Maybe the perception is that there are so few of us that it doesn’t seem worth it to speak out, or maybe I’ve just missed it, but I suppose a few extra paragraphs from me can’t hurt. I want to talk about the marginalisation of minority interpretations in the Sherlock Holmes fandom on this site. By and large, I think Tumblr is a liberal website. People talk a lot about tolerance, about diversity, about representation, progressiveness, and inclusion, and the Holmes fandom is no exception.

But my question is, how can people claim to care about inclusiveness when they have “JOHNLOCK IS CANON” emblazoned on their blogs as if that is the one true and correct interpretation and everything else is wrong and unacceptable? How can people claim to care about tolerance when the mere sight of a post making an asexual interpretation of Holmes is apparently so repulsive to them that they have to immediately unfollow the person who dared put that on their dash? How, I ask, can people claim to care about diversity when they conclude that anything which excludes the possibility of Johnlock must be homophobic, as if homosexuality is the only other sexuality in existence? Let’s be totally honest here, bisexual interpretations of Watson are only a popular thing because of his “inconvenient” marriage to Mary (forgetting for a moment those who go so far as to assert that he is in fact just gay and his marriage was just denial or something). If he hadn’t gotten married to a woman, nobody (this is an hyperbole) would think to make him bisexual. Nobody thinks to make Granada Watson bisexual. Why bother? He only needs to be gay so everyone can have their two male protags get it on and live happily ever after. Is that caring about diversity?

I’ve been on this site for one and a half years and very rarely have I ever felt excluded, but in every one of those few instances in which I have, it’s been in relation to Johnlock. Now, this isn’t saying that all Johnlock shippers are exclusive or intolerant. But it’s no secret that Johnlockers do make up a large majority of the Holmes fandom on Tumblr, and it gets to the point where those who are not Johnlockers sometimes don’t feel like they’re welcome. One more time for those who didn’t get it the first time, I am not saying that all Johnlockers are exclusive or intolerant. ‘Most apples are red’ doesn’t mean ‘all red things are apples’. But the point is a problem exists, and for those of us in other minority groups who prefer other readings, it can feel particularly alienating when you can’t even disclose that you don’t interpret the canon a specific way without fear of being sent hate.

Personally, I have one specific thing to raise. I don’t think it’s a huge thing to ask. Please, do not say “Johnlock is canon”.

Firstly, it’s simply a false statement. “Canon” in this context means the original works by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. In these works, Holmes and Watson do not have a romantic or sexual relationship. It’s not in the text. Johnlock is not canon.

Secondly, and more importantly, it’s exclusive and intolerant of other interpretations. Johnlock not being canon doesn’t mean it’s a stupid thing to be invested in. You can theorise all you want about why you think canon points to a gay interpretation, you can discuss subtext, you can make your fanart, write your fanfiction, revel in your interpretation with those who share it. But at the end of the day it is still an interpretation. Wishing fervently it were canon does not make it canon. Having a popular opinion due to demographics does not make it canon. But you shouldn’t need it to be canon. It is not more correct than, say, an asexual reading of Holmes. To claim that “Johnlock is canon” is to unfairly place that one interpretation above all others. It says, “this is right, everything else is wrong”. It is not tolerant, and it is not inclusive. It’s not an argument to say, well, there can be lots of canons; that defeats the purpose of having a canon at all.

So please, be more mindful. “Johnlock shipper”? Sure. “Johnlock supporter”? Great. But “Johnlock is canon”? No, it isn’t, and there’s no reason why that fact should diminish the value and enjoyment of your blogging if you are a Johnlock shipper, but it makes a big difference to those of us who aren’t. 

Hmmmm I’m thinking about why Wonder Woman feels like a part of the new trend started by Fury Road and: Male protags= non-threatening and dealing with trauma. Misogyny=not funny or adorable. Woman= doesn’t need to prove herself equal to the audience.