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Marcus settled into the large cushions as his belly continue to writhe and squirm. The two rabbits he had eaten earlier were still putting up quite the fight, their muffled screams emanating from the furry mound as they kicked and struggled. His lower half, of course, was enjoying all this immensely, his large forepaws massaging the squirming mass to elicit more movement.

This hadn’t been his idea, of course. At least not directly. He had passed the rabbits on the street on his way home from work, and though they were cute enough, he would have been more than happy to give the girls a wink and move on. No, the wave of desire that overtook him had come from the more primal part of him. His lower half had wanted those girls, and had wanted them immediately.

He still wasn’t sure exactly how this all worked. Doctors assured him that he didn’t actually have a second brain down there, and some even suggested that perhaps this was some sort of mental coping mechanism that he used to separate the more logical parts of his personality from the more feral ones. All Marcus knew was that certain drives didn’t feel like they came from his brain. They felt like they came from… below, somehow. Marcus didn’t mind, and had started thinking of his lower half almost like a pet, albeit one that was attached to him at the waist.

Regardless, he had long since learned not to ignore his lower half when it asked for something, especially when it asked with this much force, so down the hatch the rabbits had gone. It hadn’t been much of a struggle – they hadn’t been much of a match for a predator of his size and strength. One at a time, they had each become a squirming bulge in his gullet, traveling down his upper body before settling in his large belly. Though his stomach had swung and writhed noticeably while he walked the rest of the way home, and he got a number of looks, no one dared say a thing to a large predator like him.

Marcus felt a burbling move up his body. He opened his mouth to allow a small belch to escape, then turned his focus back to the laptop sitting on the small lap desk that rested over the point where his upper half met the lower.

It would take a while to digest this meal – not only was it a large one, but his lower half seemed to slow digestion somehow when it was enjoying itself, and it certainly was tonight. These girls would likely still be fighting in there when he had to go back into work on Monday.

Which was fine, of course. A lazy weekend sounded quite appealing. Marcus could allow his lower half to have its fun while he lounged around. He could work on his computer and maybe play some online games with his friends, all while enjoying the occasional wave of pleasure that came up from below.

Marcus licked his lips and went back to his computer, while his lower half continued to prod and massage his stomach. It was going to be a fun weekend.

Hey everyone! This comes from an idea suggested by the adorable @teathescout, in her journal here. Several of these ideas appealed to me quite a bit, but I like how this one came out enough that I may keep this guy on as a character (not that I draw my non-one-shot characters enough, anyway.)