It’s a girl’s shirt. Apparently.
I mean… It was still in a shop..
So it doesn’t belong to a girl yet right?
So how can it be “a girl’s shirt?” surely it’s just.. A shirt. A piece of fabric with no defining gender?
Unless we are going to do invasive surgery on the shirt just to find out if it has internal gender specific organs?.. Or we could just unbutton the shirt… Much less complicated than getting the scalpel out… Put the shirt on a person who would like to wear the shirt.. And say it’s their shirt..

my new, big boy Teddy comin’ at ya 👈👈✨

Teddy is mostly inkling, but gained a few traits from his mom who was an urchin. He’s a really weird guy with a crude sense of humor, but the most deadpan voice you’ve ever heard. He’s very smart, however, but is having a hard time finding work in his field, so for now he works part time at a grocery store to feed himself and his dachshund Sweetie. He also plays turf recreationaly and donates all his winnings to charity.

[ he also eats nothing but pizza rolls and orange creamsicles. ]

“… As C.S. Lewis’ Screwtape constantly informs his student Wormwood, evil shouldn’t waste much time tempting us with the moderate stuff. He goes for the throat, seeking to attack the very nature and character of God Himself. In the Garden in the first days, Satan got Adam and Eve to doubt the truth and goodness of God. Today, in this gender revolution, Satan is attempting to trick all of us into doubting something deeper: the very image of God. How is this?

On the first page of our Bibles, we are told what it is in creation that singly bears the very image and likeness of God:

So God created man in his own image,
   in the image of God he created him;
   male and female he created them.

It is not just humanity that bears and shows forth the image of God in creation, but more specifically, male and female. There is something deeply divine and holy in distinct realities of being objective sex-differentiated. It’s not just biological but theological. When Satan gets us to go along with the lie that male and female are only things we feel about ourselves and nothing more, he well knows what he’s accomplishing. When he deceives an individual to join in on the lie, he knows what he’s gained. As those who love the Father and are committed to honoring Him, we should be every bit as insightful.

This is so much more than just the latest hot topic in the culture war.”

- Glenn Stanton, National Catholic Register