I didn’t know what to draw for this occassion so I decided to put some old sketch of Genderbent Youtubers. I mean thank you so much guys it’s so awesome I don’t know what to do except cry of joy 
*rolls to death while crying tears made of kiwis*

Handcuffs & Pretty Boys - [EXO] Chanyeol Detective!Au #1

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Clubs weren’t exactly your thing. But this is where you were supposed to be. Sweaty skins all around, drunk people, couples getting raunchy in public. A view you could barely take. Blaring music, the smell of expensive cigars shooting up your nostrils and you tried hard to hold your breath even when the circumstance don’t allow you too.

So crowded, so late. You kept your eagle eye at the door, but when you thought that the crippler could be crawling in through the back door, you snapped your head in the opposite direction. This tip seems flimsy. Dealer could be in and out this premises without getting caught. Maybe a little dance would ease the anxiety. If you looked too obvious, covers could be blown and this will all be for nothing.

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Newt’s Cats

After moving to new york, into his flat newt finds two cats almost every morning. It is clear they are without a home and starving -  being the sweetheart he is, newt takes them in, naming the female Minx and the Male Ashe

Minx (Above) and Ashe (Below)

Not long after, he finds another cat only this female is wounded and was clearly mistreated, which breaks his heart. He can’t understand why, as she is gorgeous and to him, resmbles a nonmagical creature, called a Tiger - This earsn her the name Tigra