I didn’t know what to draw for this occassion so I decided to put some old sketch of Genderbent Youtubers. I mean thank you so much guys it’s so awesome I don’t know what to do except cry of joy 
*rolls to death while crying tears made of kiwis*

Handcuffs & Pretty Boys - [EXO] Chanyeol Detective!Au #1

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Clubs weren’t exactly your thing. But this is where you were supposed to be. Sweaty skins all around, drunk people, couples getting raunchy in public. A view you could barely take. Blaring music, the smell of expensive cigars shooting up your nostrils and you tried hard to hold your breath even when the circumstance don’t allow you too.

So crowded, so late. You kept your eagle eye at the door, but when you thought that the crippler could be crawling in through the back door, you snapped your head in the opposite direction. This tip seems flimsy. Dealer could be in and out this premises without getting caught. Maybe a little dance would ease the anxiety. If you looked too obvious, covers could be blown and this will all be for nothing.

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With his phone connected to a speaker, Hyukjin started playing a rather sensual song, feeling in the mood to show off his skills to his male friend. As he turned around to face him, his body started to move from side to side, his eyes closing as he got lost in the beat of the song. He could feel the other’s eyes on him as he slowly untied his tie, throwing it to the side. Hyukjin opened his eyes once again, licking his lips at Kwon’s comment.

The boy unbuttoned his plaid shirt, discarding it to the side while pulling his bottom lip in between his teeth, nearing Kwon. A gasp left his mouth when he felt hands on his hips, his chest colliding with the other’s, his hands quickly found their way up to Kwon’s hair. “I don’t want you to stop.” He felt a shiver run down his spine as his eyes closed once again.

He didn’t even know why he had allowed this to happen. Why the hell, he let Hyunjin talk him into this. Because Kwon was weak and would give in so quickly. He could only watch the other move for so long. His brown hues locking on the way his body moved from side to side. While the tie slowly came undone Kwon could only sit for a little bit longer. He was a weak man and found himself reaching out the other. Because he has to touch him. Really, Kwon needs so much more.

When he gasped there’s a smirk on his features. Finally feeling like he had the upper hand between them. His hands working over his stomach as he smirked. “You don’t want me to stop? So, was this a ploy to get me here? To get me worked up wanting you?” He asked as a small chuckle escaped the male. “You’re a little minx you know that?” Allowing his hand to move further up Hyunkjin’s stomach and along his chest.