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SNK Characters and Their Gender Bends

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Mulan AU

Remember in Mulan, how Shang thought for a long while that she was a he, and you could see him getting flustered and confused like ‘why is this cute boy so cute’ and none of the other guys did this, just him, and nobody, neither he nor Mulan said nada about it after she was revealed? Ok so

I thought of an au where Mikasa would basically take someone’s (probably Eren’s) place in the draft and disguise herself as a boy (eren) to save him from certain death fighting the Titans in the war because NO oNe is as powerful as Mikasa, the mysterious and angsty adopted slave from a foreign land.

Mikasa finds herself flying easily through ranks and eventually working personally under Commander Levi, who is the first she’s met to best her power as a soldier. This admiration and his very reluctant attraction (if I’m goin off of Shang here) makes for a hilarious and touching fic, in my mind

my little sister roxasthehedeghog and i did a cosplay
I cosplayed as Male mikasa and she cosplayed as female Eren