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Il brutto della dipendenza è che non finisce mai bene, perché ad un certo punto, qualunque cosa sia quella che ti fa stare bene, smette di farti bene e comincia a farti male. Eppure, dicono che non ti togli il vizio finché non tocchi il fondo. Ma come fai a sapere quando l'hai toccato? Non importa quanto una cosa ci faccia male, certe volte, rinunciare a quella cosa, fa ancora più male.
—  Grey’s Anatomy, 04x02.

pls watch this video of male melodies fanboying over btob and btob’s cute reactions in return. thx. (ಥ益ಥ)♡ / © hugmejoo

(trans of beginning of the video)
MINHYUK: you too!!!!!

Please support men of color. Please don’t forget that men of color face oppression, injustice and racism as well. Please don’t forget that men of color are fetishized, sexualized and forced into harmful stereotypes by media and society too.

As a community, we don’t need to just uplift women of color, but we need to be there for men of color as well because their struggles are also valid and real. Men of color are victims of murders, assaults and other awful things far more than we realize and I feel that’s being ignored.

So please, don’t forget that men of color are also walking this road with us too, and I think it’s awful to try to ignore their hardships and struggles.
When did liberal men start thinking it was acceptable to tell feminists that they aren't feminist enough?
Ten years ago The Onion published the piece “Man Finally Put In Charge Of Struggling Feminist Movement”. At the time it was intended as satire but, as with much that seemed a joke in the early noughties, one could be forgiven for thinking it has come true today.