Scusami se credo nell'amore vero, quello che dura tutta la vita, che ti fa stare bene, ma anche soffrire. Quello che non ti fa sentire sola, perchè sai che c'è lui qualunque cosa accada. Scusami se credo a questo, ma vengo da una famiglia dove i miei genitori stanno insieme da quando avevano 17 anni.
—  @ila-13

So it’s not that huge of a difference in comparison but I gained a lot of weight in nursing school. I’ve fluctuated in my weight all my life. I’m a major stress eater and I basically was just coming out of a toxic relationship, moving back into a toxic home environment with my mother, and starting a journey into my current career path. I gained +30lbs. Since graduation and beginning work at the hospital, I’ve dropped down again. Still working on being healthy (we eat out A LOT) and I want to get toned. I have dropped those 30lbs. Abs will never be in my future and a flat tummy is most likely out of the picture as well but I’m glad I’m starting to work towards a better tomorrow. Baby face will always be my curse/blessing.

  • Joy : People think I'm embarrassing, I really don't get why.
  • ------- On National Television -------
  • MC : Complete this famous saying " Better late than ...."
  • Joy : PREGNANT !