Hi guys! :D i was having exams since last week and i barely touch my pc, and now the exam is over. 

so i just want show this little thing that i made yesterday cause i was bored. i’m not good at meshing and texturing, so sorry if it looks very bad and weird. :) and i use @lumialoversims body mesh for this.

i’ll be back making my unfinished kylie’s hair and try to finish it ASAP.

At the end of the day, let there be no excuses, no explanations, no regrets. : Stuart Reardon

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Dragon Age Drawing Challenge: Day 10 - Favorite Male Character in DA2 (Anders)

“So… you’re me? But older?”

Anders watched his younger self give… himself an appraising look. Oh, Maker help him. He knew that look. 

“Wait,” he protested, “now hold on just a minute here–” 

“You know, the scruffy look is pretty nice,” the younger Anders purred, sidling up in Anders’ personal space. “Reminds me a little of–” The younger Anders paused, looked pained for a moment, but shook it off with a shudder and a few flutters of his golden eyelashes. “…well, it looks good. Hmm. Does it still feel as good in a kiss, though? Let me see.”

And, before Anders could protest to stop him, his younger self grabbed him by his coat collar and jerked him forward, pressing their lips together in an almost distressingly arousing kiss. 

It’s almost no question that Anders is one of my favorite characters. (The reason for the almost being Fenris, and he’s already been featured in this challenge, so Anders it was.)

But I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to draw Awakening!Anders or DA2 Anders, since they’re the same person. So… I drew both. (This particular, um, way that they’re featured may or may not be because of this fic about an Anders sandwich with Fenris in the middle. Also quite a bit of Anders self-love.)

There’s also a version of this… sans clothing. So if you’re into that, here you go.