!QUICK $15 fullbody COMMISSIONS!

I am very short on money right now and so I am opening quick $15 Fullbody commissions. I would like to do maybe ten of these. Please message me if you are interested and we can work it out! You can contact me through tumblr messaging or my skype, MALDraws.
I accept money through PayPal, which will be provided once a message request is recieved.
(( if you want couple Art like the sample above, that is +$8per extra character ))  Even if you do not want to buy one, a reblog would be deeply appreciated to help spread this around.
Thank-you very much for your time!

Finished this off (kinda) yesterday, was started while listening to She wolf(falling to pieces) - David Guetta, amazing track! If I can find a scanner that doesn't destroy pencil work I’ll scan this and fancy it up maybe.. don't even know what I was drawing here what the actual fuck